30 Inspiring Classroom Themes and Ideas To Match Any Teacher’s Style

Let your classroom reflect your personality!

Collage of classroom themes, including camping and outer space

Are you incredibly excited to decorate your classroom in new ways each year? Or would you prefer to find something you love so you can save yourself a little time each fall? Either way, you’ll love this roundup of classroom themes and decorating ideas.

Owl Theme Classroom Decorations

DIY tree with owls on the branches, part of a classroom reading nook with benches

Source: Pinterest

Whooo doesn’t love owls? This cool DIY reading nook is the perfect inspiration for an owl classroom theme. You can also make sweet owls out of paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling.

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Nature Theme Classroom Decorations

Nature and plant-themed classroom decorations

Source: @carsondellosa


Bring the outdoors in with these charming nature decorations. Include lots of houseplants in sunny windows to add a feeling of freshness year-round.

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Forest Classroom Ideas

Classroom door with large paper trees and strings of lights

Source: Huntington Public Schools

Whether you put a fairy-tale spin on it or just focus on the different woodland creatures, a forest theme is a fun and engaging way to dress up your learning space.

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Sunshine Classroom Theme Ideas

A classroom full of sunshine decorations in bright colors, including a "Welcome Sunshine" wall banner

Source: Schoolgirl Style

Hello, sunshine! This incredibly cheerful style is bright and happy without being too cute. Even if your classroom lacks windows, every day will feel like summer.

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Camping Theme Classroom Ideas

Small camping tent in a classroom with folding chairs and a paper fire creating a camping theme

Source: Just Teachy

Pick up a small tent and use it as the centerpiece of an amazing camping classroom. The tent itself doubles as a reading nook or calm-down corner.

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Jungle Classroom Ideas

A tiki-hut reading nook in a classroom with other jungle decorations

Source: Pinterest

If you go for a jungle theme, you can include all sorts of fun animals like lions, elephants, and plenty of monkeys. Hang some faux vines from the ceiling for an extra cool touch.

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Cactus Theme Classroom Ideas

Cactus-themed bulletin board; text reads In This Class We Stick Together

Source: @teachingwithsamanthasnow

Succulents and cacti are super trendy right now, and they make really fun decorations for your classroom. Bonus points for keeping a few real plants alive on the windowsill!

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Eucalyptus Classroom Theme Ideas

A classroom reading corner with faux eucalyptus over top

Source: @teachercreated

Eucalyptus is another plant that’s right on trend, and it has such a calming vibe. Plus, it’s the koala’s favorite food, so it gives you an excuse to make a koala your classroom mascot.

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Farmhouse Classroom Themes and Decor

Farmhouse-themed learning space with black and white plaid accessories

Source: @makingitwithmelissa

Barnyard themes with piggies and moo cows are terrific for little ones. But when you’re ready for something a little more grown up, switch to farmhouse decor instead.

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Travel Theme Classroom Ideas and Decor

World map with strings to various books from different parts of the globe

Source: Library Displays

Geography teachers aren’t the only ones who will love these travel-themed ideas. Hit the thrift store for old suitcases and globes to dress up your space.

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Space Classroom Theme and Decorations

Space themed classroom door with a large cardboard rocket

Source: Amazon Review

To infinity and beyond! Their feet may be on the ground, but students’ imaginations can soar to space with this exciting theme.

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Donut Theme Classroom Ideas

Bulletin board with a donut theme reading Donut Forget My Birthday

Source: @creativeteachingpress

Is there any sweeter theme than donuts? Sprinkle your classroom with kindness and joy with these delightful decorations.

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Sports Classroom Theme Decor

Classroom with a green rug resembling a football field, an end-zone themed bulletin board, and more sports decorations

Source: @mrsmindynewell

Whether you choose a mix of sports or focus on one personal favorite, there are so many ways to incorporate this theme into your room. Go team!

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Beach Theme Classroom Ideas

Beach-themed reading nook with beach chairs and umbrella

Source: Ashlee Cole/Pinterest

Every day can feel like a vacation when you plan a beach theme. Tip: Shop end-of-summer sales for lots of decoration deals just in time for school to start!

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Hollywood Theme Classroom Ideas

Hollywood-themed bulletin board reading VIP All-Star Cast with children's names in stars

Source: @teachernyla

Let your students walk the red carpet every single day with a star-studded Hollywood theme. Lights, camera, learning!

