IKEA has something for everyone, and teachers are no exception! Does your classroom need a refresh? You can use IKEA items as they were intended or take inspiration from amazing IKEA hacks. Get organized and set up the play area or reading nook of your students’ dreams. Check out these awesome and affordable items that will make your IKEA classroom come alive!

1. Kallax Bookshelves

Two tall white Kallax bookshelves flank horizontal ones. Books and other items are displayed. A couch with two throw pillows is in the forefront, as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

Versatile and stylish, the Kallax bookshelves are a staple of any IKEA classroom. Place them horizontally or vertically and pair multiple shelves together like Kayla of Move Mountains in Kindergarten. Get creative styling the shelves with bins of books or even toys.

Buy it: Kallax Shelf

2. Plant stand

A ladder like plant stand is shown with white cups attached that are filled with art supplies.

Surely there are a dozen uses for this plant stand with its convenient clip-on containers. You can even create an art center like the one shown here from Move Mountains in Kindergarten.

Buy it: Satsumas plant stand

3. Tablet stand

A red z shaped stand is shown holding both a tablet and a set of headphones, as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

With the proliferation of tablets and headphones in the classroom over the past year, these tablet stands will come in mighty handy. And at just $5.99 each, there’s probably room in your classroom budget for a whole collection.

Buy it: Moejlighet headset and tablet stand

4. Mini storage chest Birchwood storage chest with six drawers

Constructed of birch plywood, this mini storage chest (16 ½” x 7″ x 12 5/8″) would be the perfect receptacle for art supplies such as paper, markers, glue, and scissors.

Buy it: Moppe mini storage chest

5. Book baskets

A wicker basket with handles is shown, as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

These sturdy baskets are perfect for your book nook or to organize different book-group materials. Comfy handles make it easy to pull out from shelves and lift and carry.

Buy it: Branaes basket

6. DIY LEGO table

A small, white table is shown with 9 multi-colored Lego baseplates on the top. A green drawer is under the table.

At around $20, this little table offers the perfect base to create a do-it-yourself LEGO table for your IKEA classroom. Just glue some LEGO base plates on top as shown by Primary Scouts, and allow your students to get creative with building!

Buy it: Lack side table

7. Timer

A hand is shown holding a small white square timer/clock/thermometer.

At only $6.99 each, these adorable timers are perfect for centers where students need to time themselves or each other. They double as a clock and a thermometer as well!

Buy it: Klockis clock/thermometer/timer

8. Letter trays

A white letter tray with 6 shelves each containing different colored paper.

The perfectly stylish way to keep papers straight. Use them on your desk for important docs or on a classroom bookshelf for turn-in baskets. Put them at student height and fill them with different-colored paper like Vanessa of Pre-K Pages.

Buy it: Kvissle letter tray

9. Utility Cart

A white rolling cart with three shelves is shown. The first is labled work hard, the second dream big, the third be kind.

We are loving the utility cart! There are so many amazing ways to use them in the classroom. Not sure how we’ve lived without them.

Buy it: Raskog utility cart

10. Stainless-steel mini containers

A thin rectangular metal bar is shown with three small round see-through containers attached to it via magnets.

They may have been created with spices in mind, but these magnetic, stainless-steel containers are really versatile. This picture from Angry Julie Monday shows how perfect they are for storing paper clips, thumb tacks, or even sparkles. Easily view your items thanks to the clear lids.

Buy it: Grundtal container, Kungsfors magnetic knife rack

11. Memo board with clips

metal wire frame memo board with binder clips attached

Hanging artwork just got easier with this binder clipboard.

Buy it: Soesdala memo board with clips

12. Floor cushion

A large, multi colored, striped floor cushion is pictured.

These bright-colored floor cushions could be used as seat spots to help kids stay in their place at circle time or during small-group reading.

Buy it: Ursprunglig floor cushion

13. Rubber ice cube trays

silicone ice trays in bright green squares and hot pink heart shapes

These colorful trays could hold pushpins, paper clips, binder clips, and more on your desk. Or you could get some buttons or pom-poms and have the kids practice sorting.

Buy it: Plastis ice cube tray

14. Sturdy tote

A cotten

This bag could be used to carry library books or to store LEGO or building blocks, or you could use it as your teacher bag. Plus it’s washable! Check out our other favorite teacher totes.

Buy it: Spikrak shopping bag

15. Colorful rug

Colorful rug with square and rectangle colored tiles

We love this rug as one of our IKEA classroom supplies. Perfect for circle time! Plus, check out our favorite rugs on Amazon!

Buy it: Halved rug

16. Step stool

Bright blue and green step stools in stacks

Helpful for little ones at the sink, drinking fountain, or pencil sharpener.

Buy it: Bolmen step stool

17. Train tracks

Wooden toy train tracks are assembled in a classroom with wooden blocks supporting them at various heights, , as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

A perfect STEM activity for young learners, these train tracks can be assembled in a number of ways. You can even add some extra wood blocks like the ones added to this track from Fun-a-Day.

