Schools are taking the fight against bullying seriously these days. Help your students understand more about this difficult topic with these anti-bullying posters, bulletin board sets, and classroom incentives like pencils and stickers. They’ll help to keep the message fresh in kids’ minds, reminding them it’s always better to be kind.

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1. 4 Types of Bullying Poster

Bullying Posters 4 Types

Remind students that bullying can happen in a variety of ways. This 17″x22″ poster is laminated for durability. 

Buy it: 4 Types of Bullying Poster

2. Chalkboard Bullying Posters 6-Pack

The chalkboard style of these bullying posters is fun but effective. Each is 14″x19″ and you get all six in the set.

Buy it: Creative Teaching Bullying Posters 6-Pack

3. Horton Hears a Who Bully-Free Zone Banner

Bullying Posters Seuss

Hang this big banner (12″x45″) in the hallway or over your school’s front door to make it clear that bullies aren’t welcome here.

Buy it: Horton Hears a Who Bully-Free Zone Banner


4. Anti-Bullying Pledge Cards

Bullying Posters Pledge Card

After spending some time talking about the concept, have each student sign an anti-bullying pledge card. Hang them on a bulletin board to remind kids of their promise every day.

Buy it: Anti-Bullying Pledge Cards, Pack of 25

5. Scholastic Our Bully-Free Classroom Bulletin Board Set

This complete bulletin board set includes a write-on/wipe-off classroom contract and 36 student pledge forms. It’s got everything you need!

Buy it: Scholastic Our Bully-Free Classroom Bulletin Board Set

6. Anti-Bullying Pinback Buttons

Pass out these anti-bullying buttons as classroom incentives or as part of your school campaign. There are a variety of other options available, too.

Buy it: Anti-Bullying Pinback Buttons

7. Bullying Information Posters, Set of 4

This poster set provides useful information for kids about what bullying looks like, why people bully, and what kids can do about it.

Buy it: Bullying Information Posters, Set of 4

8. Anti-Bullying Lanyards, 12-Pack

Bullying Posters Lanyards

Use these lanyards for school IDs and kids will remember every day that bullying is something we all need to fight together. The reasonable price means you can buy enough for your whole class.

Buy it: Anti-Bullying Lanyards, Pack of 12

9. Am I Being a Bully? Sign

Sometimes, kids don’t even see their own bullying behavior. This aluminum 7″x10″ sign can help them recognize the patterns and start the process of learning to be kind instead.

Buy it: Am I Being a Bully? Sign

10. End Bullying Pencils, 50-Pack

These anti-bullying pencils serve as a constant reminder for kids that bullying behavior is never okay. Hand them out to your whole class as part of your discussion on the topic.

Buy it: End Bullying Pencils, 50-Pack

11. Everyone Has a Chance to Make a Difference Banners

Bullying Posters Chance

Anti-bullying messages don’t always have to address the topic head-on. Messages about being kind and brave are just as important, and these big banners do a great job making those points.

Buy it: Everyone Has a Chance to Make a Difference Banners

12. Velvet Art Mini Bullying Posters

Kids will enjoy coloring these mini anti-bullying posters. While they work, lead a class discussion about the importance of kindness and standing up to bullies.

Buy it: Velvet Art Mini Bullying Posters

13. Anti-Bullying Slogan Stickers, 10 Sheets

Bullying Posters Stickers

Every kid loves stickers! These come in 10 sheets of 12 stickers each, for a total of 120 stickers with clever anti-bullying slogans and images.

Buy it: Anti-Bullying Slogan Stickers, 10 Sheets

14. Be Kind Vinyl Wall Decal

Bullying Posters Decal

This vinyl wall decal would be terrific behind your desk or across the top of your whiteboard. It removes easily, so there are no worries about damaging school walls.

Buy it: Be Kind Vinyl Wall Decal

15. Toss and Talk About Anti-Bullying Ball

Toss this ball from student to student. Wherever their thumb lands when they catch it, have them read the question and then discuss it as a class.

Buy it: Toss and Talk About Anti-Bullying Ball

16. Cyber Bullying Posters Set

Bullying Posters Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is a real problem these days, and one that many parents and teachers don’t even realize is happening. Address the topic with these anti-bullying posters as your guide.

Buy it: Cyber Bullying Posters Set

17. THINK Before You Post Poster

The THINK acronym is useful online or in-person. Encourage your students to really give some thought to what they say and how they say it with this 17″x22″ laminated poster.

Buy it: THINK Before You Post Poster

18. Anti-Bullying Sticker Roll

This roll of 100 anti-bullying stickers is a real bargain. Hand out stickers to students as you finish up a unit on bullying and kindness.

Buy it: Anti-Bullying Sticker Roll

19. Anti-Bullying Bookmarks, 60-Pack

Bullying Posters Bookmarks

Keep the anti-bullying message front and center with these sturdy bookmarks. There are several sets to choose from, each in packs of 60.

Buy it: Anti-Bullying Bookmarks, 60-Pack

20. Anti-Bullying Silicone Bracelets

Sport a trendy silicone bracelet to show your support for a “no bullies allowed” culture at your school. They come in sets of 24 with six varying slogans.

Buy it: Anti-Bullying Silicone Bracelets

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