Dry-Erase Marker Showdown: Which Brand Is the Best for Classroom Use?

The competition is fierce.

Best Dry Erase Markers

Not so long ago, when you thought of teachers, you thought of chalk and chalkboards. These days, though, it’s all about the whiteboard. That means teachers are constantly on the lookout for the best dry-erase markers. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available, all on Amazon with free Prime shipping. Which brands are the best for classroom use? Check out our thoughts below.

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Best Basic Dry-Erase Markers: EXPO Low Odor 12-pack

Best Dry Erase Markers

Most teachers reach for EXPOs for consistent quality. The EXPO Low Odor 12-Pack has all the basic colors for less than ten bucks, and the chisel tips allow you to write in thin or thick lines.

Real Teacher Review: “I seriously love these markers. I teach junior high math, and go through multiple sets throughout the year. As students share their work on the board, they love to pick a color to show what they are doing. There are also certain things I put on the board, and having it color coded helps them immensely. Being able to differentiate between ideas, thoughts, people, etc. is so much easier with colors.”

Best Dry-Erase Markers for Efficiency Lovers: U Brands Double-Sided 6-Pack

U Brand Double

If you have trouble keeping track of your markers, you’re going to love U Brands Double-Sided Magnetic Markers with built-in erasers! Two colors per marker means less to keep track of, and the bullet tip means your writing will be clear and consistent.

Real Teacher Review: “These are perfect for a teacher! Since the colors are double sided it saves space and since they are magnetic, they are easy to grab to use while teaching. I bought sets for all of my teammates too because I loved them so much!”



Best Dry-Erase Markers for Personal Whiteboards: Volcanics Black Fine Point 12-Pack

Best Dry Erase Markers

With a slimmer barrel and finer line, the Volcanics Fine Point 12-Pack is perfect for kids to use on their own whiteboards. These are basic black, but you can also get blue, green, purple, and red.

Real Teacher Review: “I bought them to use in my classroom, for students to use with personal whiteboards. These markers are not smelly, they have a nice fine tip. They were what I was hoping they would be. I’m delighted to have a source for reasonably priced high quality markers for my classroom. Thank you for making these and making them more affordable for teachers who have to go into their own pockets for school supplies!”

Best Dry-Erase Markers for Handwriting Practice: EXPO Ultra-Fine Tip 8-Pack

EXPO Ultra Fine

Using dry-erase pockets for worksheets is a great way to save paper and money. EXPO Ultra-Fine Point Dry Erase Markers are ideal for these, with tips that are similar to pencils or ball point pens in thickness. 

Real Teacher Review: “I love these markers. As a homeschooling family, we do a lot of work with small, lined dry erase boards. These are the perfect thickness to allow drawing and handwriting practice to be successful and not blobby.”

Best Dry-Erase Markers for Black Whiteboards: EXPO Neon 5-Pack

Best Dry Erase Markers EXPO Neon

If you have a black dry-erase memo board in your classroom, the EXPO Neon 5-Pack is the way to go. Their vivid colors are fun on regular boards too.

Real Teacher Review: “I teach undergraduate Mathematics at a state university. I do a LOT of writing on whiteboards with dry erase markers, and I do not ever voluntarily use any brand but EXPO :). I love having lots of different colors to emphasize steps in the work. The neon markers provide *lovely new* colors to my collection. However – while they do erase completely like whiteboard markers should, they DO NOT ERASE as easily as the regular colors do. The difference is enough to add work to the task of cleaning off the board. A minor irritant to be sure, but something to be aware of.”

Best Dry-Erase Markers for Bargain Hunters: AmazonBasics 12-Pack

Best Dry Erase Markers

The AmazonBasics Dry Erase Markers 12-Pack is substantially less expensive than its name-brand counterparts. Some teachers note a decrease in quality or longevity, while others feel the cost savings make up for any minor flaws.

Real Teacher Review: “Use these daily in my classroom. Nice and bright. Kids in the back can see them, except for the yellow of course. They have lasted a whole school year. Only complaint is the red doesn’t erase well. Have to use the board cleaner to get it all off.”

Best Bulk Dry-Erase Markers: ARTEZA 52-Pack

Best Dry Erase Markers

Some teachers consider ARTEZA the best dry-erase markers, even preferring them over EXPO. This bulk ARTEZA Color 52-Pack includes five markers in each of 12 colors. (You can also get the ARTEZA Black 52-Pack.) That ought to last you through the school year!

Real Teacher Review: “As a math teacher, I rely on my markers to help me teach the daily lesson. It is so amazing to be able to count on these markers for the math work that I have to do on a daily basis. They are full of ink, very bright and give me the opportunity to color code the material on the whiteboard. These are even better than EXPO markers that I have bought in the past which weren’t as bright. I definitely recommend these for the classroom.”

Best Retractable Dry-Erase Markers: EXPO Click 6-Pack

EXPO Click

Tired of missing caps or dry markers because kids don’t click them back on correctly? The EXPO Click 6-Pack is here to solve that problem with retractable tips. Why didn’t someone think of this before?

Real Teacher Review: “These are simply the best invention ever! I teach kindergarten and my kids blow through markers because they don’t put the caps on tight enough. I’ve had these pens for a month and not one person has failed to close theirs. I labeled each pen with labels and the kids are great about opening and closing them. They were a little hard for some kids to open at first. I have one student with special needs who can’t open her pen due to her lack of finger strength, but typical peers figure it out within seconds. The pens are great because they make an audible click when closing and at quick glance it’s easy to see if they are closed. I highly recommend!!”

Best Dry Erase Markers for Avoiding Surprises: BIC Intensity Advanced 12-Pack

Best Dry Erase Markers

Ever had your marker run out right in the middle of a lesson? What a pain! The BIC Intensity Advanced 12-Pack has see-through barrels with a visible ink supply. Now you’ll always know when your markers are getting low. Brilliant!

Real Teacher Review: “We love these markers; the colors are rich, the ink is juicy and the point doesn’t wear down. We use daily in class, and they certainly take a beating, and keep on going. I especially love that you can see the ink level.”

Best for the Eco-Conscious: Pilot V Board Master Refillable 5-Pack

Markers Pilot

If you’re like most teachers, you go through a LOT of dry erase markers in a year. After awhile, you might feel a little guilty about the amount of plastic you’re throwing away. Enter the refillable Pilot B Board Master 5-Pack! You can buy refill ink to refresh each pen up to four times. Now that’s what we call going green (and blue, red, black, and orange)!

Real Teacher Review: “As a teacher, it is really annoying when you buy a box of new markers and half of them don’t work. This NEVER happens with these markers. When you pop in a refill, it is immediately the best marker in the world! I have shared with my coworkers and then are all hooked now too!! Love them!!”

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Dry-Erase Marker Showdown: Which Brand Is the Best for Classroom Use?