20 of the Best Science Bulletin Boards and Classroom Decor Ideas

Oh, what a feeling… periodic table on the ceiling!

Science Bulletin Boards

Looking for ways to take your science lab or classroom up a notch? Look no further than these amazing science bulletin boards and classroom decor ideas!

1. Explore the solar system.

Science Bulletin Boards Solar System Abbot Beyne

It’s the 3D planets that really make this solar system board pop. Have students help create them from styrofoam balls or papier-mâché.

Source: Abbot Beyne

2. Make science sparkle! 

Science bulletin boards aren’t the only way to go. Turn your classroom door into an explanation of the science of snow, and don’t forget to add a little glitter and shine. (Find more winter science activities and experiments here.)

Source: Linda Smith/Pinterest



3. Teach the scientific method with memes.

Collage of science bulletin boards ideas for the classroom

Make the scientific method come alive with memes! This is a fun way to help kids remember the steps of this all-important concept.

Source: @teachingoz

4. Put the periodic table on the ceiling.

Science Bulletin Boards PT Ceiling Sachem

Chances are your classroom ceiling is covered with those ubiquitous ceiling tiles, so why not turn them into the periodic table? Teacher Dan Ruddy did it with die-cut vinyl appliques.

Source: Sachem.ca

5. Map out cell biology.

Bright colors and a simple concept make this cell biology board stand out. Comparing plant cells and animal cells side-by-side drives the learning home.

Source: Amy Watson/Pinterest

6. Chew on some dental facts.

Still of classroom science bulletin board

Open wide! The “guess who” shots of student smiles personalize this bulletin board and make science real for kids.

Source: @learningwithmissp

7. Bring the periodic table to life.

Science Bulletin Boards PT Miss Miklius

The periodic table becomes much more meaningful when students find examples of the elements in the world around them. Have each student create a tile, then assemble them for an eye-catching display.

Source: missmiklius

8. Become a mad scientist.

Mad science bulletin boards are popular, and we love this example where the teacher recreated herself in paper form! She added photos of her science classes in action as the year went on, too.

Source: Teachers are Terrific

9. Create interactive DNA.

Science Bulletin Boards DNA Pinterest

Use magnets or Velcro to create a build-your-own DNA strand. Challenge students to match up the pairs—they’ll get different results every time!

Source: Courtney Specter/Pinterest

10. Celebrate the season with a chemistree.

Still of classroom science bulletin board

This science door decoration combines the holidays with some punny humor, so everybody wins!

Source: @moleculestore

11. Highlight current science news.

Science Bulletin Boards News Science Pirate

Keep kids up to date on new discoveries, scientific advances, and far-reaching exploration by posting news updates on your science bulletin boards. 

Source: The Science Pirate

12. Show off your science.

Science Bulletin Boards Acorn

Fill your science bulletin boards with photos of your class projects and experiments. This will inspire future students and allow past classes to remember the fun they had while learning with you!

Source: Uptown Acorn

13. Dissect a giant (paper) frog.

Science Bulletin Boards Frog Door Pinterest

This interactive door decoration is making us green with envy! No need for formaldehyde—just lots of green paper and a bit of creativity. 

Source: Jennifer Seaburg/Pinterest

14. Illustrate the path of human evolution.

Still of science bulletin board for classroom

Simple silhouettes paint a picture of evolution that’s easy to understand. Cut them from black paper, or paint them on the wall if you’re allowed.

Source: @salesian_teaching

15. Show that science is everywhere.

Science Bulletin Boards Pinterest

The detail, the 3D effects, the colors, the simplicity… everything about this bulletin board opens up the world of science for the students who see it.

Source: Porche Chavers/Pinterest

16. Make it Muppet-ational!

In our opinion, all science bulletin boards should feature Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker! They’ll make any science concept you display a lot more fun.

Source: Fun in Fourth

17. Tell time with the elements.

Your class will learn the first 12 elements of the periodic table in no time at all when they see them on your classroom clock! Make your own, or buy one at the Etsy link below.

Source: ClockaDoodleDew/Etsy

18. Share science images.

Ask students to take a photo of what science means to them, then print and display the images. Extra points for creative use of periodic table letters!

Source: Sparklebox

19. Post your burning questions.

Science Bulletin Boards Kates Classroom Cafe

Use this fiery flask as a parking lot for student questions on your latest topic of discussion. You can change out the standard and clear off the questions as you move on.

Source: Kate’s Classroom Cafe

20. Play a game of Operation.

Science Bulletin Boards Operation Pinterest

Your anatomy lessons will be a lot more entertaining when you add in the classic kid’s game Operation! Those x-ray images are just the icing on the cake.

Source: Pinterest

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20 of the Best Science Bulletin Boards and Classroom Decor Ideas