The last days of the school year are not easy. To help bring some fun, stress-relieving, and much-needed laughs to these final weeks and days, we pulled together our favorite funny end-of-the-school-year memes. They really sum up what it’s like to be a teacher in May and June. Enjoy!

1. Because it’s one of the longest months ever.

May 67th day

2. Because end-of-the-year cleaning has begun … and it’s not pretty.

Meme of two people looking disgusted with the caption "When you realize the lunchbox in the closet hasn't been taken home since winter break"

3. Because the pencil struggle is real.

Pile of Pencils

4. Because our pours become a little more generous.

Amy Schumer Memes

5. Because who thought ending the school year with poetry was a good idea anyway?

Meme of a woman in sunglasses on an airplane with caption reading, "Me with no energy left, trying to get students excited about the last unit of the year"

6. Because assemblies at the end of the year can be brutal.

Dragon Meme

7. Because meaningful teaching in May is an art form.

memes for teachers

8. Because when you’re this tired, you just have to laugh about it.

Bingo for Teachers

9. Because every day should be Casual Friday.

Effort Level Meme

10. Because the struggle is real.

A girl riding a sheep meme

11. Because locker clean-out day can be … interesting.

Meme of a man staring at an overflowing suitcase with the caption, "My students during end-of-year locker clean out"

12. Because the grading never ends.

Submission of Grades Meme

13. Because this is just Monday.

Jimmy Fallon Meme

14. Because each day down is a success.

Tom Hanks craving numbers in a tree meme

15. Because this happens a LOT more in the months of May and June.

A man holding up a zero

16. Because like it or not, September and May feel a lot different.

teacher meme end of year comparison

17. Because no one wants to sit through long staff meetings this time of year.

Baseball player tapping his wrist

18. Because they grow so fast!

A giraffe in a house holding up a light fixture

19. Because you are. And it’s always worth repeating.

Your doing a great job saying

20. Because it’s not over yet.

teacher meme end of year learning Laurence Fishburne

21. Because we all need that can-do attitude.

Saying about having good attitude

22. Because it really happens every single year.

A woman shocked meme

23. Because you’re running low on creativity.

Meghan Markle Meme for Teachers in May

24. Because we all need a little positivity.

teacher meme end of year quit

25. Because every Friday feels oh-so sweet.

No one has more swagger than a teacher leaving school on a friday afternoon

26. Because it’s going to be soooooo worth it.

teacher meme end of year sleeping in

27. Because no one likes Mondays.

teacher meme end of year coffee

28. Because dreaming keeps us going.

teacher meme end of year dreaming

29. Because all teachers know, even if they pretend like they don’t.

"I have no idea how many days of school are left"- No teacher ever during the month of May

30. Because a look can say it all.

teacher meme end of year summer school Amy-Schumer

31. Because May is a doozy.

A basketball hitting a guy in the face

32. Because all the accomplishments at the end make it worth it.

teacher meme end of year climb

33. Because you can’t take hearing this one more time.

A woman smiling meme

34. Because it hurts when you don’t get out until the end of June.

Jessica Jones end of school year meme

35. An accurate representation.

Teaching in September vs. May

36. And I mean for me, not just the kids.

Summer fever in full swing

37. No, thank you.

Would rather die than need to switch classrooms

38. SO happy for you.

Happy for other teachers done with school

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