32 Puns and Jokes Only a True Grammar Nerd Will Get

Embrace your inner geekiness. Your English teacher would be proud!

Whether you’re an English teacher, reading specialist, or just a grammar nerd, we get you. Much of the WeAreTeachers staff are self-proclaimed grammar junkies, and we embrace it. Don’t ask us about the Oxford comma, though. We’re a divided group on that one. However, we can all agree that these grammar puns and jokes are funny. Print them, put them up in your classroom, or just share with a teacher BFF who is just as nerdy!

1. Now don’t be selfish.

25 Jokes And Puns No Grammar Nerd Can Resist
Via: godsofthemoon.com

2. Apostrophes can haunt you.

Via: Jon Kudelka

3. It’s a pun for when you’re feeling tense.

25 Jokes And Puns No Grammar Nerd Can Resist

4. This could end (or start) a punctuation argument.

25 Jokes And Puns No Grammar Nerd Can Resist
Via: themetapicture.com

5. One letter can make a big difference.

Via: Shoe Box Blog 

6. You can’t go wrong with alphabet puns.

25 Jokes And Puns No Grammar Nerd Can Resist
Via: justbadpuns.com

7. This might be the best bar joke EVER!

25 Jokes And Puns No Grammar Nerd Can Resist


8. Just say no to unnecessary quotation marks.

9. Good morning, sunshine!

Via: grammarly.com

10. This joke will multiply your students’ love of math.

Via: unearthedcomics.com

11. Now things are heating up!

Via: Trashlands

12. We love Apostrophe Man.

Via: Judy Horacek

13. Why can’t everyone just get along?

Via: Scott Hillburn

14. Everyone loves a good knock-knock joke.

15. Some things you can’t control.

Via: wronghands1.com

16. This one is for fans of The Office.

17. We’ll retell this joke until we’re undone.

Via: wronghands1.com

18. There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Via: cartoonstock.com

19. Some things cannot be avoided.

Via: mentalfloss.com

20. Does this make you hungry?

Via: someecards

21. A little courtroom humor is always appreciated.

Via: grammarly.com

22. This one is too much.

23. Yeah, yeah, we know.

Via: grammarly.com

24. Awww, it’s punctuation confusion.

Via: opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com

25. This is for those who like to fly under the radar.

Via: themetapicture.com

26. It’s a real pain in the …

27. It’s grammar girl power!

Via: Grammarly Cards

28. This will make your teacher proud.

Via: grammarly.com

29. It’s party time in the English teachers’ lounge.

Via: loosepartscomic.com

30. Can you relate?

Via: Facebook: ramblinma

31. Hurry it up!

grammar puns

32. One last pun for good measure.

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