The Ultimate Checklist For Setting Up Your Second Grade Classroom

Reading, writing, and arithmetic … and more!

Second graders not only are mastering the basics they learned in kindergarten and first grade … they are also learning new skills like double-digits, skip counting, and advanced reading! Creative lesson planning calls for second grade classroom supplies that encourage students to stretch their imagination.

Here’s our list of the top second grade classroom supplies that every teacher needs for an academic year filled with light-bulb learning moments!

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1. Classroom pocket chart

second grade classroom supplies

Place sentence strips, flashcards, calendar pieces, library pockets, class jobs, daily schedules in this useful 34″×44″ chart featuring a total of 10 see-through pockets.

2. Calendar pocket chart

Let your students work on the month and day with this classroom-sized calendar pocket chart featuring 45 clear pockets for holding headliners and days. 68 calendar pieces help you plan out the days and weeks for maximum fun and learning.

3. Daily schedule chart

kindergarten classroom supplies

A classroom schedule lets your second grade students know the plan for the day. You can even assign a task leader to change the cards and times each day. This pocket chart comes complete with 10 write-on/wipe-off schedule cards, 5 blank cards, and 1 title card.

4. Hanging wall file organizer

second grade classroom supplies

Individual compartments for name/project tabs on each slot of this brilliant classroom file system make it easy for 2nd graders to keep their own work organized.

5. Sentence Strips

Build sentences for wall charts with 3 x 24-inch, colorful sentence strips.

6. Number Line

Help your second graders learn about odds and evens, and even skip counting with a number line! And make sure to check out all activities you can do with number lines .

7. 100s Chart

Continue the math education visually with this 100s chart with clear pockets. Fill it yourself to hang on the wall, or use it for an activity to get students sorting their numbers.

8. Dry-erase lapboards

second grade classroom supplies

Stop the paper waste madness with these durable, double-sided dry-erase boards. Coated with ClearWipe Technology for effortless cleaning and less smudging, kids will enjoy writing and wiping away mistakes. Don’t forget to stock up on colorful, dry erase markers for kids , too.

9. Magnetic whiteboard erasers

Mistakes help us learn, but you’ll want to be able to erase them easily. These colorful, magnetic whiteboard erasers are just the thing. 

10. Colored paper

second grade classroom supplies

Organize your printouts by category and color with 500 sheets of out-of-this-world paper. Get the benefit of color without the high cost of printing with colored ink. Just add black ink!

11. Clipboards

Clipboards encourage independent and group learning. They also help for decorating and as separators. Definitely grab a set as part of your second grade classroom supplies.

12. Laminator

1st grade classroom supplies

Reinforce documents or make instructional items tear and spill-proof. We’ve gathered the top laminator picks so you can easily save those second grade projects to take home. Don’t forget to stock up on laminating pouches, too. 

13. Supply caddies with label holders

second grade classroom supplies

As you’re building out your second grade classroom supplies, keep centers stocked and organized with a rainbow of caddies.

14. Easel with paper roll

Little artists will love this masterpiece-worthy art easel. Teachers will love that it’s not only height adjustable but also features a magnetic whiteboard on one side, chalkboard on the other.

15. Stickers

Almost 5,000 stickers will carry you through a year of rewarding students for a job well done.

16.  Math supplies

Your second graders will enjoy math even more when you include board games, manipulatives, dice, and more from our math supplies for the classroom.

17. Dry-erase sticky notes

second grade classroom supplies

Because you can never have enough sticky notes on hand in the classroom. Reuse these dry-erase sticky notes and you’ll also set an eco-friendly example in the classroom.

18. Sight word swat-a-word

Swat those sight words until they’re memorized! Build reading, spelling and vocabulary skills the fun way with fly swatters and a little friendly competition. Bonus: the element of speed promotes confidence and fluency in reading.

19. Reward Punch Cards

second grade classroom supplies

Motivate and inspire kids to accomplish work or clean up with punch cards! Ten punches equals a teacher-determined incentive.

20. Desk name plates

These desk nameplates don’t simply remind kids of where to sit: The manuscript alphabet (upper and lower case) with stroke lines, shape names and colors, numbers 1-100 numbers and left- and right-hand icons make for a handy, desk-ready reference.

