If you’re returning to in-person learning this school year, chances are students and teachers will be wearing masks. But will they be doing so safely and effectively? These mask videos for kids can help get them there. 

As with any video, we recommend viewing these in advance to ensure they’re appropriate for your intended audience.

1. Sing the Wear A Mask song

Best For: Pre-K and Early Elementary

Why to Watch: Doctors Bob and Pop sing a cute song that emphasizes that even though life is a little different right now, everyone is still the same behind their masks. It explains the basics of wearing a mask tightly over your mouth and nose. While geared toward the Pre-K crowd, early elementary kids will enjoy the catchy song too.

2. Learn why It’s So Important to Wear a Mask

Best For: Pre-K and Early Elementary

Why to Watch: With soothing music and clearly-voiced narration, this read-aloud style mask video is an easy watch for young kids. It explains how masks protect us from virus droplets in language kids can understand, and emphasizes the importance of hand-washing too.

3. Meet the Helpers

Best For: Pre-K to Early Elementary

Why to Watch: This quick video explains how masks protect you and others from germs. It encourages kids to be “germ-busters” by wearing cloth masks.

4. Ask Why Do People Wear Masks?

Best For: Pre-K to Early Elementary

Why to Watch: Here’s another catchy song explaining that people wear masks so they don’t get sick. It has lots of pictures of kids and adults of all kinds wearing masks, making it easier for kids to connect.

5. There’s a Why Do People Wear Masks?  version for older kids, too

Best For: Elementary

Why to Watch: Older elementary kids will enjoy this hip-hop version of the Why Do People Wear Masks? song! The photos show diverse groups of people wearing masks, and reminds us we wear masks to protect both ourselves and others. This mask video for kids doesn’t cover how to wear a mask properly, though, so pair it with another video or activity to cover those important points.

6. Listen to the talking hand

Best For: Elementary

Why to Watch: Simple but fun animation is backed with clear narration explaining how kids can keep themselves safe from coronavirus. This mask video for kids includes five quick tips like not touching your mask, making sure it covers your mouth and nose, and more. We really like this one for the elementary crowd.

7. Get your info straight from the World Health Organization

Best For: Elementary through High School

Why to Watch: This video put out by the World Health Organization (WHO) gives clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to wear a mask safely. The animations demonstrate the tips, and also show a diverse population of folks using masks. It’s not an exciting video, but it tells kids (and adults) exactly what they need to know.

8. Watch Bill Nye’s awesome demo

Best For: Older Elementary through High School

Why to Watch: Bill Nye the “Science Guy” has been teaching us practical science for generations. His viral (in a good way!) video demonstrates the effectiveness of masks by restricting airflow. As usual, Bill Nye’s video is engaging, fun, and informative, which is why this is one of the most popular mask videos for kids (and grown-ups) out there!

9. Explore how well masks work

Best For: Middle and High School

Why to Watch: This video delves deeper into the science behind masks, and while kids may not follow all the technical details of some of the experiments, the visuals are really compelling. Learn how properly-fitted masks work to keep virus droplets from spreading from person to person. (Note that this video briefly mentions condoms and STIs, so know your audience. It’s toward the end, so you can stop the video early if you prefer.)

10. Debunk the face mask myths

Best For: Middle and High School

Why to Watch: Produced by PBS, this video is part of the same series as Why Masks Work (above). It debunks myths about face masks, ranging from why the smell from passing gas isn’t the same as coronavirus droplets to whether masks deprive you of oxygen. This video was made for adults, but it’s generally appropriate for high school and even most middle school audiences. And the information is fascinating!

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