Why Some Teachers Are Trading In Their Desks for Classroom Aprons

You read that right. Aprons are making a comeback.

Why Teachers Are Trading in Their Desks for Classroom Aprons
Hadar from Miss Kindergarten via We Are Teachers

Have you spotted classroom aprons on teacher blogs and social media?

Teachers are ditching their traditional setup, and instead they’re using aprons to carry supplies, manipulatives, task cards, and more as they make their way around the classroom. Think carpenter but with a lot more style.

But where do you put the teacher’s desk?

Classroom Apron

Everyone knows teachers are on their feet most of the day anyway. So in most cases, teachers are getting rid of their desks or opting for a much smaller version, tucked out of the way.

“I have a small desk in the corner of my room to hold my computer, but that’s it,” says teacher and blogger Hadar from Miss Kindergarten. “All my teaching tools are in my apron.”

Her mom, who has been a teacher and teacher’s assistant for 25 years, is the one who came up with the idea of making a teacher apron.



“One day I came home from school and was telling my mom that I couldn’t find anything all day long,” Hadar says. “And she said, ‘What if I made you an apron?'”

Hadar says that since she first put in her apron, she’s been saving time. “I don’t always have to look for things I’d just set down,” she says.

Where can you get teacher aprons?

You can definitely make your own—aprons are one of the easiest sewing projects for beginners to take on. But if that’s not really your thing, ask a friend or check Etsy.

Amanda is a teacher in Oklahoma, and after moving to wearing aprons in the classroom herself (that’s her apron above), she started making them for others. You can read about her aprons on her blog or check out the different patterns on her Etsy store.

I’m obsessed. Where can I find more?

Once you start looking at cute teacher aprons, it’s hard to stop. If you want more, we suggest searching the hashtag #TeacherAprons on Instagram and Twitter.

You can look on Pinterest for inspiration, too. Here’s a great tutorial we found on there for making a 10-pocket apron. Finally, don’t forget to check Etsy. It feels good to buy something handmade direct from the person who made it, especially if that person is a teacher.

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Why Some Teachers Are Trading in Their Desks for Classroom Aprons