Reach millions of educators, students, and their families through the school community

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Reach millions of educators, students, and their families through the school community

Reach Teachers and the Next Generation

Teachers are the hearts of their communities, connecting students and families to the resources they need. Want to reach the next generation? We are experts at engaging educators, students, and families. Want to reach teachers? We will help you reach this valuable audience through compelling content, social media, and print and email campaigns.

Twice a year, We Are Teachers and our partners celebrate teachers with an epic giveaway. Join as a partner and get 25,000+ teacher leads.

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The Power of Teachers

  • K–12 educators comprise one of the largest and most influential college-educated professions in the U.S.
  • 3 out of 4 teachers count on product recommendations from other teachers.
  • 80% of teachers prefer brands that support schools and kids.
  • The average teacher influences over 1,000 students and families over the course of their career.

Our Audience

With over 5 million pageviews every month and 3.6 million followers across our social media channels, the We Are Teachers organic and social reach is unmatched. Our tuned-in email audience includes over 1.27 million opt-in email subscribers across diverse weekly newsletters.

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Nearly 160 million Americans—almost half of the U.S. population—is connected to a pre-K–12 school community!

We give you direct access to this market.

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