21. Inspirational classroom reminders wall poster

Remind your students that they are V.I.P.s in second grade and beyond with this inspirational wall poster. Check out these free kindness posters as well!

22. Book displays  

1st grade classroom supplies

You’ll need bookshelves for your reading corner, and these tiered easy-to-reach shelves, or any of our other top bookcases, are the perfect addition to any second grade classroom.

23. Books

You’ve got the bookcases, now it’s time to fill them with books! We’ve gathered the top books for getting your second graders excited to read, from Giraffe Problems to A Different Pond

24. Reading posters

Free Reading Posters for the Classroom

We love reading and your second-grade students will too! This set of reading posters is great for bulletin boards or your class library corner.

25. Whiteboard magnet clips

Secure clips and sturdy magnets keep assignments on display on your whiteboards.

26. Board games

Board games are perfect for supplemental learning and centers. Students learn social skills while also reinforcing math and literacy skills! Check out our favorite board games, including Sorry and Hedbanz.

27. String light sets

Looking to add a pop of personality to your classroom? Why not consider string lights as a way to brighten everyone’s moods? Here are our top string light sets!

28. Headphones

A classroom set of these colorful, resistant headphones make it easier for kids to listen and learn with technology. If you opt to use earbuds, we have a wealth of storage ideas!

29. Charging station

Keep iPads charged and ready to go for your next second grade tech-focused lesson.

30. Wide-rule notebooks

Encourage your second graders to begin to journal on paper with colorful, wide-rule notebooks.

31. Safety Scissors

Plenty of projects in second grade require plenty of scissors. Easy-grip scissors make the task safer and easier.

32. Stapler

Stapling is a necessity, so keep one or more of these on hand!

33. 3-hole punch

Easily three-hole punch up to 12 sheets minus the usual jams. Perfect for adding papers to student portfolios!

34. Pencil sharpener

We put together a list of the best pencil sharpeners as reviewed by teachers!

35. Tape

Teachers need a variety of tape for a wide variety of surfaces. Masking tape is great to have on hand as it’s safe for walls and easy to tear and remove. Painter’s tape is removes easily from drywall and can be placed on whiteboards for helping handwriting! Clear tape is also key for taping ripped papers and for craft projects.

36. Table Storage

These caddies are great for tables as they are carousel-style and can keep pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue sticks separated.

37. Bulletin board paper

Better Than Paper

Many teachers like to back their bulletin boards with bright paper, or perhaps use a theme! Better Than Paper is the perfect type of paper to use.

38. Bulletin board borders

You’ve got the paper, now add the edging. Patterns include stars, polka dot, confetti candy sprinkles, stripes, zig-zag, and back-to-school.

39. Classroom clock

This clock is clear to read, colorful, and the minutes are clearly marked for easier telling of time. 

40. Classroom rugs

1st grade classroom supplies

Second graders still love reading time on the rug. Add some color to your room with one of these bold patterned and brightly colored rugs.

41. Crayola large crayon classpack

Crayons are separated into individual sections by color in a sturdy storage box, keeping coloring time better organized.

42. Wide, washable markers classpack

Keep color where it belongs and easily remove it where it doesn’t with washable and non-toxic broad line markers. This classpack features storage sections, each separated by color, to keep markers organized for second grade creatives.

43. Glue sticks 30 pack

Giant, all-purpose sticks are a must-have supply for second grade.

44. Sanitizer wipes

Banish sticky messes and viruses from your second grade classroom surfaces. Lysol Dual Action Disinfecting Wipes feature two sides, one for scrubbing and one for wiping, killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

45. Tissues

Wipe those 2nd grade sniffles away with an almost endless supply of tissues.

Second graders love it when you implement a theme in the classroom! Why not check out our space theme, jungle theme, sports theme, emoji theme , donut theme, and camping theme pages! 

Are we missing one of your favorite second grade classroom supplies? Head over to our WeAreTeachers Facebook Deals page to share your faves!

The Ultimate Checklist For Setting Up Your Second Grade Classroom

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