23 Owl-Themed Classroom Ideas That Your Students Will Think Are a Hoot

Wise up to these adorable owl-themed classroom ideas.

Owl-Themed Classroom Ideas

When it comes to decorating your classroom, sometimes winging it is the way to go. WeAreTeachers has scoured the internet to bring you our favorite owl-themed classroom ideas that we’re sure your students will love. Whooo wouldn’t?

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Ask your students whooo they will be today.

whooo will you be today wall art

SOURCE: Rulin’ the Roost

The teacher behind Rulin’ The Roost has her students clip their clothespins on the behavior they most want to exhibit each day. Talk about a great way to manage classroom behavior.

Fill a Whooo’s Been Good? rewards jar.

Whooo's Been Good? rewards jar

SOURCE: A Spotted Pony

This idea comes to us from A Spotted Pony. Fill your jar with candy or small prizes to reward your students for their hard work and participation. Or allow students to place a scrap of paper labeled with their name inside the jar each time they do something good. At the end of the week, draw names for a weekly prize.

Turn a tin can into an owl container.

Container decorated like an owl

SOURCE: Pinterest

Use this container for pencils, prizes, or Box Tops. Get creative and add feathers for greater detail.  

Hang paper lantern owls.

Lanterns decorated like owls

SOURCE: Pinterest

Make these feathered friends to hang in your classroom with paper lanterns and colorful card stock.

Lanterns decorated like owls


These paper lantern owls from JustReed make the perfect tabletop companions.

Make a reading nook.

Reading nook with owls

SOURCE: Adventures in Education

Use the same paper lantern owls to create a sweet reading nook, like this one from Adventures in Education.

Tree in classroom with owls hanging from it

SOURCE: Pinterest

We love the thought of getting cozy under this reading tree from Pinterest.

Look whoo's reading art

SOURCE: Pinterest

How about this one?

Make a Whoo’s Doing What? job chart.

Whoo's Doing What? job chart

SOURCE: Pinterest

Clothespins are the name of the game here, friends. And with some owl cutouts and name cards, this Pinterest craft is easy to replicate in your classroom.

Design owl-some wall displays.

First grade is a hoot!

SOURCE: Rookie Teacher Chronicles

Spruce up your walls with owl-themed wall displays, like this warm welcome from Rookie Teacher Chronicles.

Look whoo's in our class!

SOURCE: Pinterest

This fun design is a great way to count your little owls.

Owl-star work!

SOURCE: Schoolgirl Style

Show off “owl-star” work with this display from Schoolgirl Style.

Transform your door with owl door designs.

Door designed with an owl

SOURCE: Pinterest

Okay, maybe the whole hoot bit is getting old by now, but we’re still into it—especially because this tissue paper owl is too cute for words.

Owl bet this class is a hoot!

SOURCE: Pinterest

As is this wise owl.

Door decoration with owls and students faces

SOURCE: Squarehead Teachers

Adapt this door design from Squarehead Teachers to show off the little owls in your classroom. We love how this teacher glued photos of the students to the belly of each owl.

Don’t forget these cute classroom accessories!

Pillow with owl wearing glasses saying I love books

SOURCE: Zazzle

Cozy up your classroom with owl pillows. We can totally see these in your reading nest—er, nook!

Owl wrapping paper

SOURCE: Amazon

Treat your students to these owl pencils.

Owl erasers

SOURCE: Amazon

And what are pencils without matching erasers?

Owl paper

SOURCE: Amazon

Create a seating chart with these adorable owl name tags.

Colorful owl banner

SOURCE: Amazon

Top your white board with this whimsical owl banner.

Owl bulletin board trimmers

SOURCE: Amazon

No classroom is complete without bulletin board trimmers.

Owl themed scalloped bulletin board trimmer

SOURCE: Amazon

We can see this scalloped border around your bulletin boards, desks, or bookshelves.

Owl bulletin board set

SOURCE: Amazon

And speaking of bulletin boards, this bulletin board set is perfect for celebrating your wise class owl all year long.

What are your favorite owl-themed classroom ideas? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. 

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23 Owl-Themed Classroom Ideas That Your Students Will Think Are a Hoot