20 Amazing Classroom Bookshelves for All Your Organizing Needs

Make it easier for students to grab their next favorite book!

There’s nothing greater than watching students discover the whimsy and wonder that comes from a good book. While you definitely want to encourage reading among children of all ages, it can be tough to keep books and reading material organized. That’s why reliable classroom bookshelves are so important, especially if you’re setting up a classroom library or reading nook. The right shelves will make it easy for kids to find what they need—and put the books back when they’re done.

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1. Double-Sided Book Display Stand

Classroom Bookshelves

This great little display stand has wheels and is the perfect height for young kids, including toddlers. If you run a Pre-K or teach younger grades, count this among the best classroom bookshelves.

2. Single-Sided Book Display Stand

Classroom Bookshelves

Like the previous bookshelf but want something a little smaller? This single-sided book display still features that cute birch finish and five shelves but will take up less space.


3. Streamline Storage Cabinet

Classroom Bookshelves

Want a little more versatility? This is among the more traditional classroom bookshelves, which makes it great for storing multiple types of items. Books, globes, and musical instruments can all neatly fit in one place!

4. Combination Bookshelf


Classroom Bookshelves

We love this bookshelf as it has a little bit of both storage options. Also how pretty is the color! It comes in blue or pink and features three rows of book storage and two open shelves.

5. Classroom Storage Cabinet

Featuring five large sections, this is a great option if you want something a little lower to the ground. Due to its shorter height, it may be harder to tip over which may be a concern with certain age groups.

6. House Bookcase

If you’re looking for a cute bookcase, look no further! This house-shaped bookcase (available in white or gray) is perfect for a neighborhood classroom theme or a cozy reading nook. Another option is a firehouse bookcase with a compartment hidden by a door!

7. Free Standing Display Unit

Classroom Bookshelves

You’ll probably need to secure these shelves to the wall (get permission first, of course!), but they are a sleek design that works for both books and magazines. There are four display shelves giving you lots of storage space!

8. Low Book Display

This cute little shelving unit is a great option for younger children, and those who need storage that’s lower to the ground. It can be perfect on the ground or safely secured on a tabletop and/or desk.

9. Kids’ Book Rack

Classroom Bookshelves

Just look at those bright primary colors. If you’re looking for fun but functional classroom bookshelves, this is a wonderful option. The five, deep fabric sling sleeves will keep everything neat and tidy!

10. Wood Book Display

We love this classroom bookshelf for a few different reasons. It’s a great size, offers good book storage, and has a nice storage space at the bottom for games and puzzles.

11. Cube Organizer

Want to keep books organized by genre, size, or even reading level? A cube organizer is an ideal choice. You can even put a label on each shelf to help students know where to look!

12. Floating Shelves

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, or need to place shelves in an area that’s too awkward for contained shelves, why not consider wall or floating shelves? These come in different sizes and can be mounted wherever you need.

13. Green Cube Bookshelf

Looking for something that feels a little more minimalist and offers ample storage but still adds a nice pop of color to the classroom? This cool green bookshelf features cubes for smaller books and rectangular shelves for larger selections such as magazines and hardcovers. You can also position it horizontally for different shelving heights.

14. Wooden Bookshelf

Another good option for smaller classrooms or storage needs for younger kids is this wooden unit. It offers two spacious shelves which are perfect for keeping books as well as other learning activities.

15. Big Book Display Stand

We love this big book display stand because it’s similar to the sling model we shared earlier but the laminate surface is easy to wipe clean. It includes four good-sized tiers, allowing you to store books of all sizes!

16. Book Browser Cart

What’s not to love about this style of bookshelf? You’ll feel like a flight attendant rolling up the aisles of your classroom, pausing long enough for students to pluck something from one of the bins … or you can give that responsibility to an eager, well-behaved student while you take a few centering breaths at your desk. Some afternoons last forever, right?

17. Bookshelf with Wheels

This bookshelf is similar to the last one, except it’s especially perfect when working with younger children. The design is really sweet, and even little ones should be able to wheel this around. In addition to books, you could also store crayons, construction paper, and craft supplies!

18. Double-Sided Wooden Book Display

Most of us will remember having classroom bookshelves just like this one when we were kids. Large but sturdy, the triangular design makes it so easy for kids to reach any book. The solid pine construction looks good while providing durability.

19. Multi-Section Storage Cabinet

If you’re looking for great classroom bookshelves, it’s hard to beat this one! You can store poster board, games, and craft items while providing each student with a basket where they can keep books and other supplies. Plus, it just makes everything look tidy!

20. Wooden Bookcase

Need a cube organizer but want something that looks a little more elevated? This bookcase is made from recycled materials while featuring an elegant oak finish. We love that it’s easy to label each self to stay more organized!

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20 Amazing Classroom Bookshelves For All Your Organizing Needs