20 Math Bulletin Board Ideas That Make Learning Fun

Math has never looked better!

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Looking for fresh ideas to motivate your math students? Why not give one of these creative math bulletin board ideas a try? You’ll find interactive options like the Math Boggle game board, as well as classics with a twist like the #MathTalk word wall. Whether you’re teaching simple addition or more complex computations, there’s a bulletin board here for you!

Our Favorite Math Bulletin Boards

1. How to Learn Math

Math isn’t so scary with this flow chart! Show your students how simple learning about math can be.

Source: Pinterest: Robin Humberstad

2. Do You Want To Build a Polygon?

Bulletin board with words Do you want to build a polygon?

Teaching about geometry? We love this interactive puzzle board for learning about polygons.

Source: All Aboard the Patti Wagon 

3. Math Detectives


Bulletin board with words Be a math detective!

Create a bunch of math riddles for this detective math bulletin board. Your students will feel like Sherlock Holmes!

Source: Frogs and Cupcakes

4. Gumball Math

board with words Havin' a ball with... addition and subtraction- math bulletin board ideas

How cute is this math gumball machine? Students will love making equations with this interactive math bulletin board.

Source: Pinterest: Martha Guiza

5. Even and Odd Street

Bulletin board with words Even and Odd street

Make teaching about even and odd numbers fun. Students can draw the houses for this bulletin board idea.

Source: Pinterest: Leah Downey

6. Boggle Math

Bulletin board with words Boggle math

Once they learn how to play, your class will be asking you to play Math Boggle all the time.

Source: The Routty Math Teacher

7. We Are Mathematicians

Bulletin board with words We are mathematicians- math bulletin board ideas

Inspire your class to use math skills in their future careers. The possibilities are endless!

Source: Rise Over Run

8. Tryangles

Bulletin board with words the best angle from which to approach a problem is the TRYangle

If at first you don’t succeed, try(angle) again! These smiling shapes will brighten up your classroom.

Source: Pinterest: Sandy Kadar

9. It Makes Cents

Bulletin board with words It makes cents

Teach all about money with this interactive grocery store bulletin board. Students can “shop” at the store. What fun!

Source: Pinterest: Elizabeth Dubberly 

10. Valentine Fractions

Board with words we love fractions and hearts- math bulletin board ideas

Looking for an educational Valentine’s board? Fractions have never been more fun!

Source: 4 the Love of Teaching 

11. Looking at Problem-Solving

Bulletin board with words Lets look at problem solving

Take a look at this problem-solving bulletin board—those googly eyes are beyond cute.

Source: Instagram: Classroom Inspirations

12. Handy Calculator Help

Bulletin board with words Scientific Graphic Calculators

Calculators can be tricky to understand. This bulletin board idea is a handy reference for students still learning to use them.

Source: Math Equals Love

13. Gee-I’m-a-Tree

Bulletin board with colorful leaves and words Gee-Im-A-Tree- math bulletin board ideas

This geometry bulletin board idea is un-be-leaf-able!

Source: Pinterest: Amy Alferman

14. Math Talk

Bulletin board with words Math Talk

We love this math bulletin board idea! Your students will be #MathTalk experts in no time.

Source: Pinterest: Marissa Doll

15. Stuck on Math Problems

Bulletin board with words Stuck on a problem?

When your students are stuck on a problem, they can refer to this handy board. There are so many ways to problem-solve!

Source: Pinterest: Caroline | Boldly Inspired Curriculum | High School Math

16. Know Your Math Facts

Bulletin board with words Know your facts!- math bulletin board ideas

Showcase math facts with this fun, colorful board.

Source: Pinterest: Lotts of Learning

17. Math Is Everywhere

Bulletin board with words Math is Everywhere!

This board shows your students how important math is in everyday life. Math is all around us!

Source: Twitter: ONTS Special Needs

18. We’re Lovin’ Math

Bulletin board with words Math We're lovin in!

Fries make math fun! Use empty fast-food french fry containers to make this interactive math bulletin board.

Source: Pinterest: Brittany Gerber

19. Factor Flowers

Board with words Factor flowers and flowers in pots- math bulletin board ideas

Have your class make their own factor flowers to display on this bulletin board. Flower power!

Source: Apples and ABC’s

20. Candy Corn Addition

Bulletin board with candy corn

This board is perfect for Halloween, or you can switch out the candy shape to fit any season.

Source: Facebook: Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary School Teachers 

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Math has never looked better than when using one of these 20 creative math bulletin board ideas for the classroom!