Watch: These 6 Teachers Will Crack You Up

Are you watching Teachers?

Where have I been? Am I the only one who hasn’t heard about the Katydids?

A few days ago, I read that Tracy Morgan and Ice Cube were filming a new comedy about teachers. Nothing against Mr. Morgan and Mr. Cube (is that his last name?), but do we need another comedy or drama about a male PE educator or coach?

I happened to grouse to WeAreTeachers editorial director Hannah Hudson about the lack of school-based TV shows and movies in our lifetimes with female teachers in starring roles.  Other than Ms. Norbury (Tina Fey in “Mean Girls”) and Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz in “Bad Teacher”), comedic teacher roles are nearly always written for men.

“Haven’t you heard of ‘Teachers’ and the Katydids?” she asked.

I had not.

Turns out this six-member Chicago-based comedy troupe has a new TV Land series “Teachers,” based on the messy but hysterical lives of 6 female grade school teachers.  Making its debut on Tuesday, January 12th, “Teachers” got its start as 24 two-minute web episodes. Some smart folks at TV Land tuned in, snapped up these ladies, and has put them to work. The show will air right after the charming series “Younger”—which happens to be based on a novel of the same name written by my old friend Pamela Satran. Ok, that was a little plug for a pal and has very little to do with this story.

One of the “Teachers” executive producers is actress Alison Brie from “Community” and “Mad Men.” She has been a champion of the Katydids and will appear on the pilot as an anti-bullying expert.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer. I predict a hit! (A word of warning that the show has some R-rated humor.)


Have they nailed it?

Why do you think so many movies feature male rather than female teachers?  And who is your favorite fictional female teacher?

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