18 File Folders That Will Make You Feel Organized Even When You’re Not

Pretty paper for the win.

18 Teacher File Folders

While in my heart of hearts I know that more **stuff** doesn’t actually make me more organized, buying fun office supplies can be a great trick for at least making me **think** I have my life together.

If you could use an organizational pick-me-up too, here are some of our favorite teacher file folders from Amazon.

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1. Navy Dots

Pretty and preppy. 3 for $8.99.

Navy Dots - 19 File Folders That Will Make You Feel Organized



2. Floral

Pricy, but reviews say these hold up to tote bag abuse. 3 for $18.99.

Floral File Folders



3. Pep Talk

When your morning coffee doesn’t energize you, let your file folders do it instead. 9 for $5.99.

Pep Talk File Folders



4. Set a Goal

Maybe I will actually do this if my file folders remind me. 10 for $19.28.



5. Days of the Week

File your daily lesson plans with a side of sass. 6 for $9.00.

Days of the Week File Folders



6. Chevron

Matches most classroom themes on Pinterest. 12 for $13.29.

Chevron File Folders



7. Cityscapes

When you want to give that stack of grading a little urban flair. 12 for $11.99.

Cityscape File Folders



8. Contents Upfront

I may never be organized enough to list what’s in a file folder on front, but maybe you are? 30 for $20.49.

Cover Note File Folders



9. Paint Splatters

My morning latte spills will blend right in. 6 for $17.95.



10. Coloring Book

OK, these could be seriously good for boring faculty meetings. 12 for $17.34.



11. Translucent

They’re inexpensive, and you can see what’s inside. Works for me. 5 for $1.53.

Translucent File Folders



12. World Maps

The perfect place to stash those geography quizzes. 10 for $22.98.

World Map File Folders



13. Dogs

These would make me happy every time I look at them. 12 for $28.50.

Dogs File Folders



14. All Year Round

Handy for storing lesson plans or handouts by month. 12 for $16.89.

Months File Folders



15. Owls

Whoo, whoo, whoo’s the most organized teacher you know? 6 for $4.99.

Owls File Folders



16. Cuddly Creatures

These are a little bizarre if you read the text up close, but they’re also pretty cute. 4 for $8.99.



17. Graphic

For you super-**stylish** teachers out there. 6 for $11.99.

Graphic File Folders



18. Quotation Marks

The perfect understated folder for an English teacher. 9 for $10.75.

Quotation Marks File Folders



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