The Ultimate Checklist For Setting Up Your 4th Grade Classroom

Everything you need.

Best 4th Grade Classroom Supplies

Welcome to 4th grade! This is the year to encourage kids to embrace their curiosity as they observe and analyze the world that surrounds them. Even though fourth grade is often the start of prepping students for middle school, it’s important to remember that developmentally, fourth graders are still children. Play remains important, and creating a classroom that’s nurturing is always vital. Technology plays a bigger role in the 4th grade classroom, too, as students begin to hone their research skills. Make the most of the march to middle school as you prepare your classroom for fourth grade. Here is our ultimate checklist containing all the 4th grade classroom supplies that you’ll need to kick off this very important year of learning.

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1. Bookshelf

Blue bookshelf with books filling the shelves.

Create a colorful classroom library packed with engaging books for sustained silent reading time. We’ve found the best bookshelves for any classroom.

2. Books!

Multiple book covers.

Now that you’ve got the shelves, it’s time to fill them. Check out our list of 50 best fourth grade books. From Imagine, to Love, to The Undefeated, there’s something for every student on your list.

3. Bean bag chairs

Student sitting on a bean bag.

Round out your classroom reading nook with comfy beanbag chairs. Need more reading nook ideas? Check out our favorite classroom reading nooks from around the web.

4. Growth mindset posters

Free Growth Mindset Posters for the Classroom

Fourth graders sometimes need a push toward a growth mindset. Inspire them to press on with confidence with a colorful set of motivational posters.

5. Headphone sets


Five pairs of colored headphones.

As fourth graders take on technology, they’ll need headphones to listen in on all those important online activities. These bulk earphones feature stereo sound and soft earmuffs.


6. Tablet and laptop charging cart

Woman putting a computer in a silver computer cart.

Keep tech safe, sound, and charged up with a 16 device charging cart. Cord management clips are included and can be installed to the back of the cart to keep each cord secure in its place, making it easier for students to plug in and charge their device without teacher assistance.

7. Classwords vocabulary game

Classwords: the Vocabulary Game box.

Increase vocabulary with a fun game. Students give clues and guess grade-level vocabulary words while also building critical thinking skills with this Common Core aligned game. Want more literacy centers supplies? Check out our huge list.

8. Long division learning set

Long division learning set.

Provide a more abstract understanding of an essential fourth grade skillsetshort and long divisionwith a Montessori-inspired set featuring 4 color-coded division boards and a wooden tray that holds the seven racks of tubes with beads, 7 cups, and 36 skittles. Want more math center ideas? Check out board games, manipulatives, dice, and more from our math supplies for the classroom.

9. Dry-erase lapboards

Stack of dry-erase whiteboards with math problems written on them.

Set aside the screens for a moment and try dry-erase lapboards, the fun, paperless solution for brainstorming, figuring out math problems, doodling, drawing diagrams and more.

10. Magnetic fine point dry erase markers

Student using a dry-erase marker on a whiteboard.

Fine point dry erase markers are ideal for writing on whiteboards and dry-erase lapboards. Need more dry erase markers? We’ve gathered the top ones (recommended by teachers) here!

11. Emoji whiteboard erasers

Yellow erasers with emoji faces on them.

Wipe away mistakes with erasers that promise to bring smiles to the faces of your fourth graders! Plus, they’re magnetized, so you can stick them onto your whiteboard.

12. Dry-erase whiteboard cleaning spray

Expo White Board care spray.

Keep your whiteboard in tip top shape. This convenient spray removes stubborn marks, shadowing, grease and dirt from whiteboards.

13. Magnetic whiteboard clips

Magnetic metal colored clips.

Keep your whiteboard organized with 24 colorful clip magnets for use on any metallic surface!

14. Paper clips

Patterned paper clips in a jar.

Keep papers together with good, old-fashioned paperclips.

15. Binder clips

Pastel colored binder clips in a pile.

Prep those fourth grade packets with colorful binder clips.

16. Stapler

Red stapler.

Keep it together with a sturdy stapler! This one is jam-resistant, making sure you’re not stuck taking it apart on repeat throughout the day.

17. Astrobrights colored paper

Astrobright Mega Collection paper box.

Vivid, assorted colors give you all the benefits of color without the high cost and extra time of printing with colored ink. Just add black ink!

18. Hanging file pocket

Colored hanging file pocket.

