Our “All About My Mom” and “All About My Dad” Printables Guarantee Sweetness and Laughs

Mother’s Day, solved.

All about mom and dad printables

Heads up, teachers! Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are around the corner, which means it’s time to find the perfect idea for a small gift you can send home with your students. Our “All About My Mom” and “All About My Dad” printables may be the perfect solution. We also have a blank template for students to write in any loved one’s name. This way, everyone can participate, no matter what their family looks like!

Just download your free printables,  and invite students to complete the sentence frames. They will practice their writing skills, and we all know that their sweet, creative answers will be just the thing to make classroom parents laugh or shed a tear.

All About My Mom Printable

You KNOW some kid is going to write that their mom is 874 years old. You just know it.

All About My Dad Printable

Plus, we’ve included a non-specific printable in the mix, too, so that kids can participate in this activity no matter what their family mix is (or what they call their parental figures).

All About My 'Blank' Printable

Want to try them yourself? Download the PDF file here !