Download this guide to customize your own 36-week character education curriculum that matches the needs of your classroom or school. The tools and activities are adaptable for any grade level, cover a wide range of learning preferences, and are ideal for project-based learning environments. They also provide plenty of opportunities for school-wide, community, and family engagement.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A list of 36 character traits
  • 36 suggested projects and activities
  • Tips for customizing your own character education curriculum
  • Research and context for character education

Use critical thinking techniques to explore traits that align with social-emotional learning (SEL) for individuals and school culture. By incorporating this type of character education, students and educators can use higher-order thinking in daily classroom activities. This curriculum also provides an opportunity to create a culture where character traits are thoughtfully considered and applied to students’ lives. As these critical thinking skills are practiced within character education, SEL goals can be achieved.