30 Super Sharp Cactus Classroom Theme Ideas

These ideas are on point.

Cactus theme collage for the classroom

These spike-tacular cactus classroom theme ideas are so much fun! Your sharp-witted students will absolutely love these crafty and colorful designs. A beautifully upgraded learning space just might even inspire your kids to work a little harder. After all, cactus makes perfect.

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1. Construct this paper cactus

Cactus classroom decoration made from green construction paper

This prickly papercraft is so easy to make!

Source: Hatbit Kim/Pinterest

2. Jazz it up with flowers

Paper cactus display adorned with pink decorative flowers

Line your walls or bulletin board with paper cacti.


Source: Becka Groendyke/Pinterest

3. Make a 3-D cactus garden

Printed 3-D cactus garden in white pots with pink flowers

Put your 3-D cactus collection in varied pots like this craft idea.

Source: fun 365


4. Make them the center of attention

Decorative green paper cactus centerpieces with pink flower accents

Want to take the simpler route? These stand-alone paper cactus centerpieces would look great around the perimeter of your classroom.

Source: Oriental Trading

5. Make cactus-themed wall designs

Yellow school "life tips" wall display featuring cactus design

This sweet display is the perfect prick-er, pick-me-up.

Source: Kristin/Pinterest

6. Sharpen your focus board

Googly eyes on whiteboard in cactus classroom display

This “Lookin’ Sharp” focus board with those enormous googly eyes deserves a double-tap.

Source: @teachmemrs.z/Instagram

7. Build a class that sticks together

Shiplap wood classroom wall display with colorful cactus theme

This vivid “stick together” motif is as lovely as it is encouraging. (Peep the small potted plant on the high-top table).

Source: @mrshenryinfirst/Instagram

8. Plant the seeds for growth

Shiplap wood classroom accent wall featuring cacti and "minds grow here"

This sweet cacti/succulent combo is making us swoon. You better believe this succer (get it?) is Insta-worthy.

Source: @hangingwithmrshulsey/Instagram

9. Make a point of celebrating success

Classroom cactus wall display featuring blue and green squares and the words "on point"

This gorgeous display is an awesome way to point to exceptional work.

Source: @cootiesandcuties/Instagram

10. Design personal bulletin boards

Classroom chalkboard display for cactus wall art

Students can design their own cactus bulletin board for a more personal touch.

Source: Terrica Baker/Pinterest

11. Label cactus cutouts with your students’ names

Cactus shaped name labels made from orange and green construction paper

With a few shades of construction paper and a black Sharpie, you can easily create these cute name labels.

12. Craft this cactus-friendly door design

Classroom door decorated with cactuses and the words "our class is on point"

Alright, so there may be a limited number of cactus puns, but that doesn’t make this door any less adorable.

Source: Debbie Upchurch/Pinterest

13. Make everyone feel welcome

Classroom door display featuring three green cactus plants in a pot

It doesn’t get much cuter than this cactus classroom door!

Source: Aridita Anggraini/Pinterest

14. Hang these cactus clothespins

Colorful collection of wooden cactus-themed clothespins

Use these cactus clothespins to showcase student work, hang announcements, or even turn them into magnets for your whiteboard.

Buy it: Amazon cactus clothespins

15. Let them know they’re a sharp bunch

Green cactus classroom border trim with blue birds and accents

We’re stuck on this adorable cactus trim!

Source: Really Good Stuff

16. Liven up your classroom

Four different green cactus-themed classroom labels

We give these cute cactus labels a green thumb’s up!

Source: Oriental Trading cactus labels

17. Cuddle up to a cactus pillow

Beige throw pillow decorated with various green cacti

Get a collection of cactus pillows like this one to spruce up your classroom.

Source: Wayfair

18. Organize your flair pens and pencils

Bright green desk organizer cup for pens and pencils

We’re green with envy over this cactus desktop organizer.

Source: redcandy

19. String up cactus garland

Green decorative cactus garland for hanging in classroom

This cactus garland would look sharp over your whiteboard.

Source: Oriental Trading cactus garland

20. Blow up an inflatable cactus

Bright green inflatable cactus in brown planter pot

No needles near this inflatable cactus. Why not make a little cacti forest?

Source: Horror-Shop

21. Hang this eye-catching tapestry

Classroom beige and green cactus patterned wall tapestry

Create a cactus accent wall that makes a statement!

Source: Society6

22. Nurture a growth mindset

Cactus-themed growth mindset bulletin board for classroom

Encourage students to keep growing, no matter what!

Source: Quill

23. Keep students motivated

Cactus-themed motivational wall posters for classroom

Use classroom wall space to inspire kids every day!

Source: Oriental Trading cactus posters

24. Create a cactus classroom photo booth

Cactus-themed photo booth party accessories

Have a little role-play fun with these cute cactus accessories!

Source: Target

25. Drape this succulent cactus banner

Green classroom banner with cactus succulents theme

Make it a banner year for your students!

Buy it: Amazon succulent banner

26. Fill these cactus storage bins

Cactus patterned classroom storage bins for books

These fun bins are perfect for taming classroom clutter!

Buy it: Amazon cactus organizers

27. Frame the cutest borders

Removable cactus classroom borders for wall decor

These removable cactus classroom borders will add a pop of color instantly.

Buy it: Amazon cactus trim

28. Elevate your ceiling with cactus lanterns

Green, blue, and pink hanging paper cactus lanterns

Make use of every usable space for your cactus classroom theme!

Source: Amazon hanging cactus lanterns

29. Add some twinkle to your classroom

Cactus shaped green hanging string lights for classroom

These sweet string lights really brighten up a room!

Source: Amazon cactus string lights

30. Celebrate with this cactus birthday display

Classroom birthday bulletin board display with cactus theme

Make birthdays even more special with this fun cactus display!

Source: Amazon cactus bulletin board

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30 Super Sharp Cactus Classroom Theme Ideas