34 Best Classroom Rugs on Amazon, According to Teachers

Time to feng shui your classroom.

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When many teachers first enter their classrooms, they find cinder-block walls, inherited furniture, and fluorescent lighting. So how can you add some personalization and fun? Classroom rugs to the rescue! Rugs can take a room from drab to fab with bold patterns, bright colors, and cool, cozy vibes. Plus, many classroom rugs do double duty by helping with assigned seating. Classroom rugs can even teach lessons on space, geography, or even handwriting!

We rounded up this selection of teacher-tested classroom rugs … all available on Amazon, because free shipping for the win.

If you need a classroom rug for assigned seating …

A blue rug with colorful circles on it as an example of classroom rugs.

1. Seating circles rug

This seating circles rug is a favorite in many classrooms. Danielle Gray in our We Are Teachers Deals Facebook Group says, “I’m obsessed with my rug! It’s HUGE and is ideal for maintaining personal space.” It comes in 5’10” x 8’4″, 7’6″ x 12′, and 10’6″ x 13’2″ options.

Teacher review: “I was interested in buying a classroom carpet that has lots of color with a black background, and this rug is perfect!”

Buy it: Circles Rug

Teacher reading to a classroom of children sitting on a grey rug which is an example of classroom rugs.

2. Glorious gray rug

If you’re into neutrals, this classroom rug seats 24 students and is calling your name. (If you want to try out a color option, the brick option is pretty too!)

Teacher review: “I am going for a cool color theme to create a calm learning environment and this is a great addition for that goal.”

Buy it: Gray Circles Rug

Different circles on a blue rug have different sayings and designs like Be Happy and a rainbow and a clock. This rug is an example of classroom rugs.

3. Positive message seating

This rug is visually stimulating while also providing seating for 24 students. Have kids sit in a different spot every day since they may fight over specific seats.

Buy it: ABC Area Rug

A blue rug has different fruit slices making up the 23 seats in this example of classroom rugs.

4. Fruit rug

This rug is so unique and so fun. Have kids identify the type of fruit before they pull up a slice!

Teacher review: “It is generously sized for a large group of children, and the theme and vibrant colors are things kids are drawn to.”

Buy it: Fruit Classroom Rug

A shaggy rainbow rug with circles is shown as an example of  classroom rugs.

5. Circles shag rug

This shag rug with organic circles is so colorful and cozy. It got rave reviews on Amazon too!

Teacher review: “This carpet has been a major hit in my classroom. I have teachers from other parts of the building coming to my room just to see it and they all love it. It’s all I can do to keep the kids at their desks rather than on the carpet. Love, love, love it!!”

Buy it: Circles Shag Rug

A rug has numbers and letters on it and is primary colors.

6. Alphabet and numbers rug

This rug is the fifth-most wished-for classroom rug on Amazon, with over 100 5-star reviews to back it up.

Review: “I love the rug. I bought it so that I can teach my 2 yr old grandson the letters, numbers, and shapes.”

Buy it: Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes Rug


7. Tree stump seating

We love classroom rugs that have a theme. This one brings the outside indoors. Add a play space nearby with a tent and a pretend fire!

Teacher review: “Vibrant colors, no wrinkles or folds, and looks so nice in a classroom.”

Buy it: Stump Classroom Rug


8. An apple a day

Nothing says school more than an apple, so why not get this cute rug for your classroom? You can get one or two if you have a bigger class like the teacher in the review below!

Teacher review: “I put two of these together! They look great!”

Buy it: Apple Sit Spot Carpet

Classroom rugs if you love all things bright and colorful …

Rug with the design of colorful handprints on it.

9. Handprint rug

Reviews on this rug brag about its durability and bold colors. The handprints bring great energy to the classroom.

Teacher review: “I bought this rug for my art room because I needed something that students could sit on during class before they work on art. The carpet itself is eye-catching—multiple teachers and students point out how cool the rug looks—especially for an art room.”

Buy it: Handprint Rug

A gray rug is shown with a diamond pattern and small dots of different colors like yellow, teal, and pink.

10. Boho gray vibes

This shag rug is a teacher favorite on Instagram. We’ve spied it in so many adorable classrooms. The subtle rainbow dots add just the right touch!

Teacher review: “This rug is soft and very durable for a classroom reading area. My students love to lay on it and read.”

Buy it: Trellis Shag Rug

Colorful patterned rug with tassels.

