You already know that your students are out of this world, which is exactly why you need to check out these amazing space-themed classroom ideas! From nameplates to bulletin boards and incredible reading nooks, your classroom transformation will be ready to blast off in 3 … 2 … 1!

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1. Build a rocket ship

Red and white rocket ship with blue walls space theme for classrooms

We love this reading rocket from Dawson’s 4th Grade Dragons. Place comfy chairs or pillows below in the “hot seat.”

Source: Dawson’s 4th Grade Dragons

2. Blast off with this bookshelf

Red and white rocket ship classroom shelving organizer with baskets

This easy-to-fashion bookshelf rocket ship is a great way to store books and other classroom materials. Make sure to fill it with our space-themed books too!

Source: Pinterest/

3. Roleplay in this rocket ship

White and grey replica of NASA space shuttle with astronaut face cutout

Your students will love this role play rocket ship, which allows them to imagine themselves as a NASA astronaut.

Source: Pinterest/Claudia Buszko

4. Make it life-size

Silver metallic cardboard model of a space shuttle with blue and white accents

Not gonna lie; we’d love to try to fit in this sweet cardboard rocket!

Buy it: Cardboard rocket on Amazon

5. Create a positive learning environment

Space theme multicolored classroom behavior chart

This clever rocket ship behavior chart is a great way to encourage your kids to shoot for the stars.

Source: Pinterest/Cindy Fonnesbeck

6. Build the solar system

Brightly colored paper lanterns used for DIY planets

We are crazy about these paper lantern planets that bring the solar system into your classroom!

Source: Fête à Fête

7… or make it inflatable!

Inflatable hanging planets for classroom space theme

Does it get more fun than this cool inflatable solar system?

Source: Oriental Trading inflatable planets

8. Display work that’s out of this world

Display wall with stars and rocket for classroom work that is out of this world

This idea is an awesome way to showcase stellar work.

Source: Elementary Teacher to Be

9. Ignite and inspire

Rocket ship classroom "ignite and inspire" bulletin board

With some colored cellophane and twinkle lights, you can replicate this dazzling display

Source: Teacher Blog Spot

10. Celebrate the helpers

Classroom space theme bulletin world celebrating "out of this world helpers"

Round up your little space boys and girls with this space-themed classroom task management chart.

Source: Supply Me space-themed chart

11. Houston, we have a reading nook

Space-themed classroom reading nook with hanging planets and control station

Bring together your space-themed classroom decor to create this stellar reading space (pun intended).

Source: Pinterest/Twinkl Resources

12. Make reading a blast

Black classroom bookshelf with "reading is a blast" space wall display

This setup has us ready to launch into a good book for hours on end.

Source: The Gilded Pear

13. See the stars

DIY classroom space themed wall projector casting stars in dark room

This DIY star projector makes us want to lie on our backs and search for constellations.

Source: Infmetry

14. Stargaze in your classroom

Space themed fluorescent light cover in classroom ceiling

Fluorescent lights have never looked cooler with these astronomy light covers.

Source: Octo Lights

15. Make an astronomical door design

The sky is the limit classroom door space theme decor idea

This cute door design is as inviting as it is inspiring.

Source: Pinterest/Kaprea Reid

16. Shoot for the stars (through this door)

Black Kindergarten classroom door decorated and stars and planet

Is it just us, or do you also read this door in a Buzz Lightyear voice?

Source: Pinterest/Danya Woods

17. This classroom door is a blast

Black classroom door decorated with stars and a space ship

We can’t decide if we love this door’s crepe paper flames at the bottom of the rocket or the rhyme more.

Source: Pinterest/Ratyra Moore

18. Lead a class of space invaders

Classroom door decorated with teacher and students in small spaceships

BRB. Hopping in our flying saucers and invading this class.

Source: Pinterest/Lubna Dadabhoy

19. Hang this gateway to the galaxy

Hanging galaxy classroom door border with sun and planets

Whether or not you choose to decorate your door, spruce (er, space) up the frame with this galaxy border.

Source: Oriental Trading space-themed hanging border

20. Trim with the solar system

Black classroom wall trimming with stars and planets

You’ve gotta get this solar system trimmer for your whiteboard or bulletin board.

Source: Supply Me space trim

21. Write their names in the stars

Blue bordered classroom name plate decorated with yellow stars

Copy that for these stellar flat nameplates, too!

Source: Supply Me classroom nameplates

22. Elevate your reading rug

Space themed classroom carpet featuring planets and astronaut

Lay this outer space rug in the middle of your classroom or designate it to your reading area.

Source: Wayfair

23. Bask in the moonlight

Classroom glowing light shaped like the moon


This cool moonlight is the perfect addition to any reading nook.

Buy it: Amazon glowing moon light

24. String your space theme together with this garland

Yellow, red, white, and blue space themed garland for the classroom

This outer space garland is just the thing to tie your space theme together (figuratively, of course).

Buy it: Amazon space garland

25. Hop aboard this space shuttle reading nook

Replica of NASA space shuttle playhouse for classroom space theme

Kids can climb into the cockpit and head for the stars!

Source: Playhouse Designs shuttle nook

26. Explore the solar system

Space theme classroom backdrop featuring brightly colored planets

This beautiful backdrop is perfect for a space-themed classroom.

Buy it: Amazon space backdrop

27. Launch into a good book

Classroom library corner decorated with dark blue walls and space theme

This library corner is perfect for cosmic kids!

Source: Pinterest/Luke Revell

28. Dream big with space-themed wall art

Classroom space theme wall art featuring astronauts and space shuttle

Buy it: Amazon space-themed wall art

29. Get tucked away into this reading nook

Classroom library reading area space theme inspiration

This sweet library nook is the perfect spot for learning about space and more!

Source: Oriental Trading space-themed library

30. Imagine the possibilities

Upright space shuttle reading nook for classroom space theme

Show your students that the sky’s the limit!

Source: Playhouse Designs upright shuttle nook

31. Create an outer space oasis

Brightly colored classroom library nook decorated with space theme

Give them the coziest reading space in the galaxy!

Source: Oriental Trading space reading corner

32. Search the stars for inspiration

Classroom inspirational posters featuring space theme

Motivate students to reach for their dreams!

Source: Amazon space posters

33. Make your classroom a cosmic gateway

Rocket classroom door decor ideas for space theme

Take your learning environment to another dimension.

Source: Pinterest/Stacy Stahl

34. Glow up with these planet decals

Glow in the dark ceiling planet decals for classroom

Show your students that even in times of darkness, there’s always a light.

Buy it: Amazon space ceiling decals

35. Look to the Future

Classroom space theme "future of the world" bulletin board

Let them know that you believe in them!

Buy it: Amazon space bulletin board

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35 Out of This World Space-Themed Classroom Ideas