Keep classwork organized for each individual student with a hanging file pocket, which can be easily attached to a wall or even your classroom door.

19. File folders

Colored file folders.

File away important fourth grade work with a rainbow of file folders. Check out our comprehensive list of file folders that will make you feel organized even if you’re not.

20.  Pencils

Box of #2 pencils.

Because every fourth grade classroom needs an endless supply of pencils.

21. Penciltop erasers

Colored pencil top erasers.

Mistakes happen! Erase fourth grade mistakes away with colorful penciltop erasers.

22. Highlighters

Colored highlighters.

Using color can help students learn and remember information. Hand out these highlighters and encourage them to get marking.

23. Wide, washable markers classpack

Large Crayola box with Ultra-clean Washable Markers.

Fourth graders still love to get creative with color. Washable and non-toxic, these markers are made with an ultra-clean formula that washes easily from skin, clothing, and walls.

24. Colored pencils classpack

Crayola large box with colored pencils.

Stock up on 240 colored pencils for fourth grade writing and drawing activities.

25. Glue sticks 30 pack

30 Washable ALL Purpose School Glue Sticks

Non-toxic, easy to use, and washable with soap and water, glue sticks make it easy to put two and two together.

26. Scissors

Blue scissors.

Precision tip design and large finger loops give more control and comfort when working on fourth grade art projects.

27. Pencil sharpener

Black automatic pencil sharpener.

Keep all those pencils sharp! We put together a list of the best pencil sharpeners as reviewed by teachers!

28. Laminator

Pro Thermal paper laminator.

Reinforce documents or make instructional items tear and spill-proof. We’ve gathered the top laminator picks and don’t forget to stock up on laminating pouches, too.

29. 3-hole punch

Purple hole puncher.

Easily three-hole punch up to 12 sheets minus the usual jams. Perfect for adding papers to student portfolios!

30. Loose leaf binder rings

Metal binder rings.

Keep it all together with loose leaf binder rings.

31. Flashcards

Colored blank flash cards.

Flashcards help your fourth graders memorize all those necessary facts.

32. Plastic folders

Colored paper holders.

Heavy-duty folders with double reinforced edges will withstand a year of fourth grade learning. Colorful and moisture and tear-resistant, these folders each hold up to 135 sheets of letter-size paper.

33. Composition notebooks

Colored composition notebooks.

One for every subject! 100 page composition books in a range of colors make it easy to take note of what’s happening in the fourth grade classroom and beyond.

34. Multicolor sticky notes

Stacks of colored sticky notes.

Because you can never have enough sticky notes on hand in the classroom. Check out teacher hacks for post-it notes in the classroom.

35. Stickers mega pack

Stacks of stickers with emojis on them.

Encourage and motivate your fourth graders with stickers. Over 1,000 emojis make it easy to express your current state of mind.

36. Bulletin board paper

Better than Paper bulletin paper.

Once you give Better Than Paper a try, you won’t go back to traditional bulletin board paper. This magic material is stronger and easier to work with than paper and it lasts for years. Plus you can write on it and wipe off the writing later, like a whiteboard!

37. Bulletin board borders

Patterned bulletin board borders.

78 strips in 6 various rolls will direct all eyes to your classroom’s bulletin boards.

38. Self-adhesive dots

Classroom with things hanging on the wall using adhesive dots.

Wondering how to stick the poster on the wall without drilling wall? Self-adhesive dots are the best way to reduce damage.

39. Disinfectant spray and wipes

2 cans of Lysol Disinfectant Spray and 4 tubs of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

No teacher wants sticky messes—or worse—to linger on classroom surfaces. Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

40. Tissues

Box of Kleenex tissues.

Runny noses and tears happen still happen in fourth grade. Keep tissues at the ready!

41. Storage caddies

Blue storage caddie with paintbrushes, pens and paint in the pockets.

Keep 4th grade classroom supplies organized with durable plastic caddies.

42. Desk organizer and phone/laptop charger

Desk charger organizer with AirPods, an apple watch, phones and a tablet.

Keep your teacher desk organized and your phone or laptop charged and ready to go with this combo desk organizer and charger.

Looking for inspiration as you plan for your fantastic fourth grade school year? Check out our long list of teacher-tested tips, tricks and ideas for teaching fourth grade.

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The Ultimate Checklist For Setting Up Your 4th Grade Classroom