Buy it: Lillabo 50-piece track set

18. Sorting bins

6 bins are stacked with colorful labels on them that read things like clipboards, ziplock bags, etc.

A great stackable container for all kinds of school supplies like tissues, sanitizer, etc. Just add some colorful labels like Kayla from Move Mountains in Kindergarten did.

Buy it: Sortera recycling bins

19. Rubber basket

Blue rubber basket at Ikea

We love the sturdy rubber construction of this container. You could store guided reading book sets or professional books, or even put potted plants in them.

Buy it: Torkis basket

20. Hanging dryer with 16 clips

hangable clothes dryer with eight arms protruding from a center column

Another great contraption for displaying artwork. And it’s an octopus. So cute!

Buy it: Pressa hanging dryer

21. Supply box

A green metal box is shown on a desk with a calculator and notebooks inside.

This would look super-polished on your desk or on your storage shelves.

Buy it: Rejsa box

22. Wooden crate

Four wooden crates are assembled to form a toy farm stand. A cash register and some fake food are included, , as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

We love to organize books using these! Each crate could hold a different genre or level. You could even use them to create a cute farm stand like this one from Casey of Little Lifelong Learners.

Buy it: Knagglig box

23. Pegboard

A white pegboard is shown with some containers clipped onto it with art supplies and other school supplies.

These pegboards are versatile and affordable. They can hold art and other school supplies and can even be used to decorate.

Buy it: Skadis Pegboard

24. Galvanized pots

A wooden lazy susan is shown with galvanized pots on it filled with a variety of art supplies, , as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

Pencils, pens, crayons, markers, scissors, paper clips, glue sticks, and so on, and so on, and so on! Add a lazy Susan and labels like Beckie on Knock Off Decor for a complete art station.

Buy it: Socker plant pot, Snudda lazy Susan

25. Plastic stool

A workstation in a classroom is shown with a bulletin board above a white table with two small green, plastic stools.

Great for your reading corner or as a teacher seat while teaching small groups (for those of us with creaky hips or knees who hate sitting flat on the floor). Maybe use it as part of a media area like Marisa of First Grade Glitter and Giggles.

Buy it: Mammut stools

26. Trofast toy storage

Two white shelving units are shown with 9 tubs in each unit are shown in a classroom setting, as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

A nice clean look with tons of storage, these Trofast storage units can be used for so much more than toys. Keep art supplies or other learning materials at an easily accessible level for little hands. Be sure to use all that bonus space on the top of the units like Elizabeth of The Kinderhearted Classroom.

Buy it: Trofast toy storage

27. Kid armchair

A small boy reads in a child sized white armchair.

A super-comfortable, just-the-right-size chair for little kids. While you can use it anywhere in your classroom, it will make a reading nook even more inviting.

Buy it: Poaeng kid’s armchair

28. Wooden dollhouse

A small wooden dollhouse with 4 different sized compartments is setup to look like a barn., as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

Classic wooden design for an old-fashioned favorite free-play activity. You can even buy cute decals like this one from Etsy to transform it into a barn, fire station, and more!

Buy it: Flisat dollhouse/shelf

29. Felt-tip pens

A straight line of felt tip pens spanning all colors of the rainbow are shown.

You can let your students use these pens or save them all for yourself!

Buy it: Mala felt-tip pens

30. Play kitchen

A play kitchen is pictured with toy kitchen accessories, as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

Another favorite area for the little ones to role-play. If you’re feeling creative, spruce it up a bit like Caitlin of The Mama Notes.

Buy it: Duktig play kitchen

31. Toy groceries

Felt grocery basket filled with felt food items for children, as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

Perfect for pretend shopping trips and meal prep.

Buy it: Latsas shopping basket set

32. Cash register

A toy cash register is shown along with play do ice cream with a scoop in it. A try with pretend ice cream toppings is also shown.

This cash register is great for number recognition and simple addition and subtraction. They can also be used for pretend play like this fun ice cream store setup by U Ready, Teddy?

Buy it: Duktig toy cash register

33. Pod chair

White kid's pod chair

This darling little egg is perfect when one of your students needs a little break or wants to have some quiet time. Add it to your IKEA classroom today.

Buy it: Lomsk Swivel Chair

34. Abacus

Abacus colored bead learning toy

A timeless learning tool and toy.

Buy it: Underhalla abacus

35. Pop-up cube

Children's pop up cube, as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

This portable cube can be used inside or outside. Your kids can use it during free time or quiet reading time.

Buy it: Busa children’s tent

36. Art smock

A little girl is shown mixing paints in front of an easel while wearing a yellow smock to protect her clothes.

This one’s perfect for the tiniest (and messiest) artists!

Buy it: Mala Apron

37. USB charger

desktop USB charger on a desk with a phone connected to it

Because devices need to be charged!

Buy it: Askstorm charger

38. Finger puppets

Ten finger puppets of all different animal species are shown, as an example of IKEA classroom supplies.

These adorable finger puppets can be used for pretend play or they can even be used as desk pets.

Buy it: Titta djur finger puppets

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38 of the Best IKEA Classroom Supplies for Your Next Shopping Trip