Fifth grade math usually means fractions and decimals galore. Students also tackle new concepts like coordinate planes and calculating volume. Help your fifth graders master all these Common Core skills with some fun and free math games.

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1. Have a decimal snowball fight.

Fifth Grade Math Games

Each student receives a stack of decimal “snowballs”. They each flip one over and compare their numbers. The student with the larger number keeps both snowballs.

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2. Turn students into decimals.

Even fifth grade math students aren’t too old to enjoy human number lines! Lay out the line on your floor, using a playground ball for a decimal point. Then try this: choose ten students and give them each a large card numbered from 0-9. Have another student secretly write down a number to the thousanths place, then provide instructions to get the numbers to stand in the right places. For instance, “Number 3 is in the hundreds place. Number 6 is in the hundredths place.” See how quickly students can get into the right place in line!

3. Try to guess Where Is It?

Fifth Grade Math Games

One player secretly plots a decimal on the line. The other player guesses a decimal and plots it on their own number line. The first player tells them whether their guess is larger or smaller than the correct number. The players keep narrowing it down until they’ve correctly identified each others numbers.

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4. Add and subtract decimals to win the game.

Print this free game at the link, then have fifth grade math students roll the dice, move their pieces, and add or subtract the numbers shown. The other student checks their answer on a calculator. If they’re correct, they stay there. If not, they move back. For extra practice, they can use base 10 blocks too.

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5. Make a Buck to get practice adding decimals.

Fifth Grade Math Games

Money is a useful way to give decimals real-life application. In this game, students use playing cards to represent amounts and work to get their hand to equal exactly one dollar. (Find more math card games here.)

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6. Give Bingo a decimals twist.

Convert fractions to decimals and see who can be the first to Bingo in this free printable game.

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7. Use counters for fraction practice.

Grab a handful of counters of two different colors and lay them out. Then challenge students to a variety of fraction activities: what fraction do they make? What are the equivalent fractions? Repeat the activity a few times and add, subtract, multiply, or divide the fractions. 

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8. Multiply and compare fractions with dominoes.

Fifth Grade Math Games

Fifth grade math students do a lot of work with fractions, and dominoes are perfect manipulatives! In this simple game, each student draws two dominoes. They multiply and reduce, then see who has the larger number.

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9. Race on a number line.

This free printable games gives kids practice multiplying fractions by a whole number. Grab it at the link. (Here are 18 more number line activities for all ages.)

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10. Play Fraction War with dominoes.

Each player flips a domino and turns it so the larger number is on top, making an improper fraction. Then they write the mixed number and reduce it if needed. The player with the larger number keeps both dominoes.

11. Build with pattern blocks to be the First to Six.

Fifth Grade Math Games

Pull out your pattern blocks and have fifth grade math students use them as they work on adding mixed numbers.

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12. Write equations to play Can You Make It?

All you need for this simple fifth grade math game are some sticky notes. Set a target number and provide numerals to work with. Challenge kids to use a variety of operations, including brackets.

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13. Build with LEGO bricks to measure volume.

Fifth Grade Math Games

Fifth grade math students encounter volume for the first time. LEGO bricks can be a great way to introduce the subject and help them see how it works.

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14. Play Two Truths and a Lie.

Working on volume? Pose a “Two Truths and a Lie” puzzle, then challenge students to come up with their own!

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15. Write the room for volume practice.

Fifth Grade Math Games

Post a series of figures around the room for students to find. Ask them to calculate the volume (alone or in groups) and post their answer on sticky notes that shows their work. (Check out these other ways to Write the Room.)

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16. Connect Four in a coordinate plane.

Coordinate planes are another new concept in fifth grade math. This simple game helps kids learn how they work as they try to be the first to graph four in a row.

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17. Reveal the truth about Battleship.

Fifth Grade Math Games

Remember when you realized that the game Battleship was really all about coordinate planes? Time to share that with your fifth grade math students! Play the real game, or get free printables to use at the link below.

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18. Solve a mystery picture.

Coordinate plane mystery pictures are fun and very popular. You can find lots of options available on the web. Try this for free at the link.

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