25 Simple Ways to Bring Farmhouse Decor Into Your Classroom

Home sweet classroom.

Two classrooms using farmhouse decor in their seating and bulletin boards

Love farmhouse decor? You’re not alone! Many teachers who love shiplap, black & white, and everything Chip and Joanna Gaines have brought the popular style into their classrooms. But you don’t have to be the star of a home improvement show to master farmhouse classroom décor. We’ve put together a list of simple decorating ideas to help you transform your learning space into the warm and cozy retreat you and your students deserve.

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1. Give them the warmest welcome

A farmhouse inspired classroom bulletin board that says "Welcome Back."

Use self-adhesive paper to create that shiplap look. Then, hang a beautiful banner and your favorite printables to complete the look!

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Source: @sunnyinclass

2. Create a focal point


The whiteboard in a classroom with farmhouse classroom décor accents including a black and white rug, faux wood paneling, and string lights.

There’s just something so warm and inviting about string lights in a classroom!

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Source: @mommy.and.caffeine

3. Elect class mascots

Classroom corner with multiple signs, including one that says "Everyone is welcome here" along with pictures of farm animals.

How can you go wrong with adorable farm animal wall art?

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Source: @simplystainedshop


4. Get organized

Picture frames with the phrases "Home sweet classroom" and "Welcome to fourth grade" sit beside a black and white filing folder farmhouse classroom décor

Add rustic labels to your file folder to recreate farmhouse classroom décor. You could also add a document tray or spinning organizer to upgrade your desk space!

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Source: @leapof4th

5. Embrace the plaid

A classroom largely decorated in black and white plaid is shown with desks, a whiteboard, bulletin boards, and rug all fitting a farmhouse motif.

Black and white plaid curtains and tablecloths are so timeless!

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Source: @k.k.rappa

5. Gather round the bulletin board

A bulletin board with faux wood paper sits at the end of a whiteboard and includes a cursive font "gather" sign at the top.

The word gather is both an instruction and an invitation. What a great sign for your bulletin board!

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Source: @thecoreyhomestead

6. Upgrade your classroom table

A U-shaped wooden desk with a brown top and white legs sits in a classroom.

A wood classroom table can add a warm touch to any corner—even with laminate flooring!

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Source: @hello_sixth

7. Believe in magic

Wall hangings featuring mason jars farmhouse classroom décor ideas.

We could sit and read beneath the glow of these fairy lamps for hours.

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8. Open the door to learning

Classroom door features the words "Home Sweet Classroom" in decorative cursive along with a laurel wreath hanging above it.

Set the tone for your classroom with this sweet farmhouse decor before they even walk through the door.

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Source: @sarahs_shop_online

9. Build them up

Four picture frames with the sayings "Be Kind," "Be Strong," "Be Brave," and "Be You" on a wall above a wooden bench with white cushions and pillows.

We all need reminders about who we can be and become.

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10. Calm the clutter

A rustic wooden organizational shelf with miscellaneous items on it such as books, succulents, a clock, and a mug used to exemplify the storage capabilities of the item.

When your desk looks this good, you’ll feel good too!

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11. Capture the moment

White instant camera in the foreground with a nook that says "Our Classroom Family" behind it with hangers for displaying photos.

An instant camera is such a great way to make memories!

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Source: @lessonplansandvans

12. Dare to dream

Multicolored and multitextured letters spell the word "DREAM" in all caps on a coffee table with a grey couch in the background.

Remind your students that it’s important to set big goals!

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13. Shiplap your bulletin board

Bulletin board in a school hallway with a black frame, black and white checkered trip, and faux wood paneling in the middle.

Layer plaid wallpaper with faux shiplap to recreate this distressed (but polished!) look.

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Source: @peaceloveteachthird

14. Plant the seeds

Green and yellow plants fill a small planter decorated with rope with white, grey, and yellow pillows in the background.

Add some plants (even cute fake ones!) to help encourage a “growth” mindset.

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Source: @teachandgofourth

15. Save the date

A month of August calendar written onto a black chalkboard with whimsically flying paper airplanes drawn in each corner.

The right stencils and markers can help you bring the farmhouse classroom décor to your chalkboard!

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Source: @activityaftermath

16. Build a book counter

Several stools with motivational quotes on the seats line a counter farmhouse classroom décor

Combine a long wood shelf with rustic stools for a cool reading spot.

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Source: @that.teacher.you.remember

17. Head to the island

Centering a rustic, yet minimalistic, classroom is a large wooden island with white supports and a brown top being used as a teacher's desk.

Use a sturdy desk or even a kitchen island to add more workspace to your classroom!

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Source: @abs_rae_

18. Tame that pile of papers

Several folders with black and white parallel lines decorated with a laurel wreath that say "Homework Folder Mrs. Carrier's Fifth Grade Class" sit on a desk.

Chic folders can make grading papers (and keeping track of them) much more stylish!

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Source: @that.teacher.you.remember

19. Add a math corner

Simple furniture including a side table, storage cubes, and shelving arranged in a classroom with toys to form a play area.

Some faux tree stumps even have built-in storage to help reduce classroom clutter!

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Source: @missp_y2

20. Roll out a cozy rug

A large oriental-style rug, with colors faded to the point of being pastels, is used in a classroom setting with desks and whiteboards visible along the borders of the photo.

The good thing about distressed rugs is that they are supposed to look worn out!

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Source: @msmireishere

21. Find your happy place

Tables in the foreground of this picture of farmhouse classroom décor with cabinets, shelving, and an arched ceiling decorated in black, white, yellow, and turquoise.

This is farmhouse classroom décor at its finest! Grab the right accents to transform your own space!

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Source: @makingitwithmelissa

22. String the garland

Floral garland hanging in a bunting style on a wall with a table featuring more garland, candles, and a bouquet of flowers in a vase below it.

This garland is so versatile. Leave it natural or spruce it up with accents for special occasions like birthdays, graduations, or holidays!

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23. Celebrate your students

Faux wood paneling adorns a bulletin board above a countertop with stools featuring the phrase "Class Gallery" and strings for hanging photos.

This is such a great idea. Use the ones with a soft glow for a bolder effect!

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Source: @teachinginthird_

24. Take chances

A science classroom with desks is displayed while a teacher holds up her arms towards silver balloons along the ceiling that say "TAKE CHANCES MAKE MISTAKES & GET MESSY."

Foil letters are an affordable way to send a big message!

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Source: @home_sweet_classroom_

25. Make it inviting

Light, pleasant colors are used in farmhouse classroom décor setting while a low profile corner desk with minimal shelving is displayed to indicate the teacher's openness to students.

Colorful rolling carts put the fun in functional!

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Source: @hennesseys.homeroom

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25 Simple Ways to Bring Farmhouse Decor into Your Classroom