Elementary school teachers have to have patience, understanding, and a definite sense of humor. We pulled together some of our favorite truths that every elementary school teacher can identify with. Except for #8 … you might actually be one of THOSE teachers. (If you are, the rest of us are just jealous.) Enjoy and share with your fellow elementary school teachers, too!


1. You’re kidding, right?

17 Hilarious Truths of an Elementary School Teacher


2. One of the best surprises ever.

Office Gif


3. Oh darn. Maybe it should be laminated, too.

Anchor Chart GIF


4. Smile on lockdown.

Emma Watson GIF


5. It’s been two weeks of the SAME stuff!

Willy Wonka Gif


6. You don’t want to see a teacher’s BTS receipts.

School Supplies GIF


7. Not again.

No Name GIF


8. When you’re just trying to make it through weekly lesson plans.

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9. Find your jam and rock on.

Brad Pitt GIF



10. Three new programs in three years?!?!

Miley Cyrus GIF


11. Go home and relax.

Fresh Prince GIF


12. It’s an amazing feeling to build future readers.

Reading GIF


13. It’s like Christmas in this classroom.

Book Order GIF


14. Noooo …

No Pencil GIF


15. You can never have enough Kleenex.

Teacher Kleenex GIF


16. It happens every single day.

Not listening GIF


17. It’s the little things that bring the most joy.

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We know you have elementary school teacher truths, and we want to hear them! Send your funny ideas to us using our contact form. If you have a suggested GIF to use, we’d love that, too. Maybe you’ll see your “truth” in this article soon!