19 Cool, Cute (and Even a Little Crazy) Teacher Collections

The Crayola collection? Perfection. ?

From school supplies to cartoon characters, teachers have some pretty awesome obsessions—and we admit we can’t help but share them with our students. We asked WeAreTeachers readers to share their teacher collections, and here are some of our favorites. If you have a collection to share, upload it to Instagram and tag us! We’d love to add it to this list.

1. This A+ assortment is the apple of her eye.

From frames to magnets to knick-knacks, Marty Carlson’s students always bring an apple for their teacher. She displays her large decorative Apple-themed collection on shelves, in cabinets and even on her refrigerator at home.”

Apple Collection


2. Like the movie, these notebooks are a real tear jerker.

“I ask every student to write one positive thing about each classmate in small notebooks. At the end of the year, we sit in a circle and read them in silence. Students always cry at the kind notes. I’ve been collecting the letters students write to me for 11 years now.” – Krystal S.

Notebooks Collection


3. Her students hopped at the chance to start this decorative collection.


“I have many Puerto Rican students. They started and maintain this cute collection of small frogs (called “coqui frogs” in Puerto Rico) for me.” – Tammy J.

Frog Collection


4. This way-cool classroom collection is anything but despicable.

“I have Minions all over my classroom! I think they’re adorable and the kids think it’s great that I like something they do.” – Kim Z.

Minion Collection


5. No need to read between the lines–she really loves books.

“I collect posters from The National Book Festival. This picture shows a few of the ones I have hanging in my room. Most are gifts from students and friends. One is even signed by the artist!” – Kartrina H.

Poster collection


6. A Crayola collection that’s a work of art.

If it says Crayola, there’s a good chance Megan T. has it on display. Branded backpacks, crayon banks and even a quilt—her collection makes you think to yourself, what a colorful world.

Crayons Collection


7. She’s got the whole world in her hands.

“I’m a reading teacher but love to travel, so I wanted a travel-themed classroom. I have about 20 globes; some have been gifts and some I have picked up at thrift stores. My favorite globe is one that I got in Austin. It’s in Spanish and is from a school that closed due to budget cuts.” – Deb J.

Globe Collection


8. Yes those are what you think they are.

“It’s been that kind of year already.” – Barbara H.

Cork Collection


9. A pencil collection made with the write stuff.

“Over my 32 years of teaching, I’ve had students bring me pencils from Thailand, Germany and Hawaii. My collection, started by my dad the year I started teaching, is well over 750. My dad even made a bus and semi-truck with trailer to hold some of them.” – Cathy Pilo

Pencils Collection


10. She likes to live on the wild side.

“I collect pets! I teach biology and by the end of my first year teaching, my room was home to 5 fish, 2 turtles, 2 snakes, 3 African clawed frogs and a tank full of tadpoles!” – AnnMarie V.

Pets Collection


11. “Hey, I knew that kid when…”

Monica J.collects photos and screen snapshots of her former students doing amazing things, such as rookie sensation Rhys Hoskins of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Student Collections


12. The road to learning gets his motor running.

From Nevada to New York, Jon Cohen’s collection of kid- and education-themed license plates is impressive.

Plates Collection


13. Every teacher’s crazy about a sharp-dressed marker collection.

“I love my Sharpies.” – Sara S. (And we’re all just jealous.)

Sharpies Collection


14. It’s all geek to her.

Star Wars, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy. If it sets off a nerd alert, Cindy H. doesn’t mind to admit she needs it now.

Nerd Collection


15. Aww, so many stuffed friends to snuggle with at story time.

“I love collecting reading buddies for my new first grade library.” – Jennifer C.

Stuffed Animals Collection


16. Now serving piping hot cups o’ laughs.

“I collect mugs with weird messages that only other teachers understand.” – JJ Nathan

Teacher Sayings Collection


17. Students keep encouraging this teacher’s collection.

“Here’s my collection of solar powered bobble heads. Students keep bringing me more!” – Flavia V.

Solar Collection


18. This collection will put a sweet smile on your face.

“I have just a few M&M collectibles.” – Nikki W.

M&M Collection


19. Students might not know most of these throwback lunchboxes, but we love them.

John C. has an epic collection of lunch boxes. These bring back so many memories!

Lunchbox collection