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Back-to-School message secret code on green background.

Ever since Little Orphan Annie told kids to drink their Ovaltine (if you get that reference, it’s time for your mammogram), secret codes have been all the rage. We put together this great little bundle of nine free printable secret code worksheets (seasonally themed, thank you very much), plus a “make your own” code worksheet so kids can try it themselves.

What’s included in the free printable secret code worksheets bundle?

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  • Back-to-School Secret Code Worksheet: A perfect way to welcome kids back!
  • Halloween Secret Code Worksheet: Invite kids to solve the mystery message before they trick-or-treat!
  • Thanksgiving Secret Code Worksheet: A punny message for the holiday!
  • Winter Break Secret Code Worksheet: Send them home with warm wishes.
  • Valentine’s Day Secret Code Worksheet: A sweet message that can double as a valentine from you, the teacher!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Secret Code Worksheet: A traditional wish for this holiday.
  • Spring Break Secret Code Worksheet: A fun rhyme for the season.
  • End-of-Year Secret Code Worksheet: Thank them for a great year with this coded message.
  • Summer Break Secret Code Worksheet: Ideal for a last week of school activity!
  • Try Your Own Secret Code Worksheet: Invite students to fill in their own symbols in the alphabet key and think of their own secret message.
    They can write their message using the key and then give it to a friend to solve.

How to use secret code worksheets in the classroom

We love these worksheets as a fun activity for the whole class, but they also make a great “may do” for early finishers. Because these are seasonal secret code worksheets, you can use them throughout the year. However, we also know teachers who use them as part of a unit on mysteries or spies that includes cryptograms and ciphers.

Benefits of doing secret code worksheets

The great thing about secret code worksheets is that they’re fun and inherently motivating, but they also help students build important skills. Solving secret codes promotes problem-solving and abstract thinking skills. Reading and interpreting secret codes also supports their literacy development.

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