17 Best Classroom Tables for Kids of All Ages

Adjustable heights for the win!

Best classroom tables including a science activity table and a dry erase activity table

Encouraging collaboration among students is a great way to help them learn and build social skills. Finding a work surface that can withstand the demands of a classroom can be tough, though. Schools don’t want to invest in classroom furniture that will fall apart in a few months, or worse, a few weeks. We put together this list of some of the best classroom tables to bring everyone together. Many of these can be adjusted, so they work for students of all ages and grade levels!

Best Preschool and Kindergarten Classroom Tables

1. Kids Half-Moon Classroom Table

Example of classroom table and chairs in blue for preschool

As teacher Jessica shares, “Got this table for my preschool classroom … it’s beautiful and a great tool to be able to work with the kids! Very sturdy.”

Buy it: Flash Furniture Kids Half-Moon Classroom Table on Amazon

2. Half-Moon Adjustable-Height Preschool Activity Table

Half-Moon Adjustable-Height Preschool Activity Table

This is a great addition to your space. According to teacher Natalia Clarke, “Great classroom table. Great quality, very heavy duty. I can fit 4 students easily.”

Buy it: Sprogs Half-Moon Adjustable-Height Preschool Activity Table on Amazon

3. Adjustable-Height Flower Activity Table


Example of best classroom tables: classroom with Norwood Flower Classroom Table with yellow chairs

According to Monique M, “I got 2 of these tables for school and I love them!! On the shortest setting, they are perfect for preschool-sized chairs!”

Buy it: Norwood Adjustable-Height Flower Activity Table on Amazon

4. Natural Plastic Table for 6

EMMA + OLIVER Natural Plastic Table for 6 with colorful carpet and background

Preschool educator Linda has this table and says it is beautiful. “I really like the make of it. It has a very clean and neat look. I would consider purchasing more later.”

Buy it: EMMA + OLIVER Natural Plastic Table for 6 on Amazon

5. Kidney-Shaped Activity Table

Example of best classroom tables: Kidney shaped activity table in natural finish

One educator says, “We love this table, it is perfect for teachers to interact with a small group. There is plenty of space for materials and it’s easily sanitized.”

Buy it: Flash Furniture Kidney-Shaped Activity Table at Wayfair

6. Rectangular Blue Classroom Table

Example of best classroom tables: Flash Furniture Blue Activity Table with white top and blue legs and trim

Kindergarten teacher Bren Dell uses this table in a classroom art center and shares, “I wanted a table that the children could sit around comfortably without chairs, and it works perfectly. It’s sturdy, and marker stains wipe right off. It was assembled in about 25 minutes.”

Buy it: Flash Furniture Rectangular Blue Classroom Table on Amazon

7. Rectangular Activity Table

Light wooden rectangular activity table

According to Janet from Walden, New York, “The picture does not do this table justice! It is well made, sturdy, and ridiculously easy to put together … took me about 3 minutes to put it together. It is classroom quality, excellent purchase!”

Buy it: Wood Designs Rectangular Activity Table at Wayfair

Best Elementary School Classroom Tables

8. Dry-Erase Collaboration Station Table

Four Dry Erase Collaboration Station Tables by Allied Plastics in classroom with chairs

Dry-erase tables come in many different shapes. This one, shaped like a plus sign, allows students to easily transition from doing independent work in their personal space to collaborating on projects, activities, and discussions.

Buy it: Allied Plastics Dry-Erase Collaboration Station Table at Worthington Direct

9. Adjustable Rectangular Classroom Table

Example of best classroom tables: Amazon Basics School Table with white top and black legs

Teacher Joseph D Baptist has six of these tables in his fourth grade classroom and says they are much better than desks. “I can easily transition to group work, and since I have them keeping their things in boxes under their seats, I am not getting as much garbage stashed by students—so no rotting food stinking up the room.”

Buy it: Amazon Basics Classroom Table on Amazon

10. Adjustable Computer Table

Elementary school boy sitting at wooden computer table in a classroom

This wooden computer table fits two students and is adjustable to grow with your students. It’s also on wheels so you can easily rearrange your classroom layout.

Buy it: Whitney Brothers Adjustable Computer Table at Worthington Direct

11. Adjustable-Height Rectangular Activity Table

Example of best classroom tables: Norwood Rectangular Classroom Table with gray top and black legs.

Melissa Woods gave a glowing endorsement of these classroom tables and wrote, “I ordered 4 tables without looking at the reviews first. I’m so glad I didn’t see the reviews because it would have kept me from ordering. … Can’t wait to get the last table top on Monday so I can finish my classroom.”

Buy it: Norwood Adjustable-Height Rectangular Activity Table on Amazon

12. Deluxe Science Activity Table

Wooden science activity table with storage bin, magnifying glasses and whiteboards

This activity table is perfect for young scientists who are ready to explore. It includes built-in magnetic whiteboards, magnifying glasses, and mirrors, as well as as a bin for storage. In addition, it has rounded corners and a smooth top for safety.

Buy it: Wood Designs Deluxe Science Activity Table at Worthington Direct

Best Middle and High School Classroom Tables

13. All-Welded Flip-Top Computer Table

Gray high school computer table for classroom

Keep work spaces clear with this computer table that has a flip-top tray to conceal wires. An all-steel frame makes this classroom table durable.

Buy it: AmTab All-Welded Flip-Top Computer Table at Worthington Direct

14. Explorer 5-Bin Table With Storage and Power

Gray makerspace table with green trim, storage and a butcher block top with power strip

If you’re looking for a top-notch piece of furniture for your makerspace, this classroom table on wheels is a popular choice. It includes storage cabinets and pull-out bins along with a butcher block tabletop with a power strip.

Buy it: Haskell Education Explorer 5-Bin Table With Storage and Power at Worthington Direct

15. Adjustable-Height Steel Science Table

Black Adjustable Height Steel Science Table

These industrial-grade steel science tables are built to last. They’re perfect for use in any type of science classroom and adjustable to grow with your students.

Buy it: National Public Seating Adjustable-Height Steel Science Table at Worthington Direct

16. Double Face Science Lab Table With Storage

Wooden lab table with black top and storage

If you’re looking for a science lab table with bells and whistles, this option has book boxes as well as a large storage cabinet in the middle for supplies.

Buy it: Diversified Wood Crafts Double Face Science Lab Table With Storage at Worthington Direct

17. Hierarchy Dry-Erase Activity Table

Hierarchy Dry Erase Activity Table with 8 black chairs

This dry-erase table is fully adjustable to grow with your students while providing them with a collaborative work space for working out math problems, sketching designs, brainstorming, and more.

Buy it: Mooreco Hierarchy Dry-Erase Activity Table at Worthington Direct

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17 Best Classroom Tables for Kids of All Ages