Teen Slang Words and Phrases to Know in 2023

An essential guide for teachers.

When I first started teaching, I let my students pick their own team names for an activity we were doing in class. One team chose “Netflix and Chill” as a team name. I loved it. I got excited when they announced their team name and responded, “I love to Netflix and chill! My husband and I Netflix and chill every night!” The class erupted. They laughed immediately and collectively. The kind of laughter that I love. This time, however, I knew that I had obviously said something inappropriate. So, I did what you do to diffuse an awkward moment and started river dancing. Then, with the help of Urban Dictionary, I learned that “Netflix and chill” did not mean what I thought it meant. I decided I would refrain from incorporating the language of youth into my lessons until I was certain I knew more about teen slang.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, and now I’d like to pass along the teen slang I’ve deciphered so that you too can decode conversations around you—or maybe even throw them into your classroom instruction and join me in the cringiest-teacher-of-all club. 

(Some of these terms are older than others and some may be regional. Please feel free to share any other teen slang words used in your classroom in the comments.)


Definition: OK! For sure. All right. (Usually said in response to a question or statement.)


Teacher: OK, you guys have 10 minutes to finish this assignment.


Student: Bet.


Definition: Your ability to flirt, to charm guys or girls effortlessly


Student 1: Who are you taking to homecoming this weekend?

Student 2: You know I’ve got a lot of options because I’ve got mad rizz. 


Definition: Very good (usually refers to food)


Student: This McFrappe is bussin. 

Glow Up

Definition: A physical or emotional makeover, a positive transformation 


Student: Did you see who moved back in? She really had a glow up since 9th grade.  

Cap / Kizzy Cap

Definition: You’re lying. That’s not true. 


Teacher: We have a quiz today.

Student: That’s cap.

Teacher: No cap, we have a quiz today.

Student: That’s kizzy cap. 

Teacher: No, it is not kizzy cap. We have a quiz today. 


Definition: A shortened version of “kizzy cap,” meaning I am not lying. 


Definition: Clothing, shoes, accessories


Student: Love the drip today. 

Teacher: Thank you. I got it on sale at Target.


Definition: You are doing an excellent job.


Teacher: What do you need in your body paragraphs to support your reasons?

Student: Evidence?

Teacher: Slay. 


Definition: An opinion that you’re trying to be subtle about


Student: Lowkey, I actually like the school buffalo chicken dip.

Student: The buffalo chicken dip smacks.


Definition: An indication that something is very good


Student: The buffalo chicken dip smacks.


Definition: Going over the top


Student: *sees Valentine’s Day headband on my head* Mrs. Naumoff, why you gotta be so extra today? 


Definition: Fresh gossip


Student 1: Can I spill the tea for you? 

Student 2: Not unless it’s piping hot tea. 

Student 1: This is the freshest tea.

Student 2: Spill. 


Definition: All good


Student 1: Are we gucci, brah?

Student 2: We gucci.

Take several seats

Definition: You’re out of line and need to sit down.


Student 1: I obviously will get the highest grade on this test.

*Student 1 gets test back and receives a 40%.

Student 2: Take several seats. 


Definition: Throw something


Student: *frustrated with the Chromebook* Can I just yeet my computer out the window?

Teacher: No, I am afraid you cannot throw the computer out of the window. Try turning it off and back on again. That is my go-to solution for all computer problems. 


Definition: Bragging about something


Student 1: I never pop my zits. I just leave them there for the world to see. 

Student 2: Weird flex, but OK. 

What a Chad

Definition: Typical cocky male


Student 1: I just got to 400 on COD last night.

Student 2: What a Chad. 

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An essential guide for teachers made to refresh knowledge of teen slang words to make sure you know what's being said in your classroom!