27 Unexpected But Totally Awesome #TeacherPerks

Those moments when teaching is the best job ever.

There’s no doubt about it. Teaching can be challenging. But it also comes with some pretty wacky and wonderful upsides. Here are some of our favorite #teacherperks from Instagram.

1. When you dress up like the Queen of England.

Wacky costumes for the win.

SOURCE: sophiekrobinson

2. When someone names a crayon after you.

When someone names a crayon after you - Unexpected Teacher Perks

This is actually the cutest.

SOURCE: calliebaer

3. When you cuddle with a baby kangaroo.

Hooray for field trips!

SOURCE: sarahei04

4. When you get 30 birthday cards.

Say it with me now…aww!

SOURCE: ms.scott_artroom

5. When you wear a crown like the queen that you are.

You’re 100 days smarter! Yay!

SOURCE: jessicafoerst_


6. When you have an excuse to buy ALL the office supplies.

Laura admits she has a problem. “At least these are all from Dollar Tree,” she writes.

SOURCE: laurajanebarber

7. When you wear a zebra onesie…to work.

Seriously, can’t EVERY Friday be onesie day?

SOURCE: binsandlabels

8. When someone hands you these beauties during recess.

When You Get a Recess Bouquet - Unexpected Teacher Perks

Nothing beats a dandelion crown.

SOURCE: captainmonotone


9. When these show up on your desk.



SOURCE: jennymedlin


10. When you get one of these.


This teacher writes, “One of my students left this on my desk at the end of the day. She also left a tiny Mason jar filled with various little hearts she made out of different pieces of paper.” 💖💖

SOURCE: smplexistencey


11. When you write on bananas.


Love these motivational messages for Girls on the Run.

SOURCE: run.lindsey.run


12. When summer is around the corner.


It is. It really is!

SOURCE: georgiegrandfield 


13. When you get a snow day.


Work it, girl.

SOURCE: missyogateacher 


14. When you invent a board game.


AND it’s Harry Potter related.

SOURCE: sophiekrobinson 


15. When you have Scholastic Bonus Points to spend.


They’re even better when you find something awesome to buy for the class.

SOURCE: shebalina


16. When students give YOU a reward for a change.


“I was informed that they usually save that for the person who was good ALL day … I nearly cried.”

SOURCE: alexisss06


17. When mornings are magical.


“Most days I complain about school starting so early. Today was not one of those days. Took my freshman photo class out to shoot in the morning light and had awesome results.”

SOURCE: thesteele


18. When one of your students is a barber and gives you a lunchtime cut.


What? Can this happen at my school?!

SOURCE: williebooster


19. When a kid draws this cow.

Best. Cow. Ever.

SOURCE: lewis_john09


20. When a student’s grandma knits you mittens.

HEDGEHOG mittens.

SOURCE: darth_milla


21. When you receive an unexpected proposal…with this awesome ring.

Spoiler alert: She had to say no.

SOURCE: hannahntvdd


22. When your lamination game is on point.

You can almost smell that hot plastic.

SOURCE: ms.siebert


23. When a student becomes an Eagle Scout.


SOURCE: stephenhines67


24. When you have to bring home a friend for the weekend.

It’s for science, people.

SOURCE: christyoncloud9


25. When everyone’s hands go up.

Nothing better.

SOURCE: school_papr


26. When someone draws your portrait.

That one’s a framer.

SOURCE: auburn_alsatian


27. When grades are (finally) turned in.

It’s happy hour o’clock.

SOURCE: ms._kk

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