30 Ways Teachers Can Treat Themselves for Less Than $5

Small ways to make your job (and your life) better!

There are days (especially in the dregs of winter) when teaching feels like the hardest job in the world. Those are the days that call for teacher pick-me-ups—little treats that won’t break the bank, but will lift your spirits. Teachers, it’s time to treat yourself!

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1. Sport this TEACH bracelet.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

Our WeAreTeachers Deals Facebook group members are in love with this bargain bracelet. You’ll have to wait a few weeks for shipping, but it’s a total steal!

Treat yourself: Eleusine TEACH Bracelet

2. Take free online courses from National Geographic.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

Free courses from a leader in science education? Sign us up! There are half a dozen free courses available just for educators.

Treat yourself: National Geographic Online Courses

3. Carry this cute plush Pi.


This little plushie makes a perfect keychain, or an accent clipped to your bag. You could even turn it into a hall pass!

Treat yourself: Plush Pi Novelty Clip-On Keychain

4. Snag a cute calendar just for teachers.

These free printable calendar pages will make it easier to schedule time for daily teacher pick-me-ups! (Oh, and all that other teacher stuff you gotta do.)

Treat yourself: Free Printable 2020 Teacher Calendar

5. Color away your stress.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

It’s no secret that coloring is a relaxing activity, and all the teachers we know could certainly use some R&R! This pretty coloring book is made for adults with almost 50 complex designs that soothe while you color.

Treat yourself: Stress Relief Coloring Book

6. Build your classroom library without breaking the budget.

Teachers know that the more books kids have access to, the better—but it’s not always in the budget. Check out these ideas for finding free or inexpensive books for your students to enjoy.

Treat yourself: 18 Free (or Cheap) Ways to Stock Your Classroom Library

7. Dazzle while you write.

Who can turn down beautiful new Sharpies? These are metallic, which makes them even more satisfying!

Treat yourself: Sharpie Metallic Fine Point 3-Pack

8. Grab 100 free writing prompts.

Coming up with new writing prompts can be tough some days. This free slideshow has enough to keep you going for months!

Treat yourself: 100 Free Writing Prompts for Grades 4-8

9. Don these fabulous unicorn socks.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

Who can have a bad day wearing these cheery unicorn socks? They’ll make you smile every time you see them.

Treat yourself: Unicorn Women’s Crew Socks

10. Plan a much-needed vacation.

Oh, yeah, you know you need one! And with these 11 tips, we’ll make sure you’re living the high life on a teacher budget.

Treat yourself: How to Get Teacher Travel Discounts

11. Leave smiles everywhere you go.

We love using sticky notes in the classroom, and this pack has 4 different emoji styles to make anyone’s day a little brighter.

Treat yourself: Emoji Post-It Notes

12. Find some new inspiration.

Sometimes the right words make the best teacher pick-me-ups. Bookmark this list for those days when you need some wise sayings.

Treat yourself: 55 of Our All-Time Favorite Teacher Quotes

13. Take a cue from sloths.

Sloths know how to take it easy! This little book is full of wisdom from people like George MacDonald, who said, “Work is not always required… there is such a thing as sacred idleness.”

Treat yourself: Sloth Wisdom Mini Book

14. Try guilt-free screen time.

Having one of those days when you just need a few moments to regroup? Facing a science topic on the curriculum where you’re not really an expert? These free videos are exactly what you need.

Treat yourself: 20 Online Resources for Fantastic Free Science Videos

15. Stash your stuff.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

These little bags are perfect for storing pencils, pens, phone chargers, mints, and everything else a teacher could need. And you get all four for less than five dollars. Deal!

Treat yourself: Rolybag Floral Zipper Pencil Bags 4-Pack

16. Perfect your stand-up routine.

Laughter is definitely one of the most important teacher pick-me-ups. We’ve found jokes that will make you (and your students) groan, but they’re worth it!

