10 Awesome Fire Prevention Week Lesson Ideas for Grades 3-5

Mark your calendars: Fire Prevention Week is October 7–13.

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Are you ready for Fire Prevention Week? This year, it runs from October 4–October 10, 2020. To help you and your students get the most out of the week, here are our favorite Fire Prevention Week lesson ideas for grades 3–5.

1. Start your class with a Fire Safety minute.

In one minute, your students can learn everything they need to know about outside meeting places. Then they can take this knowledge home to help their families stay safe in case of a fire.  

Curricular Connections:  Problem solving, listening

2. Take a deep dive into the science of fire.

Get this Science of Fire printable activity guide to learn how smoke alarms really work, take a fire safety quiz, and much more.

Curricular Connections:  Physics, science

3. Read about a “fur-real” hero.

Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes and Science Facts by [Flory, Susy, Hanscome, Jeanette, Cantrell, Julie, Schuknecht, Troy, Elliot, Annie]

Humans aren’t the only brave ones in the world of fire safety. Read “The Black Pearl and Captain Ron” to learn about a spunky dog who learned to be a search-and-rescue hero, thanks to her friend Captain Ron. Use the discussion questions and writing prompt at the end of the story to extend your students’ learning.

Curricular Connections:  Reading, writing

4. Read “Three Ways Science Has Made the World a More Fire-Safe Place.”

This awesome story from the book Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes and Science Facts highlights three important ways people have used science to help us enjoy the benefits of fire while minimizing its dangers. Use the discussion questions and writing prompt at the end of the story to extend your students’ learning. 

Curricular Connections:  History, reading

5. Make a math mini-book.

Print this free Fire Safety Math kit and have your students put together their own activity booklets to practice factoring, averaging, measuring skills, and more. 

Curricular Connections:  Math, problem solving

6. Write a poem.

Read “Sparky the Fire Dog Says, ‘Stay Fire-Safe!’” by Annie Elliott. Brainstorm ideas with your students then give them time to write their own fire safety–themed poems. Hold an open mic event and have them perform their works for friends and family.

Curricular Connections:  English language arts, writing

7. Sit in on an interview with a favorite children’s book author.

Lauren Tarshis, author of the popular I Survived series, talked with Casey Grant of the NFPA about the Great Chicago Fire. In Lessons from History: The Chicago Fire of 1871, we learn how this tragedy changed the science of fire prevention and the way we build cities. The accompanying Common Core–aligned lesson plan includes vocabulary, a graphic organizer, and research assignment. 

Curricular Connections:  Reading, history

8. Solve a mystery.

Read “The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms” and follow the clues to find out why a mysterious bandit has stolen all the smoke alarms in Aunt Dotty’s house. Will it ruin the grand opening of her Best Beepers Smoke Alarm Factory?

Curricular Connections:  Reading, problem solving

9. Put Sparky’s Brain Busters on your screen or interactive whiteboard.

Bonus: This trivia app is full of math, science, history and ELA questions.

Curricular Connections:  Science, math, history, social studies

10. Take a peek into firefighting’s wacky history.

Watch the video “Firefighting’s Weird History & Fascinating Future” to learn about some of the strange legends and customs from the world of firefighting. Use the accompanying lesson plan to make predictions, learn about text features, and create a KWL chart with your students to track what they know before, during, and after the video. 

Curricular Connections:  History, social studies

Happy Fire Prevention Week, everyone!

10 Awesome Fire Prevention Week Lesson Ideas for Grades 3-5