Publishing student writing is an amazing experience for kids. What a way to build community and for students to see themselves as writers! This fall, we need that kind of community building more than ever. Whether you’re teaching virtually or in person, going through the steps of brainstorming, writing, illustrating, and publishing is a great way for students to get to know each other. Here’s one of our favorite ways to publish student writing, plus five ideas for classbooks.

First, order your free publishing kit .  Then, choose a theme:

1. The “All About Us” Book

All About Us Class Book

Invite each child in your class to share about themselves. Explain that you will work together to create a book about the whole class. Students can fill their two pages with facts and drawings. Share a list of prompts for your students to choose from, such as “My favorite food,” “My pet/pet I want most” or “The superpower I want most.” Your students will love making this book, and years from now they can look back at this memento of who they used to be. Check out these sample books for more ideas.

Publishing Students' Writing Is a Powerful

2. The “How to Be Kind” Book

Kindness Class Book

Right now we need more kindness in the world. Share stories and quotes about kindness with your students and then challenge them to develop their own advice on how to be kind. When their book is published, share it with other classes and grades to spread kindness at your school. Check out these sample books for more ideas.

3. The “My Dream for the  Future” Book

Publishing Students' Writing Is a Powerful

Every child should have the chance to dreams about the future and its possibilities. Your students learn goal setting when they think, write, and draw what they want to be. Whether your students want to be doctors, ballerinas, or NBA players, it takes hard work and many steps to get there. Give them a set of prompts to help shape their thinking, e.g. What I want to be when I grow up, why I chose this profession, and what I need to do to get there. You never know, this classbook might come true for many of your writers. Check out these sample books for more ideas.

4.  The Thanksgiving Book

The Easiest Way to Publish Student Writing (Plus 5 Ideas for Classbooks)

October and November are great months to create a Thanksgiving-themed book. You might have your students write and draw about what they are most thankful for in their daily lives. Or go another way by having students write fun fictional stories about a turkey who escapes being the main attraction at Thanksgiving dinner. Giving thanks and enjoying laughter together are two ways to help make this a memorable holiday for your students. And the book just might become a holiday treasure for your students’ families.

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Publishing Students' Writing Is a Powerful Way to Build Community, Online or In Person