5 FREE Kindness Posters to Help Spread the Love in Your Classroom

Because kindness matters most of all.

Kindness might be the number one trait we try to promote in our students, which is why we’re head over heels for these free kindness posters. Download one or all five, and use them to start conversations around kindness in your classroom.

1. It’s the best choice.

Kindness Posters

Because really, every day is made up of a series of small choices. Download this poster now.


2. Our favorite kind of sprinkles!

Kindness Posters Sprinkle

Create a glitter-bomb of kindness. Download this poster now.


3. You won’t have any regrets.

Kindness Posters

This is one of the best messages you can send your students. Download this poster now.


4. Make kindness part of your classroom culture.

Kindness posters

Because we’re all in this together.  Download this poster now.


5. Celebrate life by spreading kindness.

Kindness Posters

Don’t save it up for a special occasion—do it every day!  Download this poster now.


Do you have one of our kindness posters hanging in your classroom? We’d love to see a photo! Email it to us at submissions@weareteachers.com.


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