Bring NASA satellites, Greenland’s glaciers, foreign journalists and award-winning authors right to the front of your classroom with PBS LearningMedia’s amazing access to thousands of classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted digital resources. 

PBS LearningMedia Teacher Review

Why we love it: PBS LearningMedia is a completely free service that brings over 87,000 trusted digital educational videos, podcasts, maps and more to preK–12 classrooms. These resources are produced specifically to capture students’ imaginations, amplify their grasp of the material and bring course materials to life. Many of the digital offerings are accompanied by support materials like background essays, discussion questions, and information about Common Core and national standards alignment. 

Search, sort, success: Search by grade level, subject and keywords to pinpoint your video and lesson plan needs. When you find the perfect item to share with your students or fellow teachers, simply store it in your online folder for easy locating later.

Ability to upgrade: Upgrading to the fee-based PBS LearningMedia Custom Service gives you access to even more digital resources and support, including over 800 hours of premium additional content, such as NOVA, Frontline, Ken Burns’ Civil War and PBS Kids programming. The Custom Service option also integrates state standard alignment and other personalized tools, including the ability to track student, class, grade level and total school engagement as well as customized search options.

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