11. Colors and tassels

Sure the bright colors and shapes are fabulous, but the tassels on each end are what win us over with this rug.

Review: “The colors match the seller’s depiction. Good quality for the price. Arrived very quickly. No odor. I would buy again.”

Buy it: Bohemian Ivory and Pink Shag Area Rug

A rug is made up of different colored stripes. The edges are jagged.

12. Rainbow stripes rug

Rows on rows on rows of bright rainbow stripes. The staggered edges make this rug a statement in any classroom.

Review: “Very nice design and great quality.”

Buy it: Hand-Tufted Pantone Rug

A rug shows the rays of the sun in different bright shades of orange.

13. A ray of sunshine

It doesn’t get any cheerier than this bright sun rug!

Review: “So bright and fun, so soft, washes SO WELL, which is good because it’s impossible to vacuum because it’s lightweight. This brand of rug is very, very good, holding up in a high traffic area and does not slip.”

Buy it: Sun Print Rug

A round rug features a rainbow and the message You are So Loved.

14. A colorful message

We love the idea of this message being reinforced into kids’ minds day after day since it is so important for them to remember. Its unique shape would look cute in a reading nook or play area.

Teacher review: “This is a great addition to our calm-down corner. It is bigger than I thought. Helps a child find their bubble to calm down.”

Buy it: Rainbow Round Rug

A rug is made up of rainbow colored squares.

15. Rainbow checkerboard

This rug will add some cheer to any classroom. It can be used for seating spots, counting, and color recognition.

Teacher review: “I have the large version and the mini version of this rug. I LOVE THEM BOTH. I have them in my classroom. They are easy to clean because of their short fibers and anything spilled on them comes up easy.”

Buy it: Modern Squares Rug

A rug with a swirl of rainbows is shown.

16. Rainbow swirl

This rug is just so pretty, we couldn’t leave it off our list. We think your students will love it too!

Review: “Bright colors just like the picture. Good quality too.”

Buy it: Modern Contemporary Waves Non-Slip Rug

Classroom rugs if you prefer a neutral palette …

A patterned rug is black and silver.

17. Dark distressed rug

Get cool boho patterns with this dark and neutral (read: stain-friendly) color scheme.

Review: “Rich colour, great texture, good quality! This is definitely worth the price and can probably compare to similar, more expensive ones. Definitely purchase if you are thinking about it!”

Buy it: Black/Silver Rug

Tan jute rug.

18. Jute rug

Since jute rugs are woven from natural fibers, they’re sustainable and environmentally friendly. These rugs are sturdy and can take a beating, which is a real perk for classrooms.

Review: “Fits flawlessly in my space and really makes it feel more homey! I would 1000% recommend buying this rug.”

Buy it: Jute Hand-Woven Area Rug

Black and white striped rug.

19. Black-and-white stripes

There’s something simple and lovely about an understated black-and-white striped rug.

Teacher review: “We thought this was a great rug for the money. It looks great in my daughter’s classroom.”

Buy it: Black-and-Ivory Striped Rug

A gray neutral rug has planets on it.

20. A neutral planets rug

This is the perfect classroom rug if you want something child-friendly but still neutral. We know it is a quality rug, too, since it has nearly 200 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Teacher review: “I was awarded a grant for a classroom library, and this stunning carpet is the centerpiece.”

Buy it: Outer Space Rug

If you’re a clean freak …

black and white tile rug
The Home Depot

21. Vinyl floor mat

We are so here for the emerging vinyl floor mat trend. No, it’s not technically a “classroom rug,” however, it serves the same general purpose. And bonus: Since it’s not a woven fabric, messes wipe up easily.

Review: “They lay flat almost immediately and stay put without having to use a pad or adhesive. And they clean up so easily!”

Buy it: Black-and-White Vintage Tile Scatter Rug

A little girl is seen resting on a long blue mat.

22. Wipeable mats

Not exactly a rug, but still a great option for a classroom floor. These mats can be used during story or nap time. You can even put them under a slide or other piece of play equipment for safety. They are Greenguard Gold certified so your little ones won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Review: “Compact and good quality.”

Buy it: Folding Rest Mat


23. Splat mat

This is the perfect mat to put under an arts-and-crafts area in your classroom. Kids can spill and you can clean it up like it was nothing! Plus, we love the cute underwater theme.

Teacher review: “I was looking for something heavier than plastic to put under my easel and this works great. I use it under the sensory bin too.”

