21 Cheesy Teacher Jokes That Crack Us Up

Need a good laugh? We’ve got you covered.

21 Cheesy Teacher Jokes

No one understands teacher jokes and humor quite like another teacher. To give you some much needed laughs, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite teacher-focused jokes. Laughter is a great medicine, and we hope these bring you some.

1. It’s worth a shot

Remember, it’s important that centers work for you.

2. A lesson in playground physics

Newton’s cradle with children = bad idea.

3. Periodically hilarious

So punny!

4. Grammar is important

Talk about being a stickler.

5. Gotta get some grammar humor in there

It’s present participle vs. past tense instead of Jets vs. Sharks.

6. Valid point

Cha-ching! Can you imagine?!

7. Math can be a bit dramatic

Sometimes letters and numbers just don’t mix.

8. Creativity should be rewarded

This just in: Glue isn’t just for paper.

9. Anchor charts can have many purposes

An interruption can be catastrophicor totally awesome.

10. If only

The way it should be.

11. Sharpies always spell trouble

Can’t trust a teenager armed with a permanent marker!

12. Party time

Go ahead and bring this one to the next professional development day!

13. Commas matter

Yikes. This one is a good lesson for elementary, middle, and high school!

14. Teacher-style negotiation

Does this happen?! Class assignments = teacher poker.

15. Twenty-first-century teaching

Invite technology into the classroom or confiscate it. Your choice.

16. Math teachers like to challenge you

Make a poster like this to hang up in your classroom. Remember to show your work!

17. A good side to be on

Nerd desserts for the win!

18. Worth the wait


Facts: Students learn better when they’re listening.

19. Pretty amazing

It’s kind of like a superpower!

20. Don’t upset a librarian

no l

They hear everything!

21. You truly have the best intentions

Serenity now. Find your serenity now!

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