WeAreTeachers is seeing stars. It’s time to roll out the red carpet and give your students the VIP treatment with these star-studded Hollywood-themed classroom ideas. Lights, camera, learn!

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Make a Meet the Director board to introduce yourself.

SOURCE: Spotlight on Second Grade!

Behind every great cast is a great director, and we give this design from Spotlight on Second Grade! five gold stars.

Roll out the red carpet.

We love this red carpet design over cubbies or coat hooks. Label paper clapper boards with your students’ names, then allow them to design their own paper characters. (Replicate this marquee design with yellow styrofoam balls and letter stickers.)

SOURCE: Pinterest

This wall display is a fun way to showcase your classroom celebrities.

SOURCE: Pinterest

Make a marvelous marquee.

Nothing says Hollywood like the bright lights of a movie marquee. Make this one with laminated paper cutouts.

SOURCE: Pinterest

Lights, camera, read!

SOURCE: Pinterest

Up for a quick project? We love this marquee letter tutorial from TheSITSGirls.


How about this one from Ruffled?

SOURCE: Ruffled

Create the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This idea comes to us from Oh My Goodness Gracious. You can totally see these stars lining your hallway or scattered around your classroom floor, right?

SOURCE: Oh My Goodness Gracious

And We Play suggests hanging gold cardboard stars. We’d love to see these on your wall or whiteboard!

SOURCE: And We Play

Erect the Hollywood sign.

The teacher behind Bunches and Bits got her students in on this project that makes the perfect classroom bulletin board design.

SOURCE: Bunches and Bits

Or order this Hollywood sign backdrop from Oriental Trading.

SOURCE: Oriental Trading

Design a Hollywood reading corner.

Because the only thing better than a great movie is a great book.

This design from Susie Harris brings reading to the red carpet.

SOURCE: Susie Harris

This smart teacher used red paper chains to mimic the iconic red velvet ropes.

SOURCE: Pinterest

Spotlight star students.

This simple design from Elementary School Counseling is an awesome way to motivate your students and recognize weekly leads.

SOURCE: Elementary School Counseling

This one takes it a step further with 3-D film strips and lights.

SOURCE: Pinterest

With a silky red curtain, this display is definitely a showstopper.

SOURCE: Pinterest

Show off award-winning work.

Decorate your bulletin board with Hollywood-themed paper cutouts and cover it with exceptional work from your star students.

SOURCE: Pinterest

Reach VIP status with these Hollywood door designs.

We’d buy a ticket to this classroom.

SOURCE: Pinterest

Talk about gaining star status.

SOURCE: Pinterest

How about this one for a bilingual or foreign language class?

SOURCE: Pinterest

This teacher added photos of her star-studded “cast.”

SOURCE: Pinterest

Top off your Hollywood-themed classroom with these award-winning classroom accessories.

Get this filmstrip decoration from Oriental Trading and hang it from your classroom ceiling.

SOURCE: Oriental Trading

Roll out this red carpet runner in front of your classroom door. (Click here for a 15-foot red carpet.)

SOURCE: Party Cheap

Use these plastic Oscar awards as table pieces or as a reward for your students.

SOURCE: Amazon

No Hollywood reading nook would be complete without cinema-themed throw pillows, like this one from Wayfair.

SOURCE: Wayfair

Use these Hollywood star wall clings to label desks or decorate your whiteboard or bulletin board.

SOURCE: Amazon

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