We all need a moment to pause and hit the reset button sometimes. This is exactly what your students will be able to do when you use our free Wellness Way printables. 

This free set of posters has three color-coded paths students can follow—move, recharge, and mood. Each one will take your students through a different set of tasks, which can be completed in just a few minutes. Each path features movements created to help students refocus and be ready for learning again. 

Check out this video to see Wellness Way in action! 

How you choose to use our Wellness Way printables is completely up to you—as a class, as individuals, or in small groups. Below, take a look at the three sections from Wellness Way and then save and print them.

Try the red path to get students to move.   

This path has lots of movement options, including overhead stretch, arm circles, high knees, triceps stretch, butterfly stretches, jump rope, jumping jacks, and march in a band. The red path is a good one for students who need to get some wiggles out. You can also use them to randomly challenge your students throughout the day when they need a brain boost! 

Try the blue path to get students to recharge. 

The blue path includes mountain pose, tree pose, warrior pose, chair pose, airplane pose, frog pose, and child’s pose. The blue path is especially good when students need to breathe, take a break, or calm down. Try a couple of tasks after recess or lunch. 

Try the purple path to get students to be mindful of their mood. 

The purple path includes questions like What do you like about yourself? and What makes you feel strong? and challenges such as Smile your biggest smile, Change your mood, and Pat yourself on the back. The purple path is perfect for when you have a student who might need some encouragement or a boost in energy. (Teachers can use it when they need a boost too!) 

Use the printables together or on their own. 

Wellness Way can easily be broken down into separate tasks, or you can put the entire thing up on a wall for your students to experience in its entirety. Students can choose the path they want to go through, or you might assign a path to them when you see they need a break. 

Get all of our Wellness Way printables, including the arrows, by clicking below.  

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