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Superhero Classroom Ideas and Decorations

Superhero-themed classroom with decorations fitting the theme

Source: @castroskindercorner

Make every student feel like they’ve got superpowers with this incredible theme. The time to be awesome is now.

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Bitmoji Classroom Decorations and Ideas

Teacher posing by a large Bitmoji-style poster of themselves pointing to the classroom rules

Source: @apizza5thgrade

This is the kind of theme you can really use at any age. Students will get a kick out of seeing your face scattered around the room, especially when you use some of the sillier Bitmoji options.

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Rainbow Classroom Theme Decorations

Rainbow-colored sheer curtains hanging at a classroom's windows

Source: @teachernyla

This is actually a really easy theme, since all you need are lots of bright-colored decorations and school supplies. You’ll really appreciate the vivid hues when the darkest days of winter arrive.

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Burlap Classroom Decor Ideas

Burlap classroom decorations, including a bulletin board, sign, and 3-D letters

Need an inexpensive way to add a little flair? Burlap is a budget fabric that provides a lot of texture and interest. Plus, it’s durable, so you know it will last from year to year.

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Anti-Bullying Classroom Theme Ideas

Vinyl letters on a classroom wall behind a teacher's desk saying In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Want to promote an anti-bullying atmosphere? Use it as inspiration for classroom decor! The more kids see it, the more they’ll believe it.

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Inspiring Quotes Classroom Theme Ideas

Vinyl lettering on a wall in a classroom reading "If you can't fly, then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk them crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Source: @thesimplestencil

Fill a big empty wall with some of your favorite quotes. This is one of the best ways to deal with cement block walls, whether you use paint or vinyl letters.

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Science Classroom Decorations and Ideas

A teacher showing off the ceiling tiles painted like the periodic table of the elements

Source: Sachem.ca

Periodic table on the ceiling? Why not?! A science theme encourages students to experiment, explore, and seek out new information.

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Math Theme Decor Ideas

Bulletin board reading Math is Everywhere, with items like grocery store ads, pizza boxes, coupons, and more

Source: @ONTSpecialNeeds

Need a new theme? Count on math to add in some fun! Math might not be everyone’s favorite subject, but unique classroom decorations can help kids see how important it really is.

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Collection Theme Classroom Ideas

Vintage metal lunchboxes on a classroom wall

Take what you collect and turn it into classroom decorations! Just be careful—once kids realize you love something, they’ll likely bring you more and more for your collection.

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Bright Ideas for Dark Classrooms

String lights on a classroom wall displaying student work

Source: @litkight

If you love classroom glow days, why not bring more lights to your space year-round? It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up any room.

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Calming Classroom Themes and Decor

Classroom with a large area rug and neutral rainbow colors

Source: Miss Jacobs Little Learners

Create a sense of calm with neutral colors and cozy touches like a big area rug. Keep clutter to a minimum, and don’t forget that empty spaces are restful for the eyes.

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Preschool Classroom Themes and Decor

Wild West-themed classroom with a large covered wagon as a centerpiece

Source: Kinderworld

Welcome the littlest learners with bright colors and over-the-top decorations that will delight all their senses. Include lots of interactive elements around the room, and don’t forget plenty of dress-up clothes so kids can get into the spirit of things.

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Middle School Classroom Themes and Decor

Middle school classroom with an inspiring saying in mylar balloons

Source: @home_sweet_classroom

Middle school is a time to grow up a bit, so avoid overly cutesy classroom themes. Instead, look for ways to make the environment comfortable, while also including inspirational decor that supports the subject/s you teach.

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High School Classroom Themes and Decor

A high school classroom with a couch seating area and cozy theme

Source: @aplannerwithfewplans

Personalized touches make a classroom more welcoming for kids of any age. Think about how you can create a comfortable space to support students while they learn.

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Minimalist Classroom Design Ideas

A minimally-decorated classroom without many decorations

Some teachers and students thrive best when you keep distractions to a minimum. You can still make your room a comfortable and engaging place to learn, with a lot less effort.

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Classroom themes usually last all year, but you’ll still need to change out your bulletin boards. See 40 Interactive Bulletin Boards To Engage Students at Every Level.

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Classroom themes give teachers a chance to express their style! Find theme and decoration ideas here for every grade and subject.