Buy it: Splat Mat

If you’re into classroom rugs that inspire learning …

Colorful rug with the ASL alphabet in graphics.

24. Alphabet American Sign Language rug

Reinforce American Sign Language hand signs for the alphabet and useful words with this bright and colorful rug.

Teacher review: “This carpet is in my k4 classroom and the little ones are already learning from it. Great colors and is a high-quality rug. I love this for circle time.”

Buy it: Alphabet ASL Rug

Blue rug with the labelled solar system as an example of classroom rugs.

25. Solar system rug

The seating options on this rug are out of this world. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Grab it in 5’x7′ or 8’x11′ options.

Teacher review: “I bought this and put it in my classroom because it matched our science curriculum. It is beautiful and colorful. Good price for what you’re getting! Love!”

Buy it: Solar System Rug

Rug with the labelled Unites States.

26. U.S. map rug

This illustrated map rug is glowing with reviews on Amazon. One teacher said, “I teach 4th grade and it is perfect for the reading corner in my classroom! Many other teachers have complimented it, too!”

Teacher review: “The rug is beautiful and large enough to seat 22 first graders. Kids, parents, and teachers alike have commented on the vibrant, beautiful colors and illustrations!”

Buy it: United States Map Rug

A black rug has white writing that shows printed letters and cursive letters in this example of classroom rugs.

27. Handwriting rug

They say cursive is a lost art, but this rug can help bring it back!

Teacher review: “It is a perfect addition to my classroom and is large enough to seat all 24 of my students.”

Buy it: Handwriting Samplers ABC Children’s Floor Rug

A blue rug that says World Continents in rainbow letters shows a large marp.

28. Continents rug

This world map rug would make a nice complement to the rug that shows a map of the United States. We especially love that it is reversible!

Teacher review: “This rug looks great in my classroom library. I don’t know how well it will hold up in the long run but it seems to be pretty durable.”

Buy it: Reversible World Continent Map Learning Rug

If you want your rug to inspire playtime …

A child is shown from the waist down playing on a hopscotch rug that also has a rainbow on it.

29. Hopscotch rug

Hopscotch is such a classic childhood game and this rug makes it possible to play even when it’s raining outside! We love the muted colors and pretty rainbow at the end.

Review: “So soft and great quality. Love this! Worth every penny.”

Buy it: Hopscotch Rainbow Rug

A rug has streets and other cityscape things on it.

30. City play mat

If you have a bunch of toy trucks or matchbox cars in your classroom, this is the rug for you. Kids will have a blast using it during indoor recess.

Review: “Such great value and it’s so cute. Definitely a great buy!”

Buy it: Educational Road Traffic Car Rug

A rug features dinosaurs and a winding path with numbers.

31. Dinosaur number trail rug

Use this rug as a larger-than-life board game since it features a winding path. Kids will also enjoy walking the path while reinforcing their numbers and learning some dinosaur names along the way.

Review: “This is fantastic for any child that loves dinosaurs. The vibrant colors and detailed dinosaur illustrations make for an engaging and visually appealing play surface.”

Buy it: Dinosaur Playmat

A pink rug is divided into rooms of a house with furniture printed on it in this example of classroom rugs.

32. Playhouse rug

No kid can resist a dollhouse so why not give them one in rug form? Kids will have a ball playing with dolls during break time.

Review: “My daughter was smiling from ear to ear when she saw it and she is only 19 months, so I’m sure any older girls would be absolutely elated! I would recommend this product to anyone!”

Buy it: Pink Playhouse Rug

A rug is designed to look like a soccer fied.

33. Soccer field rug

All the little ballers in your classroom will undoubtedly delight in this fun soccer field rug. Give them some dolls and a small ball and watch as they role-play a soccer game!

Review: “Same as in picture; kids love it.”

Buy it: Soccer Field Rug

An oval rug has white roadways all over it with a few cars. The background is blue in this example of classroom rugs.

34. Simple roadways

This rug is a great option for a busy play space in a classroom since it is machine washable. It’s also not as busy-looking as other play mats. Provide kids with some matchbox cars or other vehicles and then watch the fun!

Review: “Very soft and easy to clean! Any spills just wipe right off. Super happy with this purchase!”

Buy it: Playroom Road Rug

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The *right* classroom rugs can bring a room from drab to fab with their bold patterns, bright colors, and cool, cozy vibes.