We sent five deserving educators $100 each, then told them to put together great teacher outfits on a budget that they could either wear at school or when they’re out and about this summer. We learned two things. Our teachers are savvy and they’re stylish! Check it out.


Teacher Outfit on a Budget #1

Elisa Grimm Burek
She’s a middle school ELS teacher in Massachusetts and also a busy wife and mom. Elisa bought all of her items at Loft (they offer educator discounts) and used shoes she already had in her closet to put this outfit together.
Skirt: $35.70
Shirt: $17.70
Necklace: $26.70
Total: $80.10

Teacher Outfit on a Budget #2

Heather Lindenmeyer
Putting together stylish teaching outfits is second nature to Heather. She runs the blog Rock, Style, Teach and works to keep up with the high school students she sees every day as an English teacher in Iowa.
Shirt: $15 (Target)
Necklace: $21.50 (ILYMix.com)
Skirt: $35 (LuLaRoe)
Flats: $24.99 (Target)
Total: $96.49




Teacher Outfit on a Budget #3

Alexandra Martinez
With three kids usually in tow, Alexandra doesn’t have much time to shop for herself, so she definitely took advantage of this wardrobe challenge. In fact, she had so much fun that she went $5 over budget! (She’s a math teacher too!) Alexandra paired this outfit with a basic pair of jeans she already had in her closet and a set of earrings.
Blazer $59.40 (Macy’s, marked down from $99!)
Shell $16.08 (Target)
Flats $29.94 (Zulily)
Total: $105.42



Teacher Outfit on a Budget #4

Thomas Campbell
As an elementary school teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Thomas found the perfect way to dress up a hoodie so he can easily go from school to a night out.
Jeans: $15 (Old Navy)
Button-up shirt: $19 (Old Navy)
Hoodie $25 (H&M)
Tie: $20 (Kohl’s)
Total: $79


Teacher Outfit on a Budget #5

Kate Lerner
Kate is a middle school French teacher in Marblehead, Massachusetts. She decided to hit up her local consignment store for most of her purchases, scoring some great prices on quality items. She did splurge on some comfy shoes though!
White cardigan $22
Shirt: $18
Polka dot skirt: $18
Shoes: $40
Total: $98