Pow! 25 Superhero Classroom Theme Ideas

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a super classroom!

Superhero Classroom Theme Ideas

With the release of Incredibles 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp this summer, many of us are heading back to school with superheroes on the brain (and wishing we had some time-stopping powers—or at least a red cape—of our own). Kick off your year with a superhero classroom theme that will inspire you and your students to combat the kryptonite of lesson plans and assignments coming your way.

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Look to the skies and create paper lantern superheroes, like the teacher behind Schoolgirl Style did. Complete this craft with paper cutouts of lightning bolts and comic book action captions.

Paper lantern superheroes

SOURCE: Schoolgirl Style

Keep your heroes on task with this superhero behavior chart from The Everything Diaries.

Rainbow superhero behavior chart

SOURCE: The Everything Diaries

Make a super hero wreath for your door or above your desk. Top off the design with fun superhero ribbons.

Colorful super hero wreath made from ribbons

SOURCE: Pinterest

Create a powerful reading nook.

To the bat, er, book cave! This BuzzFeed find is easy to replicate with some construction paper, bookshelves, and comfy cushions.

Book cave in classroom with Batman theme

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

This Pinterest craft turns any corner into crime-stopper territory.

Book corner designed like a cityscape with superheroes flying in sky

SOURCE: Pinterest

Make invincible bulletin board designs.

This wall display from Mud Pie Studio has us feeling all the feels. Get your students in on the fun by asking them to write down lessons that can be learned from their favorite superheroes and paste their responses on the wall.

We love this tissue-paper Hulk design from BuzzFeed.

Tissue paper hulk design

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

Make this Wonder Woman–inspired bulletin board part of your reading nook by arranging bookshelves and comfy cushions below.

Banner that says Welcome wonderful readers

SOURCE: Pinterest

Another incredible find! We’re crazy about this bulletin board design as a way to introduce your class.

Banner with words Our team is incredible

SOURCE: Pinterest

Even the arachnophobes amongst us can’t help but love this Spider-Man–themed book display.

Poster of a brick wall with Spiderman breaking through it and words Get caught up in a super book!

SOURCE: Pinterest

Deck out your classroom door.

Warning: Superheroes in training. We love this idea that can easily be achieved with construction paper, simple lettering, and a cityscape bulletin board border.

Door banner with words Super heroes in training

SOURCE: Pinterest

We’re Marvel-ing at this awesome teacher’s door design.

Door design with words We're going to have a marvelous year!

SOURCE: Pinterest

We can think of a minion reasons to copy this Pinterest design.

Door with words Hero headquarters

SOURCE: Pinterest

How about this door from Teaching With a Mountain View?

Door with cityscape design and words 5th grade is going to be super!

SOURCE: Teaching With a Mountain View

An inspirational quote and vintage superhero poster? Yep, we’re sold on this door.

Door with Batman design and Batman quote

SOURCE: Pinterest

This relatively simple design requires only construction paper and a whole lot of patriotism.

Door with Captain America design

SOURCE: Pinterest

Not so fast! Don’t miss these fantastic superhero accessories.

Create a super seating chart with these superhero mask accents from Teacher Created Resources.

Superhero mask accents

SOURCE: Teacher Created Resources

What’s a superhero theme without some comic book onomatopoeia? Get this cool superhero bulletin board trimmer from Amazon.

Superhero banner with comic bubbles

SOURCE: Amazon

Hang this superhero alphabet print from Etsy over your reading nook or attach it to the whiteboard at the front of the class.

Sheet of paper with alphabet letters with superhero designs


Whether as classroom incentives or simply a welcome back gift, these superhero pencil sharpeners from Oriental Trading make the perfect classroom addition.

Pencil sharpeners decorated as comic bubbles

SOURCE: Oriental Trading

These superhero hanging paper lanterns from Oriental Trading are a must-have.

Superhero paper lanterns

SOURCE: Oriental Trading

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Pow! 25 Superhero Classroom Theme Ideas