25 Must-Have Elementary Classroom Math Supplies That You (and the Kids!) Can Count On

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What’s in every math teacher’s toolbox? Smart tools to make learning math concepts more fun and interactive. These 25 classroom math supplies are the “must-haves” for teachers.

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1. Magnetic Ten-Frame Set

classroom math supplies

This hands-on math activity set is perfect for helping young students learn counting, operations, number patterns and more. The trays are flat and compact for easy storage and include colorful magnets to make math a little more fun! See more ten frame activities here.

2. Tub of Numbers Math Tiles

classroom math supplies

This tub of number tiles is a great way to teach addition, division, multiplication and more. The one-inch tiles all fit inside a plastic storage tub, making them easy to store and sanitize!

3. Write & Wipe Fact Family Boards

classroom math supplies

Help students explore the relationship between numbers with these “write and wipe” fact family boards. They’ll develop problem-solving, equation building, and other higher-level algebraic skills. They are double-sided—use one side for addition and subtraction and then flip it over for multiplication and division!

4. LEGO Bricks

classroom math supplies

These beloved building bricks make terrific tools in your classroom, and they’re especially great for teaching a variety of math concepts. Check out our 30 favorite LEGO math ideas for every skill level.

5. Base Ten Blocks

classroom math supplies

Your students will master manipulatives, place value, and regrouping with these base ten blocks. This set includes an activity book, storage container, 100 units, 50 rods, 10 flats, and one cube. Made of durable plastic, these are incredibly easy to keep clean!

6. Dice

classroom math supplies

Whether you use the increasingly popular dice in dice or sets of two dice, there are so many ways to use dice in math. Add them up, roll to match, and more. Check out dice in dice games and standard dice games for the classroom.

7. Double Sided XY Axis Dry Erase Mats

These XY axis dry erase mats will make graphing easy without taking up a lot of space. Students can develop a better understanding of numeracy and relational concepts without leaving a mountain of crumbled up loose-leaf papers!

8. Dry Erase XY Axis Graph Lap Boards

Another replacement for graph paper are these double-sided graph lap boards! They’re not just for math either—one side has a blank writing surface that students can use to practice spelling and penmanship, too!

9. Fraction Tower Activity Set

If you’re looking for classroom math supplies, you can’t overlook a good fraction tower set. This is the perfect hands-on activity to promote visual learning of fractions, decimals, and percents in a tangible way.

10. Playing Cards

Just like the dice above, there is a multitude of ways to incorporate playing cards into your math curriculum. From number sequencing to skip counting and more.

11. Plastic Pattern Blocks

Foster early math skills and shape recognition with these plastic pattern blocks. Help learners grasp geometry and pattern design and then put everything back in the convenient storage bucket!

12. A Sea and Build Geometry Set

Your students will really “dive into shapes” with this “Sea” and Build geometry set! They’ll quickly learn about identifying shape attributes and partitioning squares and circles into equal parts with this kit, which also includes 15 double-sided activity cards.

13. Math Posters

These math posters get your students to talk about their math thinking. Because so many students come up with the answer in different ways, these help them to explain their process!

14. Standard Function Desktop Calculator

You want your students to be able to do basic math equations by hand, but having a standard calculator is also important. For younger grades, a simple, colorful model will be as fun to use as it is helpful!

15. Mathlink Cubes

There are so many uses for these MathLink Cubes. Kids can work on adding and subtracting, but also grouping, comparison, color identification, shape identification, and more. These cubes also promote the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

16. Dry Erase Spinners

The square shape of these spinners is perfect for dividing evenly. Use them for various math games or even to teach probability!

17. Math Manipulative Toolkit

Spark engagement with these tangible, manipulative kits. You’ll find Algeblocks, polyhedral dice, color-number spinners, coordinated pegboards, and color tiles inside this set which comes with a sturdy storage bin.

18. Geometric Solids

It’s one thing to try to imagine or even draw three-dimensional shapes, but being able to handle and inspect one can make learning about them so much easier. They’re easy to clean and students can even fill them with liquid or dry substances (such as sand).

19. Cuisenare rods

Use these cuisenare rods as a concrete representation of abstract math concepts. The 10 color-coded lengths (in 1cm increments from 1cm to 10cm) help with fractions, measurements, and more. This teacher’s set comes with 155 rods.

20. Peg Number Boards

Starting with the basics? These wooden peg number boards are great for teaching students to count. They can also help kids get a better grasp on the relationship between numbers and quantities.

21. Counting Bears

Sort. Match. Count. Pair. However you happen to use these adorable counting bears, your students will have fun without even knowing they’re learning math!

22. Calendar chart

kindergarten classroom supplies

As you share the calendar, your students learn math! Show them counting, dividing a month into weeks, and more, with this pocket chart featuring 45 clear pockets for holding headliners and days.

23. 100s Chart

Make numbers, skip counting, and odds/evens easy to see with this 100s chart with clear pockets. Fill it yourself to hang on the wall, or use it for an activity to get students sorting their numbers.

24. Teaching Clock

Time isn’t always easy to teach, which makes this clock one of our top math classroom supplies. With each quarter broken down into a specific color, it’s easier than ever for your students to remember and retain where each minute is located.

25. Math Teacher Mug

This list of essential classroom math supplies would be incomplete without something for YOU! Give yourself a little boost each day by sipping from this funny math teach mug. You deserve it!

Plus 22 active math games for kids who love to move and 15 essential strategies to teaching math. Also, take a look at our favorite board games. Several of them teach and further math learning.

What other math supplies do you include in your classroom? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers Deals group on Facebook.

25 Must-Have Elementary Classroom Math Supplies That You (and the Kids!) Can Count On

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