20 Creative Decorating Ideas for High School Classrooms

Fun and inviting, but not too cutesy.

Collage of high school classroom decorations

Coming up with great ideas for high school classroom decorations can be tough. You want to find items that are bright and vibrant but won’t be too cheesy or young for your maturing students. If you’re feeling stumped, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! This list of decor suggestions will inspire you!

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1. Welcome your students

Several wall hangings on a dark blue wall with motivational sayings and letters that spell out the word 'WELCOME.'

This industrial bulletin board set is perfect for chic classrooms.

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2. Be inclusive

A rainbow of skin tone colors that says "love every shade" held in the hand of a teacher wearing a wrist brace.

A must-have on your list of high school classroom decorations! Complete the look with a rainbow print and welcome mat.


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Source: @myenglishteachersays

3. Hang motivational wall art

Three variations of a motivational poster that say "SUCCESS" above water while naming several of the steps to success above the water.

What’s a high school classroom without these classic posters?

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4. Fill an aquarium

An aquarium for a classroom featuring small fish inside, colorful fake plants, and a shark eating a piece of pizza.

If your school allows, a small aquarium (and some cool marine wall art!) can bring life to your classroom!

Buy it: 2-gallon aquarium with LED lighting, marine canvas wall art set

Source: @ms.g_teaches_math

5. Liven up your student center

Vines hanging from the ceiling of a classroom above a countertop, , as an example of high school classroom decorations

Artificial ivy vines are so versatile and can brighten up a classroom!

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Source: @thesecondaryscienceteacher

6. Make it vintage

Eleven posters on brown parchment-styled paper that explain aspects of literature (irony, personification, similes, etc.) designed to look like they are from the Renaissance, , as an example of high school classroom decorations

These cool posters serve as helpful language arts reminders!

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7. Get flexible

Wide-angle view of a classroom with a wide variety of seating options available, , as an example of high school classroom decorations

A cozy rug, fun throw pillows, and comfy cushions encourage students to gather round.

Buy it: Moroccan lattice area rug , inspirational pillow, round linen floor cushion

Source: @newteachcity

8. Set the rules

Several wall hangings on a dark blue wall with sayings that are meant to guide students on their educational journey along with letters on the wall that spell out "CLASS RULES."

Choose high school classroom decorations that make your expectations clear.

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9. Organize student supplies

A pegboard hanging on a wall with storage bins attached to it full of school supplies. A round camera light is pictured from behind in the foreground, , as an example of high school classroom decorations

A simple pegboard can tame the mess in your classroom.

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Source: @the.efficient.classroom

10. Celebrate poetry

A framed poster sits on a desk with an image of Amanda Gorman in her Inauguration Day outfit and the words of her poem "The Hill We Climb," , as an example of high school classroom decorations

Remind students that even in dark times, there is light.

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11. Open the door to kindness

A brown classroom door with a thin vertical widow with the phrase "In a world where you can be anything be kind" in black letters.

Create a classroom filled with empathy and compassion.

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Source: @mrs_oltman

12. Get excited about science

Elements and their symbols from the periodic table arranged to spell out the phrase "It's a Great Day For Science" with an image a rocket launch in the background.

What a perfect companion for your periodic table of elements!

Buy it: periodic table poster

13. Mix it up

Students in a classroom watch a ted talk on a projection screen while sitting on a variety of seating options such as a yoga ball, bean bag chair, and dining table chair.

Flexible seating can be anything from a high back chair to a stability ball!

Buy it: wooden high back chairstability ball with pump

Source: @thecharmedclassroom

14. Inspired annotation kits

A clear bin with a label on it that says "Annotation Station" is full of smaller, colorful bins that each contain pens, highlighters, and post-its for annotation in the classroom.

Fill plastic pencils case boxes with pens, highlighters, and post-its!

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Source: @thatawkwardteacher

15. Highlight heroes

A bulletin board in a classroom is decorated in light pastel and natural tones. There are places for student pictures to be affixed with each spot labelled "Amazing Work." Above the bulletin board is the phrase "Be Good Do Good" while drawn images of heroic social justice figures are posted below the board.

Posters of important figures in history make great high school classroom decorations.

Buy it: Black history posters

Source: @zainabjabak

16. Lighten up

White, decorative string lights are hanging horizontally across a white wall with blankets at the bottom, , as an example of high school classroom decorations

These string lights are perfect for adding ambiance or highlighting sweet photos from the school year.

Buy it: twinkle string lights

17. Keep it positive

Classroom bulletin board that says "Today is a GOOD DAY to have a GOOD DAY" decorated with a rustic wooden background and lemon accents, , as an example of high school classroom decorations

Choose wall art that encourages students to live with an attitude of gratitude.

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Source: @my.craft.corner

18. Bust it up

A grey bust of Julius Caesar sits on a table with a gingham tablecloth. The phrase "Et Tu, Brute?" is on the bust and pencils and pens are able to be stored in the back of the bust to replicate the Roman emperor being stabbed in the back, , as an example of high school classroom decorations

These small sculptures will definitely be conversation starters!

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Source: @coffeewithela

19. Add it up

Four posters printed on faux parchment style paper that contain images of an Archimedean Spiral, Euler's Formula, a Fibonacci Golden Spiral, and the Pythagorean Theorem, , as an example of high school classroom decorations

These gorgeous math prints are functional and educational!

Buy it: math posters

20. Invite learning

View of a classroom tastefully decorated in blacks and whites with a sofa, warm lighting, rugs, and desks, as an example of high school classroom decorations

Warm string lights, a floor lamp, playful throw pillows, and a few plants can really transform your classroom.

Buy it: indoor/outdoor string lights, floor lamp with adjustable reading lamp, geometric pillows, artificial mini potted plants

Source: @theplanneramic

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20 Creative Decorating Ideas for High School Classrooms