Donuts Are the Sweetest Classroom Theme, and We’re Here to Prove It

Make every day donut day.

Still of donuts sweetest classroom themes

Donut you love donuts? We do! Inspired by some of the cutest donut-y classrooms on Instagram, we’ve rounded our favorite donut school supplies online.

Still of sweet classroom themes Instagram dressupandteach

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1. Scratch-and-sniff notebook

donut school supplies

If you can’t indulge in a donut at the moment, scratch-n-sniff this notebook for a calorie-free treat.

2. Donut magnetic page clips

donut school supplies

These colorful clips are perfect for saving students’ pages while they head out to recess and snack breaks. The cuteness is a great reading incentive for any grade!

3. Donut Sticky Tabs

Fact: Close reading is more fun with donuts. These sticky tabs are the sweetest way to mark where you left off in your book.

4. Donut-topped gel pens (12-pack)


donut school supplies

Grading is twice the fun with a donut-topped pen. Pastel gels make it easy to draw colorful donuts of your own.

5. Donut birthday stickers

These mid-century mod donut stickers make for a fun treat for your classroom’s birthday star! Pair with an actual donut for a thoughtful “I’m thinking of you!” mini-gift.

6. Neoprene lunch box

Keep your lunch cool in this donut-decorated neoprene lunch box. You’ll be the envy of all your salad-eating coworkers, and you know it.

7. Donut shoes

Add a few sprinkles to your step with these fab slip-ons that transform feet into festive donuts.

8. Thank-you cards

We donut know how to resist a good pun. These donut-y cards are a merry, colorful way to say ‘Thanks!’

9. Hanging decor for a ceiling or doorway (5-count)

Transform your doorway with hanging donuts that promise to bring a smile to your students’ faces as they enter to start their morning off on a brighter note.

10. The cutest pencil case known to humans

Donuts AND unicorns? Yes, please! Have students store pencils in this adorable pencil case as a reminder that life is sweet!

11. 24″ inflatable donuts (1 dozen)

For your prize box, or some seriously cute alternative seating, these donut inflatables do-nut disappoint.

12. Scented donut erasers (36-count)

donut school supplies

Mistakes are easier to bear when they smell like a strawberry-frosted donut. Your students will all want one for their pencil box.

13. Pencils with donut erasers

More fun than your standard No. 2s! They may even want to sit down to take that timed math test.

14. A paper donut border

donut school supplies

Hello, world’s cutest bulletin board! This paper donut border will have everyone drooling.

15. And finally, these tasty cutouts (3″)

donut school supplies

I see a donut-themed word wall in my future!

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Donuts Are the Sweetest Classroom Theme, and We're Here to Prove It