Rainbows are a great way to grab the attention of your students and spruce up an otherwise dull classroom. They also act as symbols of acceptance and inclusion, which is all the more reason to include them in your decor! Take a look at these gorgeous rainbow bulletin boards to get some inspiration—you’ll be itching to grab your glue stick.

1. You Are a Rainbow of Possibilities

Source: Pinterest

The perfect way to subtly remind your students that the outcome of this year will depend on the amount of effort they put into it.

2. Kid, You’ll Move Mountains

Source: tay_debord

Dr. Seuss is timeless, and so are Oh, the Places You’ll Go bulletin boards.

3. Eat a Rainbow

Source: Pinterest

It’s important to help kids increase their nutritional understanding from a young age, and it’s easy to do with bulletin boards like this one!

4. Attitude is the Mind’s Paintbrush

Source: Katie Davidson

For when students just can’t seem to look on the bright side—or need to be reminded that there is one.

5. Get Ready for a Colorful Year

Source: Pinterest

Prepare your students for the exciting year they have ahead of them with this paint-palette-themed board.

6. Rainbow Bonds

Source: Pinterest

Leave the math lesson to your bulletin board! This is a great visual for teaching number bonds.

7. Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud

Source: counselingthestars

Show your class that they can be rainbows, too, with this meaningful quote.

8. Weekly Focus

Source: The Super Teacher

This beautiful bulletin board doubles as an innovative method for outlining the week. Who doesn’t want a more organized classroom?

9. New Friends are at the End of Our Rainbow

Source: Pinterest

Simultaneously soothe young students’ beginning-of-the-year nerves and get them excited to meet their new friends with this rainbow display.

10. In Diversity There is Beauty and There is Strength

Source: The Designer Teacher

Have your class help you recreate this design by writing their names on a cloud and a few reasons why they are unique on each rainbow strip … and voilà! You’ve got yourself an a great bulletin board.

11. Sight Word Progress Chart

Source: Pinterest

Never wonder who knows which words again with this nifty color-coordinated display.

12. Reading Gives Us Somewhere to Go

Source: Pinterest

A bulletin board that’s both colorful and reading themed? Let me get my scissors.

13. Take What You Need

Source: Pinterest

Make your hallway—and someone’s day—a little bit brighter with this simple rainbow of sticky notes.

14. Find the Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Source: Pinterest

This St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board features an interactive math rainbow. Enough said.

15. Aim High

Source: Art Class With LMJ

Ask your students to help you build this masterpiece by tracing their handprint and writing down their hopes and goals for the year. Put them all up to form a rainbow of positivity and encourage community growth!

16. You Fit Right In!

Source: Pinterest

This rainbow board sends the best kind of message, especially to younger kids. Create a classroom environment where everyone is welcome and begin teaching your students about acceptance.

17. Use Correct Fingers for the Keyboard

Source: Pinterest

Don’t tell anyone, but this giant rainbow keyboard would be a helpful reference for me, too.

18. Your True Colors

Source: Pinterest

Your students have a rainbow of talents and qualities, so display them on a bulletin board!

19. Class Expectations

Source: Michaela

This design puts the “fun” in functional. Even classroom expectations look better in rainbow!

20. Reading Rainbow

Source: Pinterest

Don’t judge a book by its color! Showcase your book recommendations in style—rainbow style.

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20 Rainbow Bulletin Boards to Brighten up Your Classroom