National Geographic Online Courses Are Free (and Teachers Love Them!)

Foster an explorer’s mindset in your students.

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Professional development isn’t the most exciting task to check off your list. National Geographic’s online courses strive to make it better! The courses are innovative, adventurous, and fun. Plus you can do the courses at home while wearing comfy pajamas and snacking on your favorite foods. It’s no wonder teachers are loving these free PD offerings from Nat Geo !

Featured Image: National Geographic Certified Educator Alejandra Martinez (Photo Credit: Jeremy May)

What types of courses does National Geographic offer?

Tired of teaching the same-old, by-the-book lessons? These completely free online courses will help you foster an explorer’s mindset in your students.

What new skills will I learn?

Are you craving a better way to teach skills like data collection and mapping? Do you want to help your local community’s ecosystem and learn essential research practices? No matter your interests, National Geographic online courses can help. And with a focus on innovative problem solving, you can inspire your students by working with them to find creative solutions to some of our world’s toughest problems.

How will taking these courses benefit my students?

Nat Geo’s online courses teach you how to motivate your students to ask deep questions and think like National Geographic Explorers. They also teach you how to design inspiring lesson plans that turn your students into scientific storytellers who connect with diverse researchers and take action to solve global challenges.

Alejandra Martinez, who completed the geo-inquiry and climate change courses, as well as the course to become a National Geographic Certified Educator , says this online professional development helped her inspire students to think globally, even if they don’t have the opportunity to travel. 

“I wanted to show my kids that I have the guts to go out there and learn things,” says Alejandra. 

What is the time commitment?

National Geographic knows that educators are busy, so programs are designed with various lengths and schedules. It’s easy to find a course that fits your needs.

Can you earn graduate credits?

Teachers can earn graduate credits for many of these courses through one of National Geographic’s university partnerships. 

Want to learn more about Nat Geo’s online courses?

Click the orange button to learn more about National Geographic professional development. Find out how taking these courses online can help you build the skills and knowledge you need to foster an explorer’s mindset in your students.

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