27 All-Star Ideas for a Sports-Themed Classroom

What’s your classroom game plan?

27 Ideas for a Sports Classroom Theme

With the 2018 World Cup well underway, we’re in the thick of sports this summer. Keep up the momentum in your classroom this fall with sports-themed decor to inspire your roster of MVPs. WeAreTeachers has gathered the best sports-themed classroom decor ideas for your viewing (and crafting) pleasure. So read on for touchdowns, slam dunks, goal medals, and more. What’s your game plan?

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Try a home turf football rug.

Turn your classroom into an NFL (Nothing but Fun Learning) field with this football field rug. Feeling ambitious? Watch this quick YouTube tutorial on how to transform artificial turf into a football field, complete with numbered yard lines and customizable end zones—the perfect way to integrate a little school spirit into your theme.

Source: Pinterest

Turn your whiteboard into a goalpost.

Source: Little Miss Party

No football field would be complete without a bright yellow goalpost. This low-fuss balloon craft from Little Miss Party is as cute as it is quick, and it’s a great way to draw your students’ attention to your daily lessons (although, beware, you may have to replace the balloons after a couple of days).

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts

For something a bit more permanent, this PVC pipe goalpost from Sugar Bee Crafts is a great model to follow—although, of course, you’ll have to adjust the measurements to accommodate a full-size whiteboard, chalk board, or bulletin board. If you’d rather make your goalposts on a smaller scale, use them as name tag holders, labels for classroom supplies, etc. by taping a paper label between the two posts.

Source: Pinterest

We’re also crazy about this goalpost door decor crafted from yellow pool noodles. Replicate this door design or frame your whiteboard with these noodles, fastening them to the borders with easily removable Command strips.

Create a sports-themed reading nook.

Source: Six Sisters’ Stuff

This affordable and easy-to-craft soccer goal from Six Sisters Stuff would make a wonderful classroom addition, either as a reading nook (if it’s large enough to place cushions or chairs beneath) or as a cubby for books or other classroom supplies. Spray-paint the frame in school colors!

Source: Pinterest

We’d say this reading dugout is too cool for school, but we gotta admit we’d love to see it in our classrooms. For the handy teachers among us, this design can be completed with a few two-by-fours and some lattice panels.

Source: Teaching With a Touch of Twang

This one from Teaching With a Touch of Twang is a bit easier to assemble. Use baseball lettering for the “starting lineup” of your book recommendations.  

Get focused with a game plan bulletin board.

Source: Not So Wimpy Teacher

Nothing can get your kids’ heads in the game like this awesome focus board from Not So Wimpy Teacher. Update with daily or weekly objectives in math, reading, writing, and more. We love the inclusion of an inspiring quote and sports-themed story of the week.

Source: Busy Bees

This one from Busy Bees is a bit more specific, giving individual students or the entire class room to document their goals. While we’ve yet to see the finished product, we love the idea of pasting paper soccer or footballs on the board labeled with student or class goals.

Make a classroom scoreboard.

Source: Mrs. Butterfield’s First Grade

This classroom scoreboard from Mrs. Butterfield’s First Grade is not only an awesome decoration but also a great way to track AR points, reward positive behavior, and motivate your students to meet their classroom goals.

Turn your coat storage into a “locker room.”

Source: Not So Wimpy Teacher

Another one of our favorites from Not So Wimpy Teacher. Turn the coatroom into a locker room (or dugout if you’d rather go with a baseball theme) with a simple touch that is sure to score some points with your students.

Track behavior through outs and runs.

Source:Teaching, Dreaming, Learning

Your students won’t want to strike out with this classroom-behavior-management model by Teaching, Dreaming, Learning. Paste the image of a baseball diamond on your whiteboard and keep score of runs and outs below. You get a run when your students are chatty or off task, and the students gain points for working diligently.

Put your students in the Hall of Fame.

Source: Pinterest

Show off the members of your team with this Hall of Fame photo display from Pinterest. Supplies include mini clothespins, large colored index cards (or construction paper), letterman stickers, and a wall adhesive (like Command strips, a teacher’s best friend).

Try a sports-themed classroom job chart.

Source: Pinterest

Invite your students to “pitch in” with this baseball-themed classroom-task-management board. Write your students’ names on baseball cutouts, which you can then slip into paper pockets like this teacher did or attach to the bulletin board.

Source: Pinterest

This similar Pinterest design requires only laminated baseball and bat cutouts labeled with classroom tasks and your students’ names. Peep the small storage pocket in the bottom left-hand corner.

Don’t forget the ceiling.

Source: Homesthetics

Nothing but net—and a few inflatable basketballs—to transform your classroom into a space even Michael Jordan would envy. We can’t get enough of this sports-net ceiling from Homesthetics and know your students will love it too.

Go all out with your classroom door.

Decorate your classroom door according to the sports theme inside with these awesome Pinterest ideas.

Source: Pinterest

Represent your MVPs with this jersey door design.

Source: Pinterest

Shoot for success with this door designed as a basketball court.

Source: Pinterest

Cheer for teamwork with this football-themed classroom door.

Source: MyClassroomIdeas.com

Welcome your players to a winning season with this fun door design from MyClassroomIdeas.

Source: Pinterest

How about this tennis-themed door? Cut tennis balls in half and label the trailing flames with your students’ names. Game, set, match.

Plus, here are a few of our favorite accessories for a sports-themed classroom:

Foam sports balls

Source: Amazon

Whether as stress relievers, energy expenders, or simply classroom prizes, your little players will love these mini foam sports balls.

Mini basketball hoops

Source: Pinterest

We’ve seen basketball hoops on classroom doors, above the whiteboard, or centered over the reading nook, and we think they’re a great way to motivate students to “take a shot” and participate in class.

Paper lantern sports balls

Source: Beau-coup

Replicate the design above with paper lantern basketballs from beau-coup. This site also offers baseballs, soccer balls, and footballs to hang or display in your classroom.

Inflatable sports balls

Source: Amazon

Whether for classroom decor or learning activities (toss the ball to your students as they answer review questions), these inflatable sports balls make a great addition to a sporty classroom.

Sports pennant banners

Source: Amazon

Nothing says team spirit like a few yards of a sports pennant banner. Hang this above your whiteboard or over the door frame. You can also cut a couple of feet for the front edge of your students’ desks.

Bulletin board trimmers

Source: SupplyMe

SupplyMe has a great selection of sports-themed bulletin board trimmers to choose from, whether you want to display a variety of sports or stick with one in particular.

So what are you waiting for? Lace up your sneakers and get your game face on—it’s game time!

What are your favorite sports classroom theme ideas? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. 

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27 All-Star Ideas for a Sports-Themed Classroom