Treat yourself: 40 Cheesy Math Jokes and 20 Cheesy Lit Jokes

17. Pick up some pretty pencils.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

Where do all the pencils go? Maybe the fantastic holographic finish on these will make them easier to keep track of. Plus, they’re Ticonderogas, which we all know are the best!

Treat yourself: Ticonderoga Noir Holographic #2 Pencils 12-Pack

18. Read these heart-warming thank you notes.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

Feeling like teachers are unappreciated? Not always. Read these thank you notes from real students to real teachers for proof.

Treat yourself: 30 Teacher Thank You Notes That Make It All Worthwhile

19. Indulge in an extra cup of coffee (or three).

Coffee ranks high a list of teacher pick-me-ups, no doubt about it. This highly-reviewed brand comes at a bargain price, and in lots of yummy-sounding flavors.

Treat yourself: New England Coffee Chocolate Cappucino

20. Receive rewards for communicating with parents.

Today’s parents expect teachers to be in touch more than ever before. So when we found a free app that makes it easy to communicate and gives you rewards? To say that it’s a teacher pick-me-up is an understatement.

Treat yourself: Class Tag: The Parent Communication App That Gives You Rewards For Things You Do Anyway

21. Keep your hands soft and sweet.

Washing your hands 20 times a day to try avoid the latest classroom plague? You need a good nourishing hand cream, and this one fits the bill at a value price.

Treat yourself: J. R. Watkins Natural Lemon Shea Butter Cream

22. Browse for LOTS of free printables.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

If you’re looking for free worksheets, activities, posters, and lesson plans, you need to check out our extensive library. May we suggest you start with The Teacher Self-Care Challenge? You and your fellow teachers will really appreciate it.

Treat yourself: Totally Free Printables and Downloads for Teachers

23. Declare your superpowers.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

You know you’re amazing, and so do your students. So go ahead let the world know that you’re a superhero—you’re a teacher!

Treat yourself: Superman Logo Pin and Wonder Woman Logo Pin

24. Use teacher discounts to save on EVERYTHING.

No matter where or what you love to shop, eat, or do, there’s probably a teacher discount for it. Make sure you’re getting all the perks you so richly deserve!

Treat yourself: The Ultimate List of Teacher Discounts

25. Get your glitter on.

Make that stack of papers more fun to grade with glitter gel pens that smell as sweet as they look!

Treat yourself: Fruit Scented Glitter Gel Pens 6-Pack

26. Drop by the dollar store.

The dollar store is the educator’s happy place, full of endless teacher pick-me-ups. Make your next trip even better with this list of more than one hundred(!) reasons to love this bargain haven.

Treat yourself: 117 Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks for the Classroom

27. Refuel with a healthy snack.

Teacher pick-me-ups can be good for you too! These healthy almonds are coated in delicious dark chocolate, providing just the afternoon boost you need.

Treat yourself: Dove Dark Chocolate Roasted Almonds

28. Learn how to prevent teacher burnout.

How’s your work-life balance going? Do you have a trusted friend (or therapist) to talk to? How often do you set aside time for yourself? These things, among others, are what veteran teachers recommend to fight burnout throughout your career.

Treat yourself: 15 Smart Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout That Really Work

29. Spice up your bulletin board.

Teacher Pick-Me-Ups

No time to put up new bulletin boards? Perk them up with some pretty push pins! They’ll also make that memo about the latest staff meeting a little nicer to look at.

Treat yourself: Quartet Bubble Push Pins 9-Pack

30. Know where to find all the best free stuff and deals.

You’ll find even more teacher pick-me-ups when you explore these ideas for tracking down classroom steals and deals, all from teachers just like you. Plus, be sure to join the WeAreTeachers Deals group on Facebook for more bargains every single day.

Treat yourself: 21 Teacher-Tested Ways to Find Free or Cheap Stuff For Your Classroom

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30 Ways Teachers Can Treat Themselves for Less Than $5