18 Cute and Calming Eucalyptus Classroom Decor Ideas

Add a calming touch of nature to your class.

Collage of eucalyptus classroom decor

There is something so refreshing about changing your classroom theme. And eucalyptus classroom decor is trending in a big way. Eucalyptus is said to have a purifying and calming effect on our environment. Isn’t that exactly what most teachers could use more of? Here are some great finds that will help you bring peace to your classroom.

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1. Eucalyptus Garland

Eucalyptus garland

Instead of paper borders around your whiteboard or accenting the bulletin boards, consider garland! This one from Michaels is a great price—and they offer a teacher discount!

Buy from Michaels: 6ft Green Eucalyptus Garland

2. Eucalyptus Wreath

Eucalyptus wreath

Hang a wreath on a classroom cabinet. Better yet, hang a wreath on all your classroom cabinets! These are the perfect touch for your eucalyptus room.

Buy from Michaels: 22” Green Eucalyptus Wreath

3. Wall Decal

Eucalyptus wall decal

Are your walls a hideous color? Need to hide some old holes or paint that has chipped away? Check out these stick-on wall decals! You could use it in a small area or create a whole wall border.

Buy from Dollar Tree: 18 x 4.5 Wall Decal

4. Wood Paper Roll


Weathered wood paper roll

This wood-styled paper roll is the perfect backdrop for a eucalyptus bulletin board. The tan and weathered shades will make the green leaves pop in the room!

Buy from Oriental Trading: Weathered Wood Paper Roll

5. Eucalyptus Garden Stem

Eucalyptus stem

Dollar Tree has an amazing variety of plastic floral stems, including eucalyptus! Buy these bad boys in bulk and fill your classroom vases and jars for a little extra touch.

Buy from Dollar Tree: Floral Eucalyptus Stem

6. Bulletin Border Trim Sticker

Eucalyptus bulletin board trim

If you have not tried a bulletin border sticker, you are missing out! These are so easy to apply, and the color will not fade. Use it to line the whiteboard, decorate the edge of the shelf, line the classroom door … the possibilities of how and where to use these are endless!

Buy from Amazon: 72ft Eucalyptus Bulletin Border Sticker Trim

7. Classroom Bulletin Board Set

Eucalyptus bulletin board

Looking at this bulletin board set simply brings a wave of peace over me. It comes with posters, borders, accents, and more. If you laminate the pieces prior to using, you can personalize accents with students’ names and reuse them year after year!

Buy from Oriental Trading: Home Sweet Bulletin Set

8. Birthday Bulletin Board Set

Eucalyptus birthday bulletin board

Is a classroom even a classroom without celebrating birthdays? Check out this bulletin board set that has everything you need to set up your birthday wall!

Buy from Oriental Trading: Birthday Bulletin Board Set

9. Magnet Block Letters

Math instructions on an easel with a eucalyptus borderEucalyptus magnetic letters

Instead of the paper letters that tear after a few years’ use, check out these magnetic letters from Amazon! They are three inches tall with deep, bold colors and can be used to make all the eucalyptus classroom decor come to life in your room!

Image source: @teachercreated

Buy from Teacher Created: Eucalyptus Block 3” Magnet Letters

10. Classroom Decor Signs

Eucalyptus door signs

Sometimes, we just need a bit of motivation to get through our day. This eucalyptus sign set is the perfect way to inspire your students as they walk in the room while also enhancing your decor!

Buy from Amazon: 9 Eucalyptus Classroom Decor Signs

11. Eucalyptus Border Trim

Eucalyptus die cut bulletin board border

There are a lot of eucalyptus bulletin board borders out there, but this one is a favorite. It is not bulky, the shape is life-like, and it’s a great price!

Buy from Amazon: 49ft Eucalyptus Die-cut Border

12. Eucalyptus Lights

Eucalyptus string lights

This can get a bit pricey, but it is worth it! You can place these LED string lights along the whiteboard, around a shelf, or plug a few strands together to frame the room. This will add a whole new level of zen to the room!

Buy from Michaels: 18ct. LED Eucalyptus String Lights

13. Pillow Covers

Eucalyptus pillow case covers

Pillows are a great way to bring the feeling of comfort and security to the classroom. Take it a step further and purchase these pillow covers to add even more cozy cuteness to the room.

Buy from Amazon: 18 x 18 Throw Pillow Covers

14. Window Curtains

Eucalyptus curtains

What I love most about these drapes is that they are totally versatile—you can still use these with other classroom themes you evolve to in the future.

Buy from Amazon: Floral Botanical Window Drapes

15. Area Rug

Eucalyptus rug

In the market for a new classroom rug? This one comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and has a few soothing shades to choose from.

Buy from Walmart: Whimsical Botanical Gray Area Rug

16. White Birch Tree Lights

Small tree lamps

Take your love of a zen classroom to the next level! These little trees are affordable, calming, and aesthetically pleasing.

Buy from Walmart: Set of Two 2ft White Birch Tree Lights

17. Air Freshener

Eucalyptus room spray

If you are like me and unable to use wax melts or essential oils in the classroom, try a room air deodorizer to freshen things up. Remember, the scent of mint is said to help relax and clear the mind—just what our students need to learn!

Buy from Walmart: Eucalyptus Mint Scented Room Air Freshener

18. Stop the Spread of Germs Chart

Eucalyptus classroom decor postersInstructions to stop the spread of germs

You have to love something that’s both informative and matches your classroom decor perfectly! This poster will gently remind kids how to keep germs at bay.

Image source: @teachercreated

Buy from Teacher Created: Eucalyptus Help Stop the Spread of Germs Chart

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18 Cute and Calming Eucalyptus Classroom Decor Ideas