Are you ready to trade in your flip-flops for flats and your sunglasses for reading glasses?   We didn’t think so.  Just because school is almost back in session doesn’t mean you have to spend the next nine months cooped up inside.  We want to encourage you to take learning outside this fall with these simple and creative outdoor learning ideas for a variety of subject areas.

Outdoor Learning for Math

Outdoor Learning for Language Arts

  • Pick a great novel for each of your reading groups and have your kids head outside and read together out loud under the shade of a tree.
  • See how many sounds your kids’ footprints can make over various surfaces and then write onomatopoeia poetry using the sounds.
  • Practice hand-writing using water, paintbrushes and rocks. Get active while practicing grammar.Instead of “Duck, Duck, Goose,” play “Noun, Noun, Adjective.”
  • Have your students write poetry about something they observe outside.
  • Bury magnetic letters in sand or dirt and have your kids dig them out.
  • Make story stones to summarize a story graphically that you have read in class.
  • Build a “campfire” (don’t use real fire!) and lead a book discussion.

Outdoor Learning for Science

Outdoor Learning for Music and Art

Outdoor Learning for P.E.

  • Create an obstacle course on your school grounds using rocks, trees and other natural “obstacles.”
  • Go on a hike around campus.As you walk, discuss the things that keep a person healthy.
  • Challenge your students to finish certain physical feats in a small amount of time. (For example, “Can you run to the playground and go down the slide in 25 seconds or less?”)
  • Do a numbers freeze dance on the playground using sidewalk chalk and music.

Question for you:  How do you take learning outside?

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