22 Beautiful and Inspiring Kindergarten Classrooms

Real-life kindergarten spaces!

Two colorfully decorated kindergarten classrooms.

The start of school can be intimidating for little kids, which is why it’s so important to create a positive and inviting environment. If you’ve been thinking about updating your kindergarten classroom, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to change your decor or layout, or are just looking for inspiration, these 22 kindergarten classrooms will help get you started!

1. Keep it colorful

Colorful kindergarten classroom with pom pom chairs, banners, and garland

Those pom-pom chairs are too cute. Add some pops of color to your classroom to make it the place to be!

Source: Madison Berg on Pinterest

2. Bring in some sunshine

Sunshine theme and artist palette desk in classroom

This is one of the cutest kindergarten classrooms we’ve ever seen (and we’re obsessed with that sun basket on the shelf—no, it’s not a taco!).

Source: @kindercuteness



3. Use chair covers for extra storage

Chair covers are perfect for holding supplies in kindergarten classroom

Those chair covers can help keep seats clean and add a splash of color while also adding a little more storage space!

Source: @teachingwithaflair

4. First-day photo booth

First day of kindergarten green photo booth backdrop for back to school

Create a photo op in your classroom for Meet the Teacher Night (or open house). Parents will love having a keepsake of their kid to cherish forever.

Source: Pigskins & Pigtails on Pinterest

5. Think about textures

Textures and pompom rug for classroom

Balance out the paper, wood, and plastic and add a touch of softness to your classroom with a cool rug.

Source: @mrs.rskrazykinders

6. Stick with a simple palette

Primary colors make up this classroom decor

Black and white with pops of color is always in style.

Source: @kindergartenrainbows

7. Bring warmth to a big space

Large kindergarten class space with seating

Making a large space more inviting and engaging can be difficult, but finding a great piece like a huge mat can bring it all together.

Source: @learningwithmrsratigan

8. Think bright and happy

Bright and colorful seating and rugs in classroom

Incorporating many types of seating give students options for socializing and independent play.

Source: @kindercuteness

9. Make the most of bulletin boards

Blue bulletin board of a kindergarten classroom

Your kindergarten classroom may not be very big, but with creativity, you can create a dynamic learning environment for your students.

Source: @glitterandhummus

10. Colorful cubbies

Kindergarten classroom with color coded cubbies and a sign that reads time to be kind using the clock in the word "to."

This classroom utilizes color coding to make the cutest book bins ever. We also love how creative the use of the clock is!

Source: Learning in Wonderland on Pinterest

11. Use baskets to organize your classroom library

The right baskets will add style and organization to any classroom.

Source: @espresso_teach_repeat

12. Try a play mat for a rug

Playmat used as a rug in a kindergarten classroom

Kindergartners love to play, so give them a colorful space to sit and tumble more comfortably!

Source: @itsallgoodwithmisshood

13. Add some school supply flair

School supply themed kindergarten classroom

The oversize chair is great, but can we talk about that cool giant pencil?

Source: @missqskinders

14. Go au naturel

Natural tables and chairs and a neutral color palette in a kindergarten classroom

Give your kindergarten classroom the natural treatment by ditching plastic for wood.

Source: @courtneys.classroom

15. Create a magical doorway

Rainbow scarves and white pompoms form a kindergarten doorway

This great rainbow treatment allows your students to leave the world behind when they step through your door.

Source: @sunshineandrainbowsinteaching

16. Positive vibes

Kindergarten classroom corner with uplifting picture frames including a sun and a rainbow.

This corner gives us all the positive vibes. Sunshine and rainbows never go out of style!

Source: Madison on Pinterest

17. Eric Carle classroom

Eric Carle kindergarten clasroom using illustrations from his books.

If you’re a fan of Eric Carle’s books, this classroom is for you. Show off your art skills by re-creating some of his illustrations.

Source: Teacher Rachelle Blogs

18. Add in farmhouse elements

Farmhouse elements including using a plant stand for Crayons for this kindergarten classroom

Use a plant stand to organize your crayons! We love the farmhouse aesthetic for kindergarten.

Source: Move Mountains in Kindergarten

19. Color-coded classroom

Color coded kindergarten classroom with pen buckets in all different colors

Stay organized with this super-cute color-coded confetti classroom. You and your students will love this space!

Source: Schoolgirl Style

20. Monkey centers

Center stations in the corner of a kindergarten classroom with a monkey decal on the wall

Spice up your center stations with these cute monkey cutouts! Students will go bananas for this.

Source: Mrs. Will’s Kindergarten

21. Readers Are Leaders

Readers are leaders reading corner of kindergarten classroom with stuffed animal reading buddies

Create a cozy reading nook with a fuzzy carpet and lots of stuffed animals. Students can use the stuffies as reading buddies!

Source: Courtnay Fork on Pinterest

22. Add an alphabet carpet

Kindergarten classroom with colorful alphabet animal rug.

Your kindergartners will love sitting on this adorable animal alphabet carpet!

Source: Kerregan on Pinterest

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