You know your students appreciate you—even the ones who would never ever admit it—but sometimes you are lucky enough to get proof. We asked our community to send us the best teacher thank-you notes they’ve received from students. Here are are some of our favorites.

1. The Ultimate Compliment

Here’s a text that would make any educator’s day or even year. Teacher Nancy Rushing received this message out of the blue: “You were my inspiration to becoming a history teacher.”

2. Message in a Bottle

Some notes are short and to-the-point, like the note Frances Louise received: “You will be mist.”

3. Sweeter Than Sweet

It’s obvious why Melissa McGuire kept this heart-shaped note: “We love you as you love us.”

4. Make My Day

There’s nothing better than the teacher thank-you notes that remind you of exactly how your students see you. Like this note from Stephanie Knutson’s collection: “I’m not a school fan, but every morning that I come to school I know I can see your face and smile and you make my day.”

5. The Best Refrigerator Art

Colorful notes make the best displays, like this one from Sandra Cruz: “You do everything nice and sweet. You really are a treat.”

6. Keeping It Real

Melody Shoger’s students tell it like it is. One wrote: “Thank you for being patient and kind when I was being restless and unteachable.” Another wrote: “Thank you for the random orange tickets that I never really understood the reason for, but knew they meant I did something good.”

7. Aha Moments

You have to get a chuckle out of teacher thank-you notes that end like the one from Carolyn Olson’s student: “When you teach it feels like I’m not learning anything, but once you get done teaching, I realize I have learned something. You are a better teacher than you think.”

8. The Cutest Comparisons

Some notes capture classroom sentiments with the sweetest similes: “You make my day shine like millions of snowflakes,” from Rachel Ceglarek.

And “You light me up like the Fourth of July” from Lisa Lynne Smith.

9. The Ones Who Never Leave Our Side

Jen Weber has a fridge full of notes from a student who missed her, even when they were sitting in the same classroom.

10. Through Their Eyes

It’s teacher thank-you notes like this—“She so happy and proud of me”—that fill Vicky Robles’ “Have a Nice Day” file.

11. The Highest Accolade

Sherry Belknap’s student took her compliment seriously: “You are the greatest 3rd grade teacher in the history of the world.”

12. Get Well

It’s always nice to know that students are thinking of you even when you’re away.

13. Bilingual Appreciation

Who doesn’t love when they notice even the little things like “it is so cool that you speak Spanish.”

14. Complimenting the Dog

It just got personal. “I think your dog looks beautiful and wonderful.”

15. First-Day Memories

Some teacher thank-you notes take us back to first days of school, like the note from Laoiseach Nic Ulliam: “When it was the first day, I was thinking you guys would be strict, but I was wrong!”

16. Promises

Many student notes come with promises, like the could-be-ominous note that Donna Murray received: “You are my perfect teacher. See you in September.” While Christina Osc’s student promised to keep in touch: “I will always remember you and everything about you that is unique in each and every way. Trust me, you will be getting lots of letters from me.”

17. Hard-Won Successes

One of Ryan Green’s favorite teacher thank-you notes came with reminders of hard-won successes: “I want to thank you for everything you have taught me. I know I could have been a knucklehead at some points in your classroom … but you would get on me for the better.”

18. Last-Day Memories

Other notes make us sad for last days, like this note to third-grade teacher Ashley Smith: “I will miss you more than anything!”

19. The Unexpected

Sometimes you keep teacher thank-you notes not because of the eloquence but because of who they’re from. Take this note Nikki Campbell received from one of her difficult students: “Thanks for keeping me unrotton.”

20. Objective-Based

Some notes put lessons—like how to list adjectives—into place, like the note that Kelly Chambers received: “Here are some words that describe the best 4th grade teacher on God’s earth: nice, friendly, smart, intelligent, brave, decorative, funny, hardworking, fearless, amazing, awesome, magnificent, determined.”

21. All About the Sentiment

There are definitely notes that are more about sentiment than penmanship, like this one to Kelly Dodd.

22. Long-Range Planning

Brandy Vigen was blown away by this note that asked her to “Please keep being your lovely self forever until we’re all old grannies and grandpas.”

23. Classes to Remember

Laura Smith appreciated this note: “You teach super kids and many more.”

24. The Thinkers

There are teacher thank-you notes that tell us how our students view our jobs. Melissa Pell McQueen got a kick out of this note: “What I’m trying to say is that you know that saying that goes: ‘A teacher learns as much from her student as she taught them.’ I think that if that’s true, you must have learned thousands of things from us because you taught us so many things.”

25. New Lenses

Notes can show us how students see us. Who doesn’t want to be seen like Nelida Hermosura’s student saw her? “You look like a princess when you teach.”

26. Milestone Memories

There are teacher thank-you notes that come after milestones that we’ll remember too: “I read my first book all by myself,” wrote Patti Hildreth’s student.

27. The Goal

Back to the ultimate goal, from Renee Heflin Howell’s student: “The way you shaped me as a student in a younger age is what makes me successful today.”

28. Creating Readers

Turning non-readers into readers. “I honestly did not like reading, but you made it